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TALMUD: Your Professional Personalized Custom Gifts Wholesale Factory In China

TALMUD is your experienced custom gifts wholesale manufacturing supplier in China since 2005.

To meet the global gift fashion, trend of personalized gifts, TALMUD committed to integrating product quality, brand meaning, history culture, and fashion trends,  help our valuable clients getting more market shares, both online and offline.

Drop us your customized gift inquiry now.

Baby Gift Metal Tray manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your professional custom baby gift metal tray manufacturer and supplier in China since 2005.

Baby Gift Photo Frame manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your best-personalized baby custom gift photo frame wholesale manufacturing supplier in China since 2005.

Baby Gift Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your experienced personalized baby gift placemat wholesale manufacturer in China since 2005.

Boy Gift Photo Frame manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your best-customized boy gifts photo frame manufacturing factory in China with 15+ years of history.

Boyfriend Gift Cotton Bag manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your trustable custom cotton bags wholesale manufacturer for boyfriend gifts in China since 2005.

Boyfriend Gift Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your expert wholesale manufacturer for custom boyfriend gift metal keychains in China since 2005.

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TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

1, High-end Brand Annual Promotional Gift Service Provider

2, Manufacturers Of Daily Necessities In Multinational Supermarkets And Supermarket Chains

3, Customized Factory For Brand Event Marketing Gifts

4, Providers Of Gift Solutions For Sports Event Sponsors

5, Manufacturers Of Promotional Gifts For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

6, Cartoon, Film, And Television IP Licensing Souvenir Customization Factory

7, Designers, Artists, And Influencer Custom Gift Cooperation Providers

TALMUD Global Strategic Customer
TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images

TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

1. Tourist Country, Tourist City Souvenir Wholesaler

2. Online Wholesale & Retailer Of Souvenir Gifts

3. Museum, Church Customized Souvenir Retail Stores

4. Designer, Artist Souvenir Customization Service Provider

5. Personalized Souvenir Customizer For Social Media & Internet Celebrities

6. Movie, Animation, Cartoon IP Image Authorization Personalized Gifts & Souvenir Wholesale Factory

7. Personalized Gift Solutions For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

TALMUD: Your Professional Wholesale Customized Gifts Manufacturer & Supplier in China

TALMUD is your Expert custom gifts manufacturing supplier in China since 2005. After 15+ years of development, TALMUD has an expert custom & personalized gifts manufacturing team for your gifts wholesale & retail business.

TALMUD provides great services to boom your gifts business, such as 100% great quality guarantee, NO MOQ, business secret protection, etc.

OEM and ODM services are welcome. TALMUD is your expertise customized gifts wholesale supplier in China.

Contact TALMUD excellent team now to start profitable cooperation together!

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

wholesale Brand Promotional Gifts Manufacturer

Business gift customization service

Annual brand promotion program supplier

Gift supply chain development and management

custom Event Marketing Gifts Supplier

Event marketing service supplier

Experience marketing, interactive marketing gifts custom wholesaler

Internet celebrity, influencer, social media promotional & advertising gifts customization service

100% Quality Guarantee By TALMUD

Whether your quantity is 1 million pcs or 1 pc, TALMUD guarantees 100% good quality for you.

Whether you are a gift wholesaler or a retailer, TALMUD guarantees you 100% good quality service.

Whether the gifts are manufactured or purchased by TALMUD, we guarantee 100% good quality for your activities application.

TALMUD‘s Customers

Global gifts trading company, regional gift wholesaler, online wholesalers.

Brand companies, event organizers, design companies, universities, public institutions.

Internet celebrities, influencers, social media, family, and other personalized gift customized retailers.

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  • Souvenir Refrigerator Magnet

    TALMUD is a custom souvenir fridge magnet manufacturer with rich experience in China. We supply millions of souvenir fridge magnets to the main souvenir cities globally.

    Cooperate with TALMUD, you can obtain a full catalog of souvenir fridge magnets for your souvenirs wholesale. TALMUD is your best souvenir fridge magnets supplier in China.

    Contact us now for more souvenir magnet information.

  • Souvenir Rolling Tray

    TALMUD is your best souvenir metal tray manufacturer with 15+ years of experience. We can manufacturer millions of metal serving trays for the world souvenir market, with high quality and cheap price.

    If you are a souvenir trading company, TALMUD can supply a full souvenir product list to help you explore more opportunities in your local souvenir cities.

    Feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Souvenir Zinc Alloy Keychain Manufacturer and Supplier

    TALMUD is an experienced souvenir metal keychain manufacturer in China, we have a professional souvenir keyring manufacturing team for your souvenir keychain wholesale.

