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TALMUD: Your Custom Souvenir Placemat Manufacturer Supplier

TALMUD is your custom souvenir placemat manufacturer in China. If you are a souvenir placemats wholesaler, TALMUD understands you more than others, you will get a 100% good quality confirmation from TALMUD. You can sign a similar contract with your souvenir clients to construct long term cooperation.

If you are a beginner in the souvenir business, TALMUD also provides 1-2 years of small quantity & lower prices support for you. You can purchase small quantity souvenir placemats at affordable prices to explore the souvenir market in your country.

Plastic Placemat

Material: Plastic
Size: 42×29 cm,0.6mm thickness
Logo: UV printing, CMYK

TALMUD is your best wholesale plastic souvenir placemat manufacturer and supplier in China.

painting placemat

Material: MDF wooden
Size: 42×29 cm & 10x10cm
Logo: Famous painting

TALMUD has been in the souvenir business since 2005 and has manufactured souvenir gifts for more than 40 countries in the world.

Customize Wholesale Wooden MDF Placemat Manufacturer Supplier in China

Material: Plastic
Size: 40x30cm, or custom
Logo: UV printing, CMYK

You can get global wholesale souvenirs distribution support from TALMUD.

Set of 4 MDF Placemat & Coaster

Material: MDF wooden
Famous painting
21.5x29cm and 10x10cm

TALMUD is your souvenirs and high-end placemat

PP Placemat

Material: Plastic
Size: 42×29 cm, or custom
Logo: UV printing, CMYK

TALMUD is your personalized souvenir PP ( polypropylene ) place mat manufacturer and supplier in China. 

Souvenir Pack Of 4 Large Premium Placemats

Material: MDF wooden
Size: 40x30cm, or custom

TALMUD has an efficiency team for souvenir placemat manufacturing and wholesale supplying.

Round Wooden Placemats

Material: MDF wooden
Size: 38cm, or custom

No minimum supports your souvenir retails business both online and offline.

Marble Placemats

Material: MDF wooden
Size: 40x30cm, or custom

You will have a mature souvenir MDF placemat supply chain support, stable quality, fast delivery time, cheap price, etc.

Placemats And Coasters

Material: MDF wooden
Size: custom

You can personalize any designs and shapes of wooden MDF table mats for your souvenir business.

Claude Monet Placemat

Material: Wooden MDF
Size: Custom
Artist: Oscar Claude Monet

TALMUD is a leading Claude Monet art souvenir gifts wholesale manufacturing supplier in China.

Gustav Klimt Placemat

Artist: Gustav Klimt
Application: Museum retail gift
MOQ: 1 000 pcs/ design

TALMUD is your #1 personalized Austria artist Gustav Klimt souvenir wholesale factory in China since 2005.

Paul Gauguin Placemat

Material: MDF+cork+ artpaper
Size: Customized
Country: France souvenir gifts

TALMUD is an expert Paul Gauguin personalized gifts wholesale manufacturer  with 15+ years of history.

TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

1. Tourist Country, Tourist City Souvenir Wholesaler

2. Online Wholesale & Retailer Of Souvenir Gifts

3. Museum, Church Customized Souvenir Retail Stores

4. Designer, Artist Souvenir Customization Service Provider

5. Personalized Souvenir Customizer For Social Media & Internet Celebrities

6. Movie, Animation, Cartoon IP Image Authorization Personalized Gifts & Souvenir Wholesale Factory

7. Personalized Gift Solutions For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images

TALMUD: Your Best Souvenir Placemat Manufacturer in China

TALMUD is a leading wholesale or retail supplier of high-quality custom souvenirs and gifts in China. We have our own factories in China and long-term quality suppliers. With us, you can trade directly with China and gain the certainty of full-service support.

TALMUD has an effective staff team to support your souvenir business and a souvenir supply chain management experience of 15+ years. We are your best custom wholesale supplier of souvenir placemats & table mats in China.

