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TALMUD: Your Expert Wholesale Notebook Manufacturing Factory In China

TALMUD is your #1 custom notebook wholesale manufacturer in China since 2005. You can benefit a lot from TALMUD’s professional stationery manufacturing team through our cooperation.

TALMUD is one of the leading notebook wholesale suppliers in China, if you are a stationery wholesaler, TALMUD can help you boom your notebook business with excellent quality, cheap price, fast delivery time.

Send us your notebook inquiry now! We will give you a competitive quotation within 12 hours.

Bind Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your expert customized notebook manufacturer and factory in China.

Custom Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your professional custom notebook manufacturing factory in China since 2005.

Double Ring Note manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your reliable double ring note manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China.

Double Ring Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your wholesale double ring notebook manufacturer and supplier in China.

Hardcover Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your custom hardcover notebook manufacturing supplier in China.

Kraft Paper Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your best kraft paper notebook wholesale manufacturer in China since 2005.

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6, Cartoon, Film, And Television IP Licensing Souvenir Customization Factory

7, Designers, Artists, And Influencer Custom Gift Cooperation Providers

TALMUD Global Strategic Customer
TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images

TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

1. Tourist Country, Tourist City Souvenir Wholesaler

2. Online Wholesale & Retailer Of Souvenir Gifts

3. Museum, Church Customized Souvenir Retail Stores

4. Designer, Artist Souvenir Customization Service Provider

5. Personalized Souvenir Customizer For Social Media & Internet Celebrities

6. Movie, Animation, Cartoon IP Image Authorization Personalized Gifts & Souvenir Wholesale Factory

7. Personalized Gift Solutions For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

15+ Years Wholesale Notebook Manufacturing Supplier

TALMUD has built up an effective notebook supply chain with 100% good quality insurance for your projects during 15+ years of stationery manufacturing experience,

To support your stationery business, TALMUD provides a small MOQ service for you to help you occupy more market shares in your country. TALMUD is your best customized wholesale notebook manufacturer in China.

Send us your notebook inquiry now.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

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100% Quality Guarantee By TALMUD

Whether your quantity is 1 million pcs or 1 pc, TALMUD guarantees 100% good quality for you.

Whether you are a gift wholesaler or a retailer, TALMUD guarantees you 100% good quality service.

Whether the gifts are manufactured or purchased by TALMUD, we guarantee 100% good quality for your activities application.

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Global gifts trading company, regional gift wholesaler, online wholesalers.

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TALMUD: Your Best Custom Notebook Manufacturer And Supplier In China

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

If you are a wholesale stationery company, dealing with promotional business or souvenir business, TALMUD is your first custom notebook manufacturing factory in China.

After 15+ years of development, TALMUD becomes one of the leading stationery wholesale manufacturing suppliers in China, we can produce all kinds of notebooks at cheap prices, as well as high quality for your projects.

If you want to personalize your notebooks with different logos or materials, TALMUD can help you with our advanced stationery supply chain.

Drop us your notebook inquiry details and let us start long-term cooperation soon!


TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates


1 - Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Notebook

From recording notes to scrapbooking to drawing, the notebook has long been considered the ideal writing aid, especially when you’re on the move.

It’s possible to customize notebooks for any project with foiling and debossing, UV printing, and screen-printing techniques.

What Are Notebooks Also Called?

2 - Notepad manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Notepad

Notebooks are often called notepads, drawing pads, legal pads, or writing pads and contain paper in different sizes to write, draw, take down memos, perform as ruled legal pads, or just to jot down ideas.

How Are Notebooks Manufactured?


3 - Notebook Styles manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3 – Notebook Styles

The manufacturing process begins with the pre-press stage where you send in your artwork with custom designs or use the manufacturer’s design team to come up with custom notebook designs.

Pre-Press Stage

4 - Pre-press Notebook Manufacture

Figure 4 – Pre-press Stage – Notebook Manufacture

Materials are chosen based on chosen colors, sizes, artwork quality, spelling, and placement. A proof is created to finalize these details in the form of a PDF or physical artwork.

Once the ink and printing area are determined, pagination is done to prepare the parent sheet with the required text and graphics.

Printing metal plates are then created for the different colors. A rubber drum picks up pre-set images from these metal plates and transfers them to the notepad paper.

Press Stage

5 - Press Notebook Manufacture

Figure 5 – Press Stage – Notebook Manufacture

This is the stage where the artwork is transferred onto the chosen paper to complete the lining, numbering, and imagery for your notebook.

Large parent sheets are selected of the required thickness. Printing styles also determine the type of paper used.

The required front and back covers are created by gluing two bits of cards or other material chosen to double the thickness.

This process is known as duplexing and applies to different types of paper, leather, and other print materials.

The paper used for notebooks can be coated. Prices vary when you choose glass, silk, or matte-finished notebook paper for your orders.

While the uncoated paper is rough, the matte-finished paper is smoother. It comes with a protective coat that protects the paper from dirt and smudge marks.

The silk paper coating has a smoother finish and offers a shine to the paper.

Glossy-finish paper is the shiniest and is usually used in applications that contain a lot of images and photographs.