    You can customize souvenir metal keychains with soft enamel LOGO, epoxy LOGO, or laser LOGO, etc. TALMUD is your best souvenir keychain supplier with cheap price.

    Free souvenir metal keychain samples are welcome.

  • Wooden Coaster Manufacturer Supplier

    As a professional souvenir MDF coaster factory, TALMUD has more than 15 years of history. We supply souvenir MDF coasters to 30 countries’ souvenir markets, such as UK, USA, France, German, Spain, and so on.

    If you are a seller on Amazon, TALMUD can manufacture souvenir MDF coaster and placemat sets for your online retails, with small quantities and rich designs.

    Any more information, contact us now!

  • Souvenir Polypropylene Placemat Manufacturer Supplier

    TALMUD is a custom souvenir plastic placemat with rich experience. You can personalize printed souvenir plastic placemats with any designs, the minimum can be only 1 pc for you.

    All of your souvenir plastic placemat material is eco-friendly, SGS & CE certificates are available for you. TALMUD is your reliable souvenir placemat wholesale supplier in China.

    Drop your souvenir placemat inquiry to us now!

  • Souvenir Non-woven Bags Manufacturer Supplier in China

    TALMUD is your experienced souvenir cotton bag manufacturer in China since 2005. We have 5 souvenir bag manufacturing lines in our factory, OEM and ODM services are welcome.

    Besides cotton bags, we can also supply souvenir non-woven bags, nylon bags, leather souvenir bags, etc. Your printed souvenir cotton bags can be the hot sales in your souvenir cities.

    Free souvenir bag samples are welcome.

  • Souvenir Metal Bottle Opener

    TALMUD is your best souvenir metal bottle opener manufacturing supplier in China. You can customize souvenir metal bottle openers with different LOGO printing.

    If you are an FBA seller on Amazon, you can personalize souvenir metal bottle openers with small quantities, TALMUD promise 100% good quality for your retails.

    Contact us now for more details.

  • Souvenir Epoxy Fridge Magnet

    TALMUD is a professional souvenir epoxy magnet with MDF material, you can customize 3d laser LOGO or 2D flat art paper printing LOGO wooden magnets for your souvenir markets.

    You can obtain a 50K pcs souvenir epoxy magnets daily manufacturing capability by TALMUD. OEM is welcome to help you occupy more souvenir markets in your country.

    Send us your souvenir epoxy magnet project now!

  • souvenir license plate

    TALMUD is a custom souvenir license plate manufacturing factory in China since 2005. You can customize printed license plates for your souvenir wholesale business, OEM is no problem for you.

    TALMUD has a stable souvenir license plate manufacturing supply chain, with high quality, cheap price, quick leading time, and global logistic support for you.

    Do not hesitate to contact us now!

TALMUD: Your Best Customized Personal Gifts Wholesale Supplier In China

TALMUD is a professional wholesale manufacturer for your personalized & custom gifts in China since 2005. Cooperate TALMUD, You can get effective support from TALMUD’s customized gifts manufacturing team.

After TALMUD’s 15+ years of development, we have built a professional personal customized gifts supply chain, obtained a full catalog of personalized gifts, with competitive prices and fast delivery time advantages.

TALMUD knows how to cooperate with customers smoothly, pays more attention to your business secret than others. Your gift designs & samples will not be shown online or in any other exhibitions as well, your competitors will not know your customized gift supply chain at all.

OEM and ODM services are available, free samples are welcome. Send your personalized custom gifts inquiry to us now, TALMUD is your best gifts manufacturing supplier in China.


TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates




1 - Recipient Gifts manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Recipient

Businesses have found a way to keep recipients interested in their products by offering a recipe, unique and curated gifts specifically designed for kids, men and women, sports lovers, students and teachers, and travelers.

With a wide selection of unique gifts to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift for recipients of different age groups and with different personalities.

TALMUD provides wholesalers and retailers personalized gifts for recipients curated just the way they like it.

Once you make a choice for the recipient, the company helps you discover gift ideas for different batches that turn into imaginative and attractive recipient gifts.

Baby Gift Recipient

2 - Baby Gift Tray manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Baby Gift Tray

Double the joy of parenthood by offering your customers relevant and special gifts for their babies that they’ll appreciate.

From cute photo frames to customer metal trays, you can get great gift ideas for babies, especially if you’re looking for ideas that turn into cheap yet memorable gifts for baby recipients.

You’ll get all these baby gifts at budget-friendly prices that are delivered to your warehouse in attractive packages that multiply the gifting experience many times over.

Boyfriend Gift Recipient

3 - Boyfriend Gift Bag manufacfurer and supplier in China

Figure 3 – Boyfriend Gift Bag

Create a store atmosphere where valentine, birthday, and other unique gifts are sent to boyfriend gift recipients with perfect personalized messages.