Founded in 2005, TALMUD enjoys a high reputation among customers in the United States, European Union, Australia, Asia, Latin America, etc. with its excellent quality and service. The principle of TALMUD is “integrity, innovation, pragmatism, and responsibility”. Our mission is “Your best partner in China!”

We have a dynamic sales team of industry and procurement professionals carefully selected based on their personal knowledge and experience, 80% of whom are university graduates, some of whom hold MBAs or Masters of Laws. TALMUD has nearly 100 workers in our manufacturing staff, equipped with more than 20 machines and covers an area of ​​3000 square meters.

Just send us your souvenir placemat inquiry, you will get a surprise quotation soon.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

TALMUD Souvenirs Ecosystem

Souvenirs customization consulting services, souvenirs development, manufacturing & purchasing services, souvenir supply chain management, and global strategic partnerships establishment.

Welcome to join the TALMUD souvenir ecosystem.

TALMUD‘s Customers

National & regional souvenir wholesalers, online souvenir wholesalers, or retailers.

Customized souvenir services for museums, universities, parks, and other institutions.

Customized souvenir services for artist studios, influencers, internet celebrities, and social media.

TALMUD's Advantage

15+ years of souvenir & gift industry experience, 100% quality guarantee.

Original Chinese gift factory, with efficient souvenir & gift supply chain management.

Strategic customers enjoy the exclusive promise of invariable prices for 3-5 years.

Strategy Partners Recruitment By TALMUD

In order to establish a global win-win souvenir ecosystem, TALMUD has established strategic partnerships with 1-3 souvenir wholesalers in every country/ region in the world.

We are committed to long-term exclusive strategic cooperations. Feel free to contact us HERE.

Germany Souvenir Shop

Thinking of German souvenirs, you can definitely list many, such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg souvenirs cities, industrial elements, rigorous national style culture, beer, cars, football, etc.
Germany has a very important position in the European tourism market, and TALMUD can customize souvenirs for you for free.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • custom Norway Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Oslo is known as the green capital of Europe. With modern architecture, trendy neighborhoods, top-notch museums, and surrounded by the Oslo Fjord and lush forests, visitors can easily combine urban life with natural pleasures like skiing.

    TALMUD has an effective team to boom your Norway souvenir business directly, Our goal is to provide you with high-quality service at competitive prices.

  • personalized Asian Souvenir Gifts wholesale factory in China

    Phuket Island in southwestern Thailand is a famous attraction in the country, with pristine white sand beaches, sapphire waters, limestone cliffs of various shapes, and more. In addition to food, it is also a place of worship for Buddhists.

    TALMUD is your reliable custom Asian souvenir wholesale factory. If you are a new souvenir business wholesale trader, we can help you build a full catalog of souvenir gifts quickly.

  • custom Greek Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    The first Olympic Games were held in ancient Greece in 776 BC in honor of Zeus, the father of the gods, they were held every four years, and Greece was also famous for the Olympic Games.

    TALMUD has a professional team for Greeky personalized souvenirs bulk manufacturing. With our excellent souvenirs supply chain, you can occupy more market shares in your souvenir cities.

  • custom Dubai Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Dubai (also known as Dubayy) is the capital of the emirate of Dubai and the richest of the seven emirates that make up the federation of the United Arab Emirates. It has luxurious hotels, modern buildings, and luxury shops.

    TALMUD is your professional UAE souvenir wholesale factory with an effective supply chain. Cooperate with us, you can get the original factory’s valuable support.

  • custom Malaysia Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    A unity of natural wonder and cultural heritage in Malaysia, Batu Caves is a 400-million-year-old limestone hill just outside Kuala Lumpur that hides a century-old temple known for its vibrant colors.

    TALMUD is proud to manufacture Malaysia souvenir gifts for nearly 20 years of history. You will find more advantages from the original factory in China.

