Your 15 Best Souvenir Ideas Around The World

With the improvement of our living standards, travel and vacation are the major ways for us to explore the world.

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How can you keep your travel memories forever? Do you want to buy some postcards, refrigerator magnets, keychains, some local specialty products, or simply take photos?

There are always some tourist souvenirs to get you back to good times.

However, how to buy a variety of souvenirs? Well, we know you best.

In this blog post, we share some interesting classic souvenir ideas globally to help you.

Of course, it is our original intention to collect the best memories at the best price. We will set aside a small budget to buy your souvenirs. Therefore, this post will not have a major impact on your wallet!

Souvenir Ideas For Your Next Trip

Here are a few ideas to inspire you to bring back some interesting mementos from your trip.

1,Souvenir Fridge Magnet

Souvenir fridge magnet is one of the traditional, cheap price and convenient to carry souvenirs in the souvenir markets.

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You can choose souvenir refrigerator magnets of various materials, such as paper fridge magnet, tinplate refrigerator magnet, zinc alloy fridge magnet, wooden fridge magnet, soft PVC fridge magnet, aluminum foil fridge magnet, ceramic fridge magnet, resin refrigerator magnets, and so on.

There are many different kinds of technologies for the LOGO, such as printing refrigerator magnet, laser engraving refrigerator magnet, epoxy fridge magnet, soft enamel fridge magnet, and more.

The wholesale souvenir companies usually make beautiful souvenir fridge magnet designs with local scenery, characters, and buildings for tourists to buy.

2, Any Other Souvenirs Similar To The Fridge Magnet?

Definitely YES, such as souvenir key chain, souvenir coaster, and souvenir placemat.

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You can find many similar points for them. Faced with so many beautiful souvenirs on your travel, do you have any difficulty choosing?

I think I will be lost in any souvenir shops. They are very fanny and amazing.

3, Souvenir Mug

If you are a coffee fan or like drinking a cup of tea, you must buy a souvenir mug during your vacation. A selected souvenir mug will give you a good memory in your daily time.

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What could be more fun than drinking a cup of coffee with a beautiful souvenir mug? Sorry, I think I need coffee now!

4, Postcard

If you need to prepare some souvenirs for your friends, and what is more, your budget is limited, the postcard can help you more.

Postcards are inexpensive, light and compact, easy to carry. They are essential gifts for travel of vocation.

You can also choose to take beautiful photos and customize your own postcards. It is very meaningful.

If photography is prohibited in some places, such as churches or museums, you must keep good memories by buying some local postcards.

5, Souvenir city T-shirts & Scarf

If you come to Thailand from London for vacation or travel from Russia to Greece, the huge temperature difference makes you at a loss?

It is better to buy a souvenir T-shirt, which can not only help you integrate into the local society, but also blow the sea breeze.

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                     Which one do you like best?

A variety of souvenir T-shirts, you can definitely list dozens of them easily!

If you are a girl, don’t forget to bring a silk scarf home!

6, Food

For gourmets, the purpose of travel is to taste the food, this is their truth!

Food is the heritage of a country’s history and culture. This is an important reason why we buy a lot of food from souvenir countries.

However, please abide by the laws of your country and destination country, remember to make a legal declaration at the port of entry.

In addition, please complete the following checklist as much as possible,

Chocolate from Belgium and Switzerland

Turkish Delights (sugar candies) from Istanbul

Tea from China

Durian from Malaysia

Spices from India

7, Local Liquor

Whether it is a duty-free shop at the airport or a local souvenir shop, liquor occupies the main display position. Although they are not cheap, many tourists are happy to enjoy it.


Wine from France

Vodka from Russia

Whiskey from Scotland

Sake from Japan

Moutai from China

8, Home Decoration

such as paintings, vases, statues, photo frames, etc.

Home is a very warm place, your secret place. We all like to decorate our home with our own taste, our cultural preference. Traveling breaks geographical restrictions and allows you to easily collect various souvenirs around the world to decorate your homes. Each souvenir is a story of travel and a good memory.

Interpret our home, a warm and romantic place with storytelling. E.g:

A hand imitation painting from France,

A ceramic flower vase from China,

A traditional stein from Germany,

A hand-carved wooden elephant from Thailand.

9, Accessories For Kitchen or Autos

Besides home decorations, you certainly can’t ignore kitchen accessories and car accessories, which are also the main part of souvenirs. E.g:

Wooden kitchen utensils from Southeast Asia.

Carpets from Persia.

Tea set from China.

Coffee cups of course from all over the world.

Car pendants from indigenous peoples in Africa.

There is no fixed answer to these souvenirs. You can choose them according to your mood and opportunity. This is also the meaning of tourism.

10. Jewelry

If you want to please a girl, in addition to snacks, jewelry is a necessary choice.

Every girl cannot resist the temptation of jewelry. They will not dislike the jewelry they wear, and they are willing to tell the story behind each jewelry souvenir.

Most tourist souvenir jewelry has local cultural connotations, reasonable prices, unique taste,s and attractive. E.g:

Pearl necklace from Japan.

Silver bracelets and headwear from ethnic minorities in western China.

Ruby ring from South America.

Sapphire ring from Sri Lanka.

If you have enough budget, you can come to Paris to experience the charm of luxury jewelry.

11. Books

If you like reading, a paper book of local culture is a very good choice.

For example, buying a Picasso book in a museum in Paris,

Or collect Bibles in various languages.

Books not only broaden your horizons but also enrich your mind.

Talking about books, bookmarks can be a great choice as a souvenir or gift.

12.  Apparel & Accessories

If you like personalized clothing or don’t want to wear the same clothes as your colleagues or friends, I suggest you discover all kinds of clothing and accessories at any time and anywhere when you travel.

Sometimes the price will not expensive, but the quality will be outstanding, for example:

Cashmere sweater from China.

When we couldn’t stand the heat anymore, we bought lightweight clothes in Cambodia and Thailand, which also had local ethnic characteristics.

Traditional poncho from Mexico or South America.

Real materials such as leather shoes and leather clothes from Italy.

13. Skincare And Cosmetics

During your vacation in France, you can go to luxury stores to buy major brands of cosmetics, or, if you have a limited budget, you can go to local drugstores to find cheap skincare products and cosmetics. This is the value of tourism.

Italian perfumes are also very distinctive.

Also, Korean cosmetics in Asia and China’s cosmetics industry are slowly rising.

When you purchase skincare products and makeup, don’t forget to bring a few makeup mirrors and cosmetic bags home.

14. Miniature & Toy Automobiles

This part is tailor-made for everyone who likes models, toy cars, and airplanes. I hope that adults still have a curious childlike heart and love the world.

We have car models and train models from Europe, Asia, and America.

You can also buy an airplane model at hand when you fly.

15, Your Personalized Souvenir Gifts For Yourselves

This world is colorful and waiting for you to discover. Don’t forget to share this post with family & friends.

If you want to customize some souvenir gifts, feel free to contact TALMUD’s professional team here.

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