Whether it’s a surprise gift for a boyfriend or something to add to his romantic gifts collection, this manufacturer in China creates varied gifts like keychains, placemats, cotton bags, and photo frames.

Come up with unique messages that the manufacturer can print on these gifts packed in gift boxes aimed at pleasing the boyfriend.

Family Gift Recipient

4 - Family Gift Magnet manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – Family Gift Magnet

The giver always comes up with crowd-pleasing ideas when it comes to offering gifts to family members of different age groups. These gifts must appeal to everyone in the family.

This wholesaler in China has several ideas that are guaranteed to please both the giver and recipient in more ways than one.

From cotton bags to fridge magnets to acrylic keychains, there’s something in these personalized gift boxes created by the company for everyone in the family.

Father Gift Recipient

5 - Father Gift Photo Frame manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – Father Gift Photo Frame

Surprise fathers with thoughtful gift ideas that they can use daily and will always remind them of the giver’s good intentions.

The Chinese supplier has plenty of great gift ideas for fathers at every budget.

The most unique gifts for men are personalized with ideas generated from sons, daughters, mothers, wives, and friends.

If a unique bottle opener with custom text is just a start, then you can combine a gift box with coasters, metal keyrings, and photo frames to please fathers.

Girl Gift Recipient

6 - Girl Gift License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – Girl Gift License Plate

If you specialize in retailing or promoting custom girl gifts, then TALMUD will work with you in creating a unique inventory that you can use to retail coasters, fridge magnets, license plates, and glass magnets to girls in kindergarten to teenagers in high school.

These are highly personalized gifts for girls made of high-quality materials for the wholesale market.

Get custom prints and text on gift mugs and MDF placemats that make these practical items top gift items for birthdays and other occasions.

Girlfriend Recipient

7 - Girlfriend Gift manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Girlfriend Gift

A personalized acrylic magnet is an affordable way to demonstrate how much you care. You always have the option to go in for a unique gift that demonstrates how thoughtful you are.

There are so many gifts available online that they’ll love.

The Chinese factory has several manufacturing lines dedicated to creating unique gifts for girlfriends – from a personalized license plate to a printed gift coaster with custom text and images.

TALMUD offers unique girlfriend gifts wholesale.

The company has been manufacturing these gift items since 2005 and knows how to cooperate with wholesalers and retailers and help develop their catalog of personalized girlfriend gifts.

Grandparents Gift Recipient

8 - Grandparents Gift Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Grandparents Gift Coaster

Commemorate special milestones and occasions in your grandparents’ lives by gifting them customized keychains and silk scarves that they can use on a regular basis.

Put together a collection of the best grandparent gifts and offer them to your customers with unique text highlighting the achievements of these patriarchs and matriarchs of the family.

You can get a great selection of gifts for grandparents when you browse through the extensive directory maintained by the supplier in China.

Kids Gift Recipient

9 - Kids Gift Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Kids Gift Placemat

Create your own five best kids’ gifts to promote on your e-commerce store.

Come up with your own unique gift ideas that are fun-filled, and practical.

The best gift for a child is something that holds sentimental value for the parents. It can be a photo frame or a placemat or something that the parents preserve as souvenirs for their kids.

Think of birthdays and special occasions to gift these souvenirs.

If you’re not sure or do not have enough gift ideas, then this Chinese wholesaler can offer you top gift ideas that make children shout with glee when they unwrap their presents.

Lover Gift Recipient

10 - Lover Gift Sign manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Lover Gift Sign

Any time is a good time to send unique and romantic gifts to lovers to share intimate feelings at any stage of the relationship.

Romantic gifts like customized fridge magnets and cotton aprons show your lover how much you think of him or her during the holiday season.

Wholesalers and retailers booking their orders with the Chinese factory are guaranteed timely deliveries without any delay.

Mother Gift Recipient

11 - Mother Gift Picture Frame manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11 – Mother Gift Picture Frame

For mothers who love to stare at fond memories captured in photo frames to the modern mother who begins her day with morning coffee in her favorite gift mug, there’s always a special gift for mothers bundled with lots of love and appreciation.

People are usually obsessed with offering unique gifts to their mothers.

This is where you have a great opportunity to come up with thoughtful gifts of different kinds that mothers appreciate.

You can have a small budget for your bulk orders. This company in China will work with you to create the best gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions to commemorate landmarks.

Some amazing and handpicked gifts are on offer, whether the recipient is celebrating Mother’s Day or simply wants to present a unique gift to a mother that has everything.

Office Gift Recipient

12 - Office Gift Acrylic Sign manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12 – Office Gift Acrylic Sign

Whether it’s those expensive yearly gifts for co-workers or a unique corporate gift for employees, you can get thousands of office gift ideas when you visit T ALMUD‘s website.

