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We really value your business and hope to establish a long-term strategic partnership with you through our high-quality products and services, and jointly establish a win-win trade ecosystem.

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When you purchase products from TALMUD LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “TALMUD”), website www.talmudcn.com, or through our catalog, you agree to the sales terms and privacy policies listed below. (Hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”). These terms, and any documents incorporated herein by reference, are the only terms that control the sale of products (“Commodities”) by TALMUD to you. In spite of any provisions to the contrary, if there is a written contract covering the sale of goods between the two parties, in the event of inconsistency with the terms of this contract, the terms and conditions of the contract shall prevail.

Trade Terms

General trade process

Generally, the trade process of TALMUD is as follows. You can contact TALMUD by e-mail or telephone, send inquiries or samples, and the professional team of TALMUD will make a quotation. Negotiation.

You confirm the sample production and pay the sample fee, TALMUD will produce samples and send the samples according to the information you provide.

After you receive the samples to confirm the mass production and pay the deposit, TALMUD starts mass production and completes the goods. After you have paid the balance, TALMUD arranges delivery with your designated freight forwarder or through our own forwarder.

TALMUD is responsible for the obligation to report the production process to you regularly and in time during the mass production process, in accordance with the timeliness agreed by both parties.

TALMUD respects and is willing to establish long-term cooperative relations with honest companies. We make appropriate changes to the entire trade process on the basis of mutual trust.

Payment Terms

TALMUD requires a 30% deposit when place the order, and the balance to be paid before shipment.

If the total amount of the order is less than $1,000, TALMUD requires full payment when confirming the order.

TALMUD accepts T/T, Paypal, Western Union, and other payment methods.

For strategic partners, TALMUD is willing to negotiate more flexible payment terms with you on the basis of good faith.

Pricing And Restrictions

Transaction. TALMUD is usually settled in U.S. dollars, but you can negotiate other currencies for settlement.

Trade terms, TALMUD usually adopts FOB international trade terms, but you can negotiate other international trade terms, such as EXW, CIF, etc.

Timeliness Of Quotation

TALMUD is usually quoted with a 30 days validity, you can negotiate a more flexible time limit for a quotation.

In order to ensure the interests of both parties, please confirm the final price of PI with TALMUD in advance when you place an order.

Intellectual Property Rights

You are obliged to ensure that all information in the order (including but not limited to the production technology, design drawings, etc.) does not infringe the rights of any third party.

TALMUD respects the intellectual property rights of our clients but has the right to conduct appropriate commercial promotion and development of its own products unless the parties agree otherwise.

Product Quality

For orders with samples, TALMUD defaults that the quality standard of mass production goods is subject to the samples determined by both parties.

For the repeat of the former orders, TALMUD defaults to the quality of the latest bulk product as the last order, unless the two parties agree otherwise on the quality.

Receiving Requirements

Please open the package in time when you receive the goods and check your order immediately. All claims for damage, breakage, or shortage should be reported to TALMUD within 10 days of receipt. When contacting our office, please provide evidence of damage to the goods, including but not limited to photos and videos.

Unless otherwise instructed, the damaged goods and their shipping cartons should be kept for 30 days for possible inspection or return.

Shipping Terms

TALMUD delivers your goods by sea, by air, by rail, etc. If necessary, courier delivery can also be agreed upon.

Unless agreed by both parties, when TALMUD delivers the goods to the carrier, the risk of loss of such ownership and ownership transfer to you. If the goods are lost or damaged during transportation, you will have to file a claim with the transportation company.

Personalized Products

Personalized orders cannot be modified, canceled, or returned. TALMUD reserves the right to copy any products with quality problems, design errors, or excessive damage.

You shall defend all claims, litigation, damages, judgments, costs, fees, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) related to the infringement of any third-party patents, designs, copyrights, or trademarks, indemnify and protect TALMUD from damages, according to your specifications, designs or drawings completely or partially manufacture goods.

Order Acceptance

All orders must be accepted by TALMUD. TALMUD may refuse or reject any order at any time, and refund you any money you have paid for the order, for any reason, including but not limited to major changes in the trade background agreed by both parties, or errors in the website, catalog, quotation, or with your errors related to the order cannot be processed. If we are unable to provide the goods you ordered, we will contact you in time to discuss solutions.


The goods will be delivered within the time stipulated in the contract. If there is a major change in the situation, TALMUD shall communicate with you in a timely manner. We strive to complete the order before the agreed time; however, TALMUD is not responsible for any delay, loss, or damage in transit.


Unless the product is defective or damaged due to TALMUD, we do not accept returns or exchanges. TALMUD’s consent must be obtained in writing before returning the goods, otherwise, our warehouse will not accept returns. TALMUD reserves the right to copy or replace any product with quality problems or excessive damage, or for custom orders, the design of the product is incorrect. After receiving the returned goods, we will notify you by phone or email within a reasonable time whether we can replace the goods, provide invoice credits or refund the purchase price of the goods.

After obtaining the TALMUD return authorization, you have the following obligations during the return process:

  1. You must call TALMUD within 10days after knowing the damage to obtain a return authorization. Without the prior authorization of TALMUD, no returns will be accepted;
  2. The goods must be kept in original condition and suitable for resale;
  3. There must not be any price marks or labels in the packaging of the goods;
  4. The classification of the color and shape of the goods must be the same as the goods being transported;
  5. All goods return fees are charged by customers, and the transportation and handling fees will not be refunded.


  1. Force majeure.
  2. The customers make wrong decisions due to computer hackers or other illegal acts, resulting in property losses, and the customers are liable for gross negligence.
  3. Other exemption circumstances agreed upon by both parties that comply with the law and public order and morals.  

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