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TALMUD: Your Professional Shirts Manufacturer in China

TALMUD is your professional shirts manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China since 2005. You can get a full catalog of custom shirts from TALMUD.

You can customize shirts with different designs and styles, for promotional events or souvenir gifts, TALMUD is your original wholesale shirts manufacturer with lower MOQ, cheap price, high quality, etc.

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TALMUD is your professional T-shirt manufacturer and supplier in China.

Cotton T-shirt

TALMUD is a custom cotton T-shirt manufacturing factory in China.

T-shirt for Men

TALMUD is your best customized men’s T-shirts manufacturer in China.

T-shirt for Women

TALMUD is a wholesale women’s T-shirts manufacturer in China since 2005.

Souvenir T-shirt

TALMUD is an expert on souvenir T-shirts customized manufacturing in China.

Promotional T-shirt

TALMUD is your promotional T-shirts manufacturing supplier in China.

Sweat Shirt

TALMUD is an experienced sweat shirts manufacturer and supplier in China.

Cotton Sweat Shirt

TALMUD is a customized cotton sweat shirt manufacturer in China.

Cotton Sweat Shirt

TALMUD is your wholesale cotton sweat shirt manufacturing supplier in China.

Sweat Shirt for Girl

TALMUD is a personalized sweat shirt manufacturer for girl.

Souvenir Sweat Shirt

TALMUD is a wholesale souvenir sweat shirt supplier in China.

Sweat Shirt for Men

TALMUD is your best sweat shirt manufacturer and wholesale supplier for men in China.

Full Catalogue Shirts Manufacturing Supplier

According to 15+ years of shirt supplying experience, TALMUD builds a full shirts list with high-quality confirmation to you. To support your clothing wholesale and retail business, we provide a low MOQ service for you to start your business in your place.

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TALMUD: Your Custom Shirts Manufacturer & Suppliers in China

If you are a shirt wholesale trading company or an E-commerce retailer, TALMUD can be your sincere customized shirt manufacturer in China.

TALMUD is one of the leading personalized shirts wholesale factories, we can produce all kinds of shirts with cheap prices & good quality for your wholesale or retail.

TALMUD has a successful shirts supply chain based on years of experience, you can customize shirts with LOGO printing and global logistic distribution.

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