Get practical office gifts or gifts for a new office opening ceremony. Offer your employee gift bags or special coaster openers with your banner and promotional text printed on the face.

Set up a collection of coasters at the next office meeting that employees can carry home as giveaways and souvenirs.

Pet Lover Gift Recipient

13 - Pet Lover Gift Mug manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13 – Pet Lover Gift Mug

Elevate the relationship with your pet by coming up with some genius gift ideas that your cat or dog will enjoy.

From an elaborate pet calendar to a colorful gift lanyard, the company has the expertise to create varied pet lover gifts for the wholesale market.

Your collection of pet lover gifts can include magnets, picture frames, mugs, and gift umbrellas.

These are unique gifts that remind owners of the intimate relationship they have with their pets.

Sports Gift Recipient

14 - Sports Gift Cheering Palm manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 14 – Sports Gift Cheering Palm

You can come up with a unique range of sports gifts for fans in different ways. Make them uncommon by introducing funny slogans and catchy phrases.

Save your ideas on artwork that you share with the factory in China. The company replicates exact copies of your artwork in unique ways that bring excitement to a stadium or sporting event.

Whether you are a fan who likes your youth football game at the local stadium, there are ways you can create excitement with sports banners, thunder sticks, and souvenir bags for sporting fans.

Teacher Gift Recipient

15 - Teacher Gift Luggage Tag manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 15 – Teacher Gift Luggage Tag

Your teacher will appreciate a unique gift you present at the beginning of the year, on graduation day, or just before the summer holidays.

Offer your customers unique gifts like customized luggage tags that they can offer to their teachers going on vacation.

Think of metal chains with the unique and custom text especially designed as teacher gifts.

You will get thousands of ideas for touching teacher gifts with this Chinese supplier.

Communicate online and get replies in less than a day with complete details on what is on offer and how you can create a unique list of teacher gifts to expand your souvenir inventory.

Tourist Gift Recipient

16 - Tourist Gift Photo Album manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 16 – Tourist Gift Photo Album

The word souvenir has special meaning for tourists who connect the small novelty gift items to those memorable holidays they spent at their favorite tourist destination.

If you are looking for travel gift ideas, then TALMUD can open up its library of innovative images and fonts for you to create a personalized travel kit that contains innovative yet affordable souvenirs for your customers.

Decide what is best suited for your customers and shortlist ideas that the manufacturer can use to create custom and unique tourist gifts like fridge magnets and metal trays.

University Gift Recipient

17 - University Gift Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 17 – University Gift Keychain

Whether it’s a son, daughter, or friend starting their first session at the university, it’s always a memorable element. This calls for unique university gifts that the recipient will appreciate.

Custom ideas for university students can be novelty items and simple gifts that are affordable and which you can procure in bulk at low prices.

It becomes easier for you to fill up your inventory with unique gifts that your customers can offer as nostalgia gifts or brilliant gifts that university students use for their day-to-day activities.

Women Gift Recipient

18 - Women Gift Keyring manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 18 – Women Gift Keyring

Keep some unique and cool women’s gifts in stock for your customers to pamper their women with gifts they’ll love for birthdays and other occasions.

Get exclusive access to unique gift ideas offered by the Chinese wholesaler.

Strike the right balance for multicolor designs in different sizes.

Come up with a budget that allows you to order the best gifts for the woman who wants nothing or a collection of the top 10 birthday gifts for her.

What Kind Of Baby Gift Photo Frames Do You Get?

19 - Baby Gift Photo Frame manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 19 – Baby Gift Photo Frame

Whether it’s a footprint or a handprint or a sentimental keepsake frame of two siblings, photo frames are the ideal gifts to capture the special bond between siblings or the parents’ love for the child.

Available in 18 cm X 18 cm X 1.25 cm dimensions, these custom design photo frames have unique descriptions printed on them.

Made of standard glass on stylish acrylic frames, you can change the frame to wood or other materials that you require for your project.

These are adorable and perfect gifts for the baby’s nursery and to show your family and friends adorable moments from a baby shower or any other location.

This wholesaler in China has several themes like “Me And My Brother,” frame ideas for different baby year pictures, and frames designed for recipients to display sibling love.

Do You Get Custom Boy Gift Photo Frames?

20 - Boy Gift Photo Frame manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 20 – Boy Gift Photo Frame

One of the easiest ways to personalize the glowing faces of a boy is to capture his handprints and display them with his photograph alongside.

A series of such frames help your users preserve fond memories of the special bond with their boy.

For example, a photograph of the mother holding the boy with a custom print like “He Calls Me Mummy” can keep the special bond between a parent and child alive for years.

