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Your Expert Custom Retractable Banner Wholesale Factory In China

En71 & SGS Certificates

15+ Years Customized Banner Wholesale Supplier

Souvenir Manufacturer

TALMUD: Your #1 Customized Retractable Banner Bulk Manufacturer In China

TALMUD is an expertise wholesale supplier of advertising retractable banners in China.

TALMUD has skilled workers, an expert management team, and an efficient operation mode. We have manufactured advertising banners for many famous brands, including Heineken, Carlsberg, Ford, TOYOTA, etc.

Feel free to contact us for retractable banner samples.

custom Advertising Retractable Banner wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: PET,
Eco-friendly: YES,
MOQ: 500 pcs/ design,

TALMUD is your experienced custom retractable banner wholesale factory in China since 2005.

custom Affordable Retractable Banner wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Plastic film and handles,
Logo: Double sides printing,
Size: 24x 68 cm,
Thickness: 0.05 mm,

TALMUD is a leading wholesale supplier for your customized affordable retractable banner in China since 2005.

custom America Retractable Banner wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Sponsor: State Farm, USA,
Feature: Handheld, self-scroll, mini,
Logo: CMYK printing, double sides,
MOQ: 500 pcs/ design,

TALMUD is an expert wholesale personalized retractable banner manufacturer for the American market.

custom Angola Retractable Banner wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Nation: Angola, Africa,
Material: PET,
Application: Football events,
Feature: Handscroll, mini, portable,

TALMUD is your best Angola custom retractable banner bulk manufacturing supplier in China.

custom Anniversary Retractable Banner wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Function: Brand marketing,
Brand: Broadway, UK,
Material: PET film,
Size: 24x 68 cm, 0.05 mm,

TALMUD is a reliable wholesale custom anniversary retractable banner factory in China with PET material.

custom Arabic Retractable Banner wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Plastic film and handles,
Size: Folded 2”x9”,
Logo: Double sides, printing,
MOQ: 500 pcs/ design,

TALMUD is your #1 personalized Arabic retractable banner bulk supplier in China for more than 15 years.

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TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

1, High-end Brand Annual Promotional Gift Service Provider

2, Manufacturers Of Daily Necessities In Multinational Supermarkets And Supermarket Chains

3, Customized Factory For Brand Event Marketing Gifts

4, Providers Of Gift Solutions For Sports Event Sponsors

5, Manufacturers Of Promotional Gifts For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

6, Cartoon, Film, And Television IP Licensing Souvenir Customization Factory

7, Designers, Artists, And Influencer Custom Gift Cooperation Providers

TALMUD Global Strategic Customer
TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images

TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

1. Tourist Country, Tourist City Souvenir Wholesaler

2. Online Wholesale & Retailer Of Souvenir Gifts

3. Museum, Church Customized Souvenir Retail Stores

4. Designer, Artist Souvenir Customization Service Provider

5. Personalized Souvenir Customizer For Social Media & Internet Celebrities

6. Movie, Animation, Cartoon IP Image Authorization Personalized Gifts & Souvenir Wholesale Factory

7. Personalized Gift Solutions For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

15+ Years Of Personalized Retractable Banner
Wholesale Supplier in China

TALMUD was established in 2005, located in Longgang, the printing city of China. We can print perfect full colors retractable banners for your brands.

As a professional retractable banner supplier, TALMUD has a complete & efficient supply chain, with 2 million retractable banners every year. Our professional performance helps clients achieve the expected advertising effects in brand marketing.

From the beginning of its establishment, the TALMUD management team has a target of customer satisfaction, insisted on adopting various methods to maintain communication with customers to improve customer satisfaction.

TALMUD knows you better than other customized retractable banner manufacturers. One of our founders has experience of France education, we are more familiar with Western culture as well as art. TALMUD is your best partner in China.

Please contact us immediately and drop your retractable banner project to us soon.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

custom National Souvenirs wholesale manufacturing factory in China

City Gifts & Country Souvenirs

Travel Souvenir Chinese Wholesaler

Founder of Souvenir Ecosystem Concept

wholesaleBrand Promotional Gifts Manufacturer

Business gift customization service

Annual Brand Promotion Program Provider

Gift supply chain development and management

custom Event Marketing Gifts Supplier

Event Marketing Service Supplier

Experience marketing, interactive marketing gifts custom wholesaler

Internet celebrity, influencer, social media promotional & advertising gifts customization service

100% Quality Guarantee By TALMUD

Whether your quantity is 1 million pcs or 1 pc, TALMUD guarantees 100% good quality for you.