  • custom Indonesia Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    There are many beautiful islands in Indonesia, not only Bali. The Gili Islands are picturesque, with beautiful beaches and a nature reserve for sea turtles. Here’s a more relaxed option than Bali.

    TALMUD has a mature souvenir gifts supply chain. If you are TALMUD’s strategy partner, you can get an extra bonus of 3-5 years of invariable prices to support your wholesale business.

  • custom Singapore Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    If you come to Singapore to travel, be sure to visit China Town. It is one of the most revered and iconic destinations in Singapore, including shopping malls, fine dining, Temple of the Tooth Relic, Thien Hock Temple, and more.

    TALMUD is your expertise Singapore souvenir wholesale factory in China since 2005. You can customize any souvenirs for your E-commerce online retail and offline.

  • custom Australia Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Sunbathers should never forget Australia’s Bondi Beach, a spectacle for tourists, surfers, and sunbathers, a real draw, especially for younger visitors.

    All of our personalized souvenirs can be with 100% quality guarantee. TALMUD is your reliable Australian souvenir manufacturing factory, free samples are welcome.

  • custom Japan Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Katsushika Hokusai was a famous Japanese painter in the Edo period and one of the artists highly respected by European artists. His work was the inspiration for TALMUD’s Japanese souvenir design team.

    TALMUD is a leading Japanese souvenir wholesale manufacturer with rich experience in China. We supply customized wooden fridge magnets for souvenir retails. OEM and ODM services are welcome.

TALMUD: Your Expert Wholesale Souvenir Place Mats Manufacturer in China

custom France Souvenir Placemat wholesale manufacturer in China

France Souvenir Table Mat

Despite big souvenir wholesalers or small souvenir retailers, big promotional gifts trading companies, or self-brand company event promotions, you can get warm expert service from the TALMUD team. Contact us now, you will deal with a souvenir plastic placemat manufacturer directly in China.

TALMUD has an advantage with souvenirs supply chain management, 15+ years of custom souvenirs wholesale manufacturer factory experience, consider the exact points to help your souvenir business increase.

With the original wholesale souvenirs manufacturing supplier, you can get a quick leading time for your placemat projects, and be supported by a professional team through souvenir strategy plans.

Contact us and get more shares on your souvenir placemat business!

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates


1 - Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Placemat

1, What is the placemat & table mat?

Unlike larger tablecloths that cover the entire surface of the table, placemats or table mats are coverings or cushions used to specify individual placement positions.

Placemats are made of many different materials, such as wooden, MDF, paper, plastic, PP, cloth, etc. With the following applications as protection, decoration, entertainment, or advertising.

The placemats are usually manufactured and sold together with coasters, the wholesalers pack the placemats and coasters together into an opp bag, paper box, or PP box.

TALMUD has professionally manufactured many kinds of placemats for years, free existing samples are welcome at your request.

2 - Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Souvenir Placemat VS Promotional Placemat

2, what is the difference between a souvenir placemat and a promotional placemat?

They are two different species for our placemats.

TALMUD manufactures promotional & advertising placemats at the beginning of our business, paper placemats, and PP placemats. The quality is medium, the prices are very cheap with giveaway applications.

Our main business transfers to souvenirs later, we manufacture MDF wooden placemats and coasters. Most of them are sold in retail shops, souvenir stores, etc.

Founded in 2005, TALMUD has a complete supply chain for placemats and table mats, your projects can be promised with stable quality assurance, competitive price, and fast delivery time.

3 - Souvenir Place Mat manufacturer and supplier in China

3, What is the function of a souvenir placemat?

The main functions of the placemat are to protect the table from water marks, food stains, or heat damage.

In addition, they can also be used as decoration, especially placemats with exquisite pattern printing, which can make your home very beautiful.

In restaurants, they can be used to advertise menu items, special dishes, and other functions.

If the cushion is cotton, it can absorb water and other liquids. Generally, the back of the placemat has a non-slip function.