Use natural wood engraved photo frames for the best effects and promote them as gifts designed for Mother’s Day, birthdays, baby showers, and other events.

The Chinese factory has a team of artisans and an in-house design team that creates unique top-quality gift items you find in the international market.

Are There Different Kinds Of Boyfriend Gift Keychains Available On Wholesale?

21 - Boyfriend Gift Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 21 – Boyfriend Gift Keychain

Want to create that special message for your soulmate? Then present your boyfriend with a special Valentine keychain with custom messages like “I Need You Here With Me” or “You Hold The Key To My Heart.”

Sarcasm and mischievous intent create unique novelty gifts for boyfriends.

Some of the best boyfriend gifts are created with funny quotes and messages that they happily display at bachelor parties.

Metallic pendants made of stainless-steel work quite well.

Include features like corrosion resistance and hand-polished services on both sides.

TALMUD makes the perfect novelty gifts for boyfriends using its extensive library of custom text and inspirational quotes to create memorable events with high-quality keychains.

What Kind Of Event Gift Thunder Sticks Do You Get In Bulk?

22 - Event Gift Thunder Stick manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 22 – Event Gift Thunder Stick

Made of thick polyethylene plastic, event gift thunder sticks are available in orange, red, pink, green, and other colors designed as cheering props for sporting events.

These inflatable noisemakers are available in batches of 50, 100, or more and in sizes of 88 cm X 10 cm.

Make a lot of noise at concerts, evening events, festivals, shows, and other celebrations.

These are the self-sealing inflatable cheerleading sticks that you can carry with you to all your events.

Take it out of the packet, insert the included straw, inflate, and get colorful noisemakers that make loud banging sounds.

You can work with The Chinese supplier to design your own event gift thunder sticks in different sizes, and which make different kinds of sounds.

Do You Get Family Gift Cotton Bags That Are Reusable?

23 - Family Gift Cotton Bag manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 23 – Family Gift Cotton Bag

From breathable dust-proof drawstring storage bags to economical cotton tote bags, you can get different kinds of family gift cotton bags that you can wash and re-use.

Make these gift cotton bags as attractive as possible with custom designs and prints. Use 100% natural cotton to create highly durable 38 cm X 40.5 cm bags with sturdy cross-stitched handles.

Increase the width of these handles to match your custom design and create convenient bags that users can swing over their shoulders or use to carry heavy loads from their shopping trips.

Design these bags as multifunctional family gifts that every member of the family can use when they need one.

Order eco-friendly family gift cotton bags with low shrinkage rates from this Chinese wholesaler. You get cotton bags that easily last for a year or more.

What Kind Of Family Gift Fridge Magnets Do You Get?

24 - Family Gift Fridge Magnet manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 24 – Family Gift Fridge Magnet

Motivational magnets in sets are great family gift fridge magnets that look attractive in watercolors with inspirational quotes.

These are refrigerator magnets designed for the usage of fridge, whiteboard, locker, and classroom supplies that every member of the family can use.

Get custom designs for Graduation days, birthdays, and other meaningful occasions where all the members of the family can get together and share these fridge magnets with custom messages.

Made of durable alloy materials, the smooth-shaped round magnets perform exceedingly well as permanent magnets that do not fall off magnetic surfaces.

There are several ways you can customize these family gift fridge magnets to meet your promotional requirements.

Get in touch with the Chinese wholesaler for lucrative bulk discounts on high-quality products.

Are Their Large-Sized Family Gift Photo Albums Designed To Hold 800 Photographs?

25 - Family Gift Photo Album manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 25 – Family Gift Photo Album

Yes, you can store 800 10 cm x 15 cm (4 X 6) sized photographs in 160 high-quality pages contained in hardbound family gift photo albums.

These are 36.5-cm X 34-cm sized albums containing transparent plastic pockets that hold photographs without allowing them to slip off position.

They are acid-free, dust-free, and waterproof photo albums designed with custom covers that make perfect family gifts.

Comfortable to the touch, family photo albums are ideal gifts for anniversaries, Christmas Day, weddings, Mother’s Day, and birthdays.

Preserve memories in a premium quality photo album made of PVC-free material and stored in a drawer-type box that looks elegant.

Do You Get Custom Father Gift Bottle Openers?

26 - Father Gift Bottle Opener manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 26 – Father Gift Bottle Opener

How about a vintage motorcycle-designed bottle opener that sons can offer to their fathers on Father’s Day or birthday.

Using the classic nostalgic design, the Chinese factory creates this ultimate collection item in brass or high-quality zinc alloy that can be added to kitchens, clubs, and outdoor settings.

Easy to carry yet sturdy in construction, these are Lightweight and durable bottle openers designed as motorcycle accessories.

Ask for a special EVA box packaging for these unique gifts.