Whether you are a gift wholesaler or a retailer, TALMUD guarantees you 100% good quality service.

Whether the gifts are manufactured or purchased by TALMUD, we guarantee 100% good quality for your activities application.

TALMUD‘s Customers

Global gifts trading company, regional gift wholesaler, online wholesalers.

Brand companies, event organizers, design companies, universities, public institutions.

Internet celebrities, influencers, social media, family, and other personalized gift customized retailers.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • custom Finland Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Finland is one of the happiest countries in the world, with the best education system and cleanest air in the world. Finland is famous for its saunas, reindeer, Nokia, and Santa Claus Village.

    TALMUD is your reliable personalized Finland souvenir wholesale manufacturing factory with nearly 20 years in China.

  • custom Norway Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Norway is located in Europe and is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. It is known for its extraordinary fjords, lakes, and magical skies. Many of Norway’s residents are famous ski fanatics, frozen pizza lovers, and Tesla drivers!

    TALMUD can help you build a full catalog of Norway souvenir gifts list by our effective supply chain in China.

  • customized Asian Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    The Great Wall of China symbolizes the glorious achievements of the five thousand years of history of the Chinese nation. It is a symbol of China and a symbol of world civilization.

    Founded in 2005, TALMUD is a professional souvenir wholesale factory in China. Working with us, you can customize a variety of high-quality souvenirs.

  • custom Greek Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Greece has many labels, the cradle of Western civilization, the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games, and so on.

    Based in China, TALMUD is committed to providing excellent service and reasonable prices for the tourist souvenir industry in Greece and the whole of Europe. You are welcome to contact us.

  • custom Europe Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Europe is one of the most developed regions in the world. It has beautiful scenery and a long history. There are many ancient buildings, modern cities, and intensive exchanges between people.

    TALMUD is your preferred partner for customized European souvenirs, we supply millions of various souvenirs to the European market every year.

  • custom Dubai Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Dubai is famous for its Arabian-inspired tourist attractions, such as the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and shopping malls with a sprawling aquarium and indoor ski slopes.

    Since its establishment, TALMUD has been committed to cooperating with professional souvenir wholesalers in Dubai to jointly develop the tourist souvenir market in Arab countries.

  • custom Malaysia Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Malaysia is home to four incredible World Heritage Sites, including Malacca. This super charming and historic town is the cradle of Peranakan culture and reflects Malaysia’s unique and vibrant history.

    TALMUD is your #1 custom Malaysia souvenir wholesaler in China since 2005. OEM and ODM services are welcome.

  • custom Indonesia Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Prambanan in Central Java is an ancient Hindu temple with three main interior shrines dedicated to Lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. With its intricate carvings and imposing spires, this imposing complex is arguably the finest sculptural art in Indonesia.

    TALMUD cooperates with Indonesian souvenir wholesalers to design and develop a series of tourist souvenirs with local ethnic and cultural characteristics.

  • personalized Singapore Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing supplier in China

    Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore is one of the largest marine aquariums in the world. Its 45 million liters of water hold more than 100,000 species of marine life, and the attraction even has the world’s largest viewing board, measuring 36m wide and 8.3m high.

    TALMUD can boom your Singapore customized souvenir with our expert manufacturing system in China.

TALMUD: Your Specialized Customized Retractable Banner Wholesale Factory in China

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

If you are an advertising gift wholesale company and want to launch an event for your brand new products, TALMUD can help you customize mini retractable banners with full colors printing.

TALMUD is one of the most professional retractable banner wholesale manufacturing factories in China. Based on our excellent supply chain management, we can personalize 20K retractable banners for you every day and quickly finish your promotional retractable banner projects.

Price is one of the most factors that every customer pays attention to, the same as our retractable banner customers. Long-term partners of raw material suppliers, our own printing factory, and excellent logistics partners, above are all TALMUD’s advantages, that can reduce your costs and improve competitiveness in the retractable industry.

TALMUD emphasizes the harmonious development of men & nature. Our banners have passed EN71 and SGS certification, which helps your brand promotion activities have more social ethics.

TALMUD is your expert custom retractable banner wholesale Chinese supplier, feel free to contact us at any time.


TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates

TALMUD’s Retractable Banner Certificates


EN71 Certificate in 2012


SGS (US) Certificate in 2012


SGS (EU) Certificate in 2012


Retractable Banner

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custom England Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

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