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Souvenir Wholesaler

1, Wholesaler of Souvenirs for National and Regional Areas.

2, Wholesaler of Souvenirs for Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, and Zoos.

3, Wholesaler of Souvenirs for Museums, Galleries, and Studios.

4, Wholesaler of Souvenirs for Religious Places, Universities, and Research Institutes.

5, Wholesaler of Souvenirs for Cartoon, Animation, Movie, and TV Theme Places.

6, Wholesaler of Licensed Souvenirs for Celebrities, Influencers, Artists, and Designers.

Souvenir wholsaler
Gift Wholesaler

Gifts Wholesaler

1, Wholesaler of Brand Promotional Gift Buyers.

2, Wholesaler of Sports Event Gift Buyers.

3, Wholesaler of Fashion Brand Gift and Accessories Buyers.

4, Wholesaler of Luxury Brand Gift and Accessories Buyers.

5, Wholesaler of Singers, Movie Stars, Sports Stars, and other IP Gift Buyers.

6, Wholesaler of Event Marketing Gift Buyers.

Chain Stores

1, Custom Home Product Purchases for Commercial Complexes

2, Fashion Commodities Customization for Shopping Malls

3, Production and Fabrication Services for National Supermarkets

4, Personalized Souvenir and Gift Production for Chain Stores

5, Customized Production of Gifts, Souvenirs, and Jewelry for Online Wholesale Platform

6, Premium Gifts and Souvenirs Customization for Brand-Owned Stores

Chain Stores

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