Come up with similar Christmas gift ideas for father gift bottle openers that you can promote to bosses, brothers, uncles, and as a Valentine’s Day gift for men.

What Type Of Father Gift Coasters Do You Get For The International Markets?

27 - Father Gift Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 27 – Father Gift Coaster

Consider a set of four funny wine coasters with custom messages that fathers love to receive on Father’s Day and other occasions.

These father gift coasters are ideal housewarming gifts for men that they can use on their outdoor barbecue tables or preserve as souvenirs.

Gift recipients coasters that are sophisticated, unique, interesting, and match their personalities. Allow them to create their own little hangout place with these coasters.

Design them in absorbent materials with a protective backing that does not scratch or stain tabletops and tables.

The Chinese factory has several existing samples that they can offer to allow you to come up with custom father gift coasters for your promotions or marketing campaigns.

How Do You Get Football Fans Cheering Banners On Wholesale?

28 - Football Fans Cheering Banner manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 28 – Football Fans Cheering Banners

Get a pair of custom-designed football fans cheering banners that expand into 70 cm X 34 cm and then magically roll up into 34 cm X 5 cm.

You can get them as blank cheering banners that are portable and with backgrounds painted in different colors.

Use erasable marker pens to write custom text for each brand that your customer participates in.

These are reusable cheering banners that take very little time to try when you wipe the ink off this plastic surface.

You can get custom-printed banners in full-color combinations with team logos, themes, and cheering messages printed on them to meet your customer requirements.

A single person can easily use this cheering banner as it retracts with a strong snapback action that makes it easy to roll it up into a compact item that fits into a small bag.

The Chinese supplier has several designs created for some big events that can spark ideas and allow you to create custom football fans cheering banners that your local audience approves.

What Type Of Friend Gift Metal Keychains Do You Get?

29 - Friend Gift Metal Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 29 – Friend Gift Metal Keychain

Include a retro-style car-shaped keychain in your first batch of bulk orders for friend gift metal keychains.

These are simple, strong, and attractive to look at with black key rings and key fobs.

These are ideal metal keychains that are fashionable, romantic, and have minimalistic designs made of high-quality chrome alloy materials that are plated and polished to perfection.

Fixed springs are attached to these fashionable keychains so they don’t fall off.

TALMUD has several practical and simple design styles to offer wholesale customers.

You can get sturdy keychains with strong bearing capacities.

Do You Get Fashionable Girl Gift Glass Magnets?

30 - Girl Gift Glass Magnet manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 30 – Girl Gift Glass Magnet

Decorative magnets are an ideal gift for girls who prefer fashionable glass magnets that they can use to stick to to-do lists on their fridges and whiteboards.

These premium quality glass inspirational magnets measure just 3.25 cm in diameter but create a collage of different patterns in different colors and messages on refrigerators.

Designed as fashionable inspirational magnets for recipients, girls come up with a custom text to print on these magnets that they use on holidays.

Save a favorite photograph or fix some custom text on these fashionable girl gift glass magnets. Use them for artwork, project presentations, and to print notes and pictures.

Use premium clear high-quality glass materials to increase the transparency of these magnets. They appear vibrant with soft magnetic backing that does not leave stains.

You can also add cute stickers to create decorative magnets for office whiteboards.

What Designs Do You Get For Girl Gift Mugs?

31 - Girl Gift Mug manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 31 – Girl Gift Mug

From cute-looking ceramic cat coffee mugs to all kinds of Thank You mugs designed for girls, you can get quality mugs with high-definition prints that last for a lifetime.

Created in an innovative manner that suits both right and left-handers, these professional quality ceramic mugs are built to last.

Choose large capacity mugs that hold 15 ounces of liquid and have up-to-date large custom prints on both sides of the handle.

This is the perfect girl gift mug to sip on to their morning coffee with leisure and comfort.

The wholesaler in China ensures there are no cracks, faded prints, or imperfections in bulk orders dispatched to your warehouse.

Can You Get Attractive Girlfriend Gift Enamel Keychains With Custom Pendants?

32 - Girlfriend Gift Enamel Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 32 – Girlfriend Gift Enamel Keychain

Choose a miniaturized replica of your favorite local landmark or use a cute fox pendant made of corrosion-resistant zinc alloy material to increase durability.

Design pendants that are attractive, draw attention and highlight cute prints or messages that allow girls to wear them in style.

These are lovely gifts for the girls in the family. Offer them on Valentine’s Day, graduation, Christmas, and birthdays.

Other designs like lady’s crystal and flower pendants and keychain bracelets with phone holders are available with the manufacturer in China.

The supplier in China offers different kinds of animal keychains that are perfect gifts for girls to carry in their backpacks, handbags, or gym bags.