The hotel uses high-grade vinyl or leather placemats for meetings because they provide a writing surface and an area that can be tilted comfortably, and there is minimal noise when objects are placed on the table during the meeting. Especially in high-end hotels is very common.

4 - France Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – France Souvenir Placemat

4, What kind of souvenir placemat is popular in France?

It’s hard to say which kind of placemat is very popular in France.

French people who are famous for their fashion and elegance live like placemats very much. They give placemats more artistic style, for example, CMYK printing Van Gogh’s famous Starry Sky works on the surface of PP placemats.

PP plastic placemats can meet your washing requirements during repeated usage. This kind of placemat can be reused many times. The non-slip effect on the back and the beautiful CMYK printed artworks on the front are all your reasons for choosing them.

MDF wooden placemats are more suitable for retail in supermarkets. Of course, they are sold together with coasters. Usually, there are 2 pcs placemats with 6 or 8 pcs coasters packed into a beautiful gift box. You can also buy them as a gift for your friends.

5 - England Souvenir Place Mat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – England Souvenir Place Mat

5, Can I customize any souvenir placemat related to England?

Britain is one of the world-famous tourist destinations. London telephone booths, policemen figures, double-decker buses, Big Ben, and even some simple animals and plants can be designed into very exquisite artworks and printed on placemats & other souvenirs for tourists from all over the world to purchase.

TALMUD has specialized in the manufacturing of tourist souvenirs for 15+ years and has cooperated with some trading companies to supply various souvenirs with good quality and competitive prices for the British souvenir market.

If you want to customize your British souvenirs, you can contact our professional team and send us the AI or PDF files, we can make samples for you freely.

TALMUD gives you more premium services than other souvenir suppliers in China.

6 - Beautiful Souvenir Place Mat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – Beautiful Souvenir Place Mat

6, Are the placemats tacky?

Some people are not accustomed to using placemats, they might think that placemats are a bit tacky.

So are the placemats tacky?

Definite no. In fact, in addition to protecting our furniture, placemats also have the function of decorating our rooms, offices, hotels, etc.

If you put a vinyl placemat on your favorite dining table, with the printing of a beautiful pet design, will it increase your appetite? Bon appétit!

Or, put a leather table mat on your desk in your office, with your company’s LOGO embossed. Will you be more confident the negotiating with your customers?

Many cases prove that in addition to being beautiful, placemats are also very practical.

7 - Cork Souvenir Place Mat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Cork Souvenir Place Mat

7, Are cork souvenir placemats good?

The cork souvenir placemats manufactured by TALMUD are made of high-grade cork and can be customized to various specifications and shapes. Generally, they are packaged with 4 or 6 pieces and packed in a shrink package.

Cork souvenir placemats, always choosing silk printing technology to print 1-3 colors design artworks. Oil ink is an eco-friendly material.

Or, you can print the designs on art paper and stick the printed paper on the surface of the cork placemat. There also be a thin PP lamination on the surface of the paper to protect your printing effects.

Although cork souvenir placemats are not as hard as MDF placemats, and can not be reused many times, cannot be washed, not like PP placemats, cork placemats are more wooden feeling and cheaper.

8 - Souvenir Place Mats manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Souvenir Place Mats

8, How do I select a placemat?

Ideally, placemats should be wide enough to hold the items on a person’s table, such as plates, forks, spoons, bowls and glasses, and food. You should make sure that the size of the mat allows extra space on the table to accommodate other items.

In addition, placemats of different materials corresponding to different scenes & dining tables.

If your dining table is very expensive, we recommend that you choose MDF placemats or vinyl placemats with non-slip mats.

If you want to equip your restaurant with some cheap placemats, we recommend that you choose paper placemats. You can also print your dishes and advertise.

If you want to purchase some souvenir placemats for gifts, you can choose a PP placemat and an MDF placemat coaster set.

If you want to buy some placemats for your office, we suggest you choose leather placemats.

