TALMUD: Your Best Acrylic Cup Coaster Wholesale Factory In China

  • Item: Professional cute tea cup coaster
  • Brand: Starbucks
  • Material: Acrylic board
  • Size: 950x950mm,100x100mm or customized
  • Design: Customized
  • Package: Polybag, PVC box, Gift box
  • Function: Brand event gifts
  • Usage: Table Use, souvenir gift, promotional gift

This acrylic coaster is made of an acrylic plate and silicone cover, which is an annual commemorative gift customized by Starbucks Korea. Relying on professional technology and a responsible spirit, TALMUD has become the brand’s exclusive customized souvenir supplier for many years.

The entire design is composed of two horses, and simple lines outline a strong image of a horse. The logo is screen-printed on both sides, with more than ten colors. TALMUD selected experienced print masters to work on this project.

Because of the popularity of the brand and the importance of the project, we have withstood the strict test of 100% full inspection by Korean customers. Thanks to our efficient supply chain management level, we can ensure that this project passes the customer acceptance at one time.

In addition, these Starbucks custom acrylic coasters are specially used for collectible gifts in the brand’s stores. The market retail price is tens of thousands of won, and the number is limited, which is the object sought after by many Starbucks fans.

As a professional souvenir custom wholesale factory, TALMUD is your best brand authorization partner.

We have rich experience in souvenir customization, a complete souvenir catalog, efficient supply chain management, and convenient logistics solution support.

TALMUD has established long-term cooperative relations with gift companies of world-famous brands such as Starbucks, Carlsberg, Heineken, etc., and provides exclusive customized souvenir services for major events and event marketing.

TALMUD: Your Professional Personalized Acrylic Coaster Wholesale Factory In China

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Since its establishment in 2005, the TALMUD management team has been constantly looking for the blue ocean market and niche market in the souvenir and gift industry. We have established a complete catalog of souvenirs and efficient supply chain management.

TALMUD is your trusted partner for professional gifts and souvenirs.

Our factory is located in Longgang City, Zhejiang Province, which is known as “China Gift City” and “China Printing City”, focusing on providing customized coaster services for souvenir wholesalers from all over the world.

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We have our own factories and long-term quality suppliers in China. With us, you can trade directly with China and receive a full range of service support. TALMUD has professional manufacturing personnel, advanced manufacturing equipment, rich operating experience in the souvenir industry, and excellent service standards.

TALMUD is a professional wholesale or retail supplier of high-quality custom souvenirs and gifts in China. We have a young sales team composed of experienced sales staff with comprehensive personal knowledge and experience background, 80% of whom are university graduates, and some have an MBA or a master’s degree in law.

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Our team focuses on the development of high-quality souvenirs, customized gifts and IP-licensed gifts. With excellent quality and service, we enjoy a good reputation among customers in the United States, European Union, Australia, Asia, Latin America, etc.

Today, in order to better serve customers, TALMUD also provides other value-added services such as packaging, warehousing, logistics, inspection, etc. We will always adhere to the tenet of “originating from China, serving the world”, and devote ourselves to the development and popularization of handicrafts and gifts to create value for customers.

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The principle of TALMUD is “integrity, innovation, pragmatism, and responsibility”. Our mission is “your best partner in China”! TALMUD is always where you need it. 24/7 online contact, WhatsApp and WeChat, +86 15858871001, or email sales@talmudcn.com

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