What Type Of Grandfather Gift License Plates Do You Get?

33 - Grandfather Gift License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 33 – Grandfather Gift License Plate

One of the best ways to create grandfather gift license plates is to use rattle-proof, rust-proof license plate covers made of premium silicone material with custom prints on them.

Grandfathers appreciate the fact that they do not have to worry about their car paint getting scratched.

These durable license plate covers withstand temperatures from -26° F to 329° F without bending or cracking.

They are designed to match the sizes of actual license plates from around the world and comfortably snap into place.

Grandfathers appreciate the fact that license plates can be effectively and seamlessly molded with these covers with the encasing offering full protection.

Do You Get Attractive Grandmother Gift Magnets For Different Occasions?

34 - Grandmother Gift Magnet manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 34 – Grandmother Gift Magnet

Yes, you can get a set of four different types of grandmother gift magnets that recipients can use in their kitchens, fridges, and whiteboards.

These are unique designs with custom prints that relate to the personality traits of the grandmother. You can create different sets for different personalities.

Different messages can be printed on these magnets like “My Grandma Is Great”, “Thank You Grandma”, “This Is What An Awesome Grandma Looks Like”, and “My Favorite People Call Me Grandma.”

Choose 6-cm X 6-cm high-quality square magnets to include your custom text in vibrant colors.

Retail these magnets as sturdy and large magnets that are ideal desk accessories, housewarming gifts, and birthday gifts for grandmothers.

How Is Custom Text Included In Husband Gift Keychains?

35 - Husband Gift Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 35 – Husband Gift Keychain

Wives have a great chance of presenting husbands with gift keychains on their anniversaries with custom text printed on them.

Messages like “It’s Hard To Find Words To Tell You How Much You Mean To Me” or “My Soulmate My Best Friend” remains firmly entrenched in the minds of husbands.

These gift keychains can be offered to husbands, boyfriends, fiancés, and bridegrooms.

Highly polished, these stainless-steel gift keychains do not deform or tarnish and are highly durable.

Husbands find it easy to carry these attractive keychains with custom text wherever they go.

The wholesaler in China has the manufacturing capacity to produce jewelry kits of these high-quality keychains.

Do You Get Kids Gift Photo Frames In Different Colors?

36 - Kids Gift Photo Frame manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 36 – Kids Gift Photo Frame

You can get kids gift photo frames in 10 or more colors including blue, purple, yellow, orange, pastel green, dark red, fascia, light blue, and other colors.

These photo frames are ideal to hold kid photographs sized 10.16 cm X 15.24 cm. These frames have borders with photographs that are seen through pockets sized at 8.9 cm X 12.7 cm.

Use them to display family photographs, kids’ drawings, portraits, wedding photographs, and artwork.

Moms and dads with DIY skills can personalize these photo frames and embellish them with jewels, paints, rhinestones, stickers, and other decorative items.

The factory in China has several recipient photo frame designs especially created for children’s photographs.

You have the option to customize these designs to suit your project requirements.

Do You Get Lover Cotton Aprons For Basic Home Needs?

37 - Lover Cotton Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 37 – Lover Cotton Apron

Made of 100% cotton, cotton aprons for lovers are created for use in home kitchens, restaurants, and outdoor events.

These aprons are designed as “One Size Fits Most” and has a unique one-strap printed design captured in 71-cm X 89-cm sized aprons.

Machine washable and long-lasting, cotton aprons with printed designs are the perfect gifts for pet lovers, housewarming, Mother’s Day, birthdays, BBQ parties, and other events.

Cotton aprons are designed with adjustable waist and neckties, variable prints, front pockets, and a host of other features popular with couples.

Work with this supplier in China to create your own set of custom lover cotton aprons that match your branding style and promotional activities.

Can You Design Patriotic Lover Gift Lapel Pins?

38 - Lover Gift Lapel Pin manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 38 – Lover Gift Lapel Pin

Solidly crafted, patriotic lover gift lapel pins come in a wide range of enamel colors that are long-lasting and have chrome-plated shiny appearances.

Almost 1.9 cm wide, the study prints are here together with the help of sturdy clutch backing that offers a tight grip.

Whether you choose the national flag or any patriotic symbol that the recipient is familiar with, this company in China will recreate your designs into high-quality lover lapel pins wrapped in polybags for secure international shipments.

These lapel pins can also be given out for parades, party favors, and other events.

Religious emblems can also be included in the designs based on your custom needs.

Do You Get Personalized Lover Gift Plastic Sticks?

39 - Lover Gift Plastic Stick manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 39 – Lover Gift Plastic Stick

Floral picks are extremely popular as exchange gifts between lovers. Heart-shaped plastic sticks with red and multi-colored designs are popular Valentine’s Day gifts.