9 - Acrylic Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Acrylic Souvenir Placemat

9, What kind of acrylic souvenir placemats does TALMUD manufacture?

Acrylic board placemat is a more popular souvenir placemat recently. It is composed of acrylic board + art paper + a non-slip mat or non-slip strip.

Because the acrylic board should be enough thickness, in general, the thickness is about 5-7mm, with four corners polished round shapes, to make the placemats more beautiful and reduce the damage to the users.

This acrylic board placemat is printed with very beautiful design artwork, which is used in high-end retail stores because the unit price is relatively higher than other material placemats.

There are also acrylic placemats printed with imitation marble textures, which make users feel closer to nature.

TALMUD usually packs 4 pieces of acrylic placemats into a PP box or paper boxes, with paper strip printed LOGOs.

10 - Leather Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Leather Souvenir Placemat

10, What kind of leather souvenir placemat does TALMUD supply?

The leather placemat is a high-end placemat similar to an acrylic one. Generally, be used in offices or star hotels.

There are also many types of leather, including genuine leather and imitation leather. You can also customize different colors for your placemat, such as red leather placemats, black leather placemats, and so on.

The placemat usually is embossed LOGO and stitched around with thread. Most of them are purchased or sold together with leather coasters.

Leather placemats are very popular because of the excellent, stylish appearance they provide. The leather is extremely luxurious and looks great under any desktop theme in the kitchen or dining room. They are also ideal for business lunches or meeting rooms, where you need a smooth placemat to write or eat.

11 - PP Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11 – PP Souvenir Placemat

11, What kind of souvenir placemat can you recommend for re-usable?

Thank you very much for your good question. TALMUD has specialized in manufacturing souvenir placemats for more than 15 years in China. We supply kinds of souvenir placemats with good quality & reasonable prices for many souvenir countries.

We are very happy to recommend the PP souvenir placemat to you. PP is a kind of plastic and the official name is Polypropylene.

You can print various CMYK design drawings on the surface of placemats, and personalize different specifications & thicknesses. The conventional thickness is 0.7-1mm.

The backside of the PP placemat can be made with a non-slip function. By the way, our PP material is eco-friendly.

The PP souvenir placemat can be used repeatedly, can be washable, and can be rolled up and betook to outdoors with your friends.

12- MDF Wooden Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12- MDF Wooden Souvenir Placemat

12, Can we be your souvenir placemats distributor in the USA?

TALMUD is committed to the production of souvenirs and cooperates with souvenir wholesalers and retailers all over the world to carry out online and offline development and sales cooperation of souvenirs.

The United States is a country with a very developed souvenir industry. TALMUD has been seeking strategic partners for souvenirs from the United States to jointly develop the American market.

If your company is in the souvenir industry, please feel free to contact us and we will discuss future cooperation plans together.

TALMUD is a professional souvenir MDF placemat wholesale manufacturer for years in China, we have a mature placemat & table mat supply chain. Free exist souvenir placemat samples are available, and OEM and ODM services are welcome.

13- Vinyl Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13- Vinyl Souvenir Placemat

13, Can I customize souvenir Vinyl placemats for the European market?

The vinyl placemat is widely used in our daily life.

Placemats made of vinyl and other types of plastic can provide a lot of protection against accidental spills because they are easy to wipe and often stain-resistant. They also tend to be chip-resistant and durable.

In addition to being reusable, washable, and rolled up, vinyl placemats are lighter than PP placemats and are easier to carry outdoors.

The vinyl placemats manufactured by TALMUD are environmentally friendly raw materials. Our minimum order quantity is 1,000 pcs, you can personalize many patterns and specifications by TALMUD.

custom Disney Souvenir Placemat wholesale manufacturer in China

Disney Souvenir Placemat

TALMUD Souvenir Catalog

Rembrandt Van Rijn Souvenirs

custom Rembrandt van Rijn Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

Rembrandt Van Rijn Souvenir

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