Personalized lover gift plastic sticks are designed in different ways that allow users to insert them into displays and arrangements or floral foams.

Include cardholders with sweet messages along with these attractive plastic sticks. They add a romantic touch to any flower arrangement or other decorative elements placed on a display table.

Ideal plastic sticks are around 34 cm in length with intricate designs all along the stem leading to the heart-shaped top.

The Chinese company has some unique designs that it can share with you to create highly personalized and customized lover gift plastic sticks.

What Type Of Office Gift Coaster Openers Are Available?

40 - Office Gift Coaster Opener manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 40 – Office Gift Coaster Opener

If your recipient is looking for an updated version of a classic coaster, then the office gift coaster opener made of cork material and embedded with a high-quality stainless steel bottle opener is the ideal office gift.

Keep the drink of your choice on these coasters without hassles. They have ideal dimensions of 10.16 cm X 10.16 cm X 1.25 cm.

This is the accessory you choose for your office canteen. It can be wiped dry with a soft dry piece of cloth.

It’s made of high-density cork material that is highly durable.

TALMUD has created a customized gift supply chain that has been finetuned over a period of 15 years.

You can get personalized office gift coaster openers customized for your gift supply chain.

How Many Different Mother Gift Fridge Magnets Do You Get In A Set?

41 - Mother Gift Fridge Magnet manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 41 – Mother Gift Fridge Magnet

You can get 24 or more beautiful glass fridge magnets that are used on refrigerators, whiteboards, office cabinets, and other magnetic surfaces to create an array of beautiful colored discs.

These mother gift fridge magnets are made of clear crystal glass that appears in dazzling colors with soft rubber magnets.

They are designed with protective coats that do not damage furniture surfaces.

Attach your notes, to-do list, plans, receipts, and photographs on whiteboards or your fridge door to remind you of your daily assignments.

Fridge magnets are fantastic gifts for mothers, as they can keep rotating their discs to create different decorative effects or set reminders for themselves with different patterns.

The Chinese wholesaler has several clear and beautiful magnet patterns and great gift ideas for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Do you get customized nurse gift fridge magnets?

42 - Nurse Gift Fridge Magnet manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 42 – Nurse Gift Fridge Magnet

Yes, you get different text printed on customized nurse gift fridge magnets.

For example, “Nurses Make It Better” or “I Love Nursing” or “Nurses Rock” are popular motivational phrases often printed on fridge magnets in different colors and patterns.

These strong magnets are capable of holding eight pieces of paper and are designed in unique ways that demonstrate the style and passion observed by nurses at their workstations.

Design these magnets in the standard 5-m square fridge magnet size for viewers to read the messages printed on them. You can customize these magnets in other sizes.

Get some of these colorful fridge magnets on refrigerator doors and whiteboards to add some jazz to a nurse’s workstation.

Contact the Chinese for quality fridge magnets with funny messages and different kinds of pushpin magnets in assorted colors.

Are There Different Kinds Of Office Gift Fan Banners?

43 - Office Gift Fan Banner manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 43 – Office Gift Fan Banner

The reusable handheld pocket office gift fan banner kit is popular, as users can erase prints and text made with dry-erase markers.

Order a single fan banner or in sets of two, four, or more. These are good quality, durable banners made of PET materials.

Write on both sides of the banner. They can be rotated manually once they are open.

These are 24-cm X 70-cm banners that automatically roll up to 24 cm X 5 cm that fits easily into one’s pocket.

Excellent for parties and events, recipients can show their spirit and support at office functions and get-togethers.

The Chinese company has single, double, and multiple handheld and scrolling banners that you can order in bulk at affordable prices.

What Type Of Pet Lover Gift Calendar Do You Get?

44 - Pet Lover Gift Calendar manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 44 – Pet Lover Gift Calendar

Print a life-sized image of your dog or cat on a custom-sized calendar that you display in your pet’s room or any other location that you choose.

These attractive pet lover gift calendars have 18 months of pages with custom holidays earmarked to meet your requirements.

If you need Federal holidays listed, this manufacturer in China can print holidays listed in your country with space to schedule events and other daily entries.

Do You Get Custom Pet Lover Gift Lanyards?

45 - Pet Lover Gift Lanyard manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 45 – Pet Lover Gift Lanyard

Yes, made of high-quality neoprene material, you can get pet lover gift lanyards that are perfect gifts for pet lovers.

Functional and cute to look at, you get them in different patterns and designs for girlfriends, students, friends, and family members.

They are convenient and lightweight with stainless steel swivel hooks to attach the dog collar.

TALMUD has several tag badge holders and keychains that combine well with these lanyards.

Recipients can get the best souvenirs, gifts, and giveaways custom-designed to match intricate artwork designs.

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