There are two types of printing methods used.

One is offset printing with metal plates that are etched to transfer ink to the paper.

Digital printing uses drums or electrostatic rollers to transfer the ink or toner onto the paper.

Post Press Stage

Folding Parent Pages

6 - Folding Parent Pages

Figure 6 – Folding Parent Pages

Once the parent sheets are printed, they are transferred to the folding machine.

Each parent sheet is then folded into the required sizes and forms groups of paper known as signatures.

These signatures are moved on to the collation machine where they are stacked into the proper page order.

Customizing Notebook Covers

Notebook covers are then customized to the required page size.


7- Debossing Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Debossing Notebook

A brass dye is created using the CNC milling process.

The dye contains the company logo or custom print that is heated and impressed on the cover of the notebook.

This process is called debossing and is done on the front page and the spines of the book.


8- Foiling Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Foiling Notebook

It’s similar to debossing but also includes the stage where a colored film is transferred to the impression made on the notebook producing a luxurious look.


9- Monogramming Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Monogramming Notebook

This process is slightly different in that you can add initials and names and not just logos to the notebook cover.

The foil or colored film is usually in gold, silver, or white colors.


10 - Binding Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Binding Notebook

The style and quality of the notebook are decided by the binding process.


The printed pages are first folded in half, placed one over the other in proper alignment, turned over, and stitched together using wire.

Sewn bound

This binding process is similar to the saddle stitch process but uses thread instead of wire to bind the pages together.


In this case, small batches of paper are sewed together and enveloped between your chosen duplexed, leather, or other hard-material covers.

Casebound notebooks are costlier but are highly durable and look elegant.

Do You Get Cheap Bound Notebooks In Bulk?

11 - Bound Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11 – Bound Notebook

Bound Notebooks are an essential part of any stationery collection, so manufacturers offer them at affordable prices.

You can get download books in different sizes and shapes.

Choose from the cheap animal-themed, alphabet, floral, and geometric designs for your notebook covers with printed custom logos and custom text.

Go in for an embossed, foiled, or monogrammed notebook cover with or without pockets.

Get bound notebooks with 30, 60, or more pages.

Bulk orders are delivered with index sheets and margins to meet your specific notebook requirements.

What Kind Of Custom Notebook Options Are There?

12 - Custom Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12 – Custom Notebook

You can get an extensive range of custom notebooks that are unique to your client or your company brand.

Print company logos or introduce designs that highlight products and services offered by your company.

TALMUD has thousands of 3-D notebook designs in its extensive library that help you design your unique notebook from scratch.

Get involved in every stage of the manufacturing process – from choosing your desired materials to binding to cover and inside-page printing.

Design your notebooks to look like planners with Luxurious customization options.

The company has state-of-the-art printing processes in place to manufacture top-quality, fancy and unique, and international-standard notebooks with automated binding processes.

Why Are Double Ring Notebooks Popular?

13 - Double Ring Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13 – Double Ring Notebook

Double ring notebooks provide easy ways to flip the paper without tearing them. They are also available in different sizes to place pens between the top and bottom cover.

Choose a blank notebook to take down daily notes or go in for ruled pages that are ideal for journaling purposes.

You can get high-quality 80 GSM paper in off-white and other colors.

If you need to move closer to the edges with designs or text, then choose no-bleed thinner paper.

A wide variety of hardbound front and back covers with intricate designs are available.

For example, you can get marble printed covers, transparent covers in different colors, and minimalistic and premium hardcovers.

This wholesaler offers some of the cheapest prices on double-ring notebooks.

Ask for 2 mm or thicker cardboard, leather, or plastic covers to prevent damage to the inner pages.

Which Hardcover Notebook Is Ideal For General Use?

14 - Hardcover Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 14 – Hardcover Notebook

Standard hardcover notebooks are available with polyurethane (PU) covers that help reduces the cost when you place bulk orders.

Thread sewing and binding techniques weave 40 or more sheets with custom-printed covers in black, orange, brown, green, and other colors.

Create your unique variations in different batches using custom hardcovers like dotted linen, genuine Italian leather, or custom soft PU leather.

Prices also vary when you choose the inner pages of 70, 80, 100, or 120 gsm paper materials.

Competitive quotes are offered by the supplier when you choose foil stamping, film lamination, or custom pictures printed on the front covers.

Ask for factory prices on bulk orders.

Do You Get Kraft Paper Notebooks For Business Promotion?

15 - Craft Paper Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 15 – Kraft Paper Notebook

Yes, you can get graph paper notebooks in custom sizes with your business logo hot stamped on them.

Choose any kind of inner pages and go in for spiral or stitched and glue-bound notebooks.

Customize your craft paper notebooks in different ways.

Choose the size, style, and quantity of your bulk orders.

Decide on the inner pages of the notebook. Ask for lined, plain, or 5-mm inner grid inner pages.

Try silver foil stamping, debossing, or gold foil stamping effects.

Check out the samples offered by the manufacturer in China.

Where Do You Look For Custom Leather Notebooks On Wholesale?

16 - Leather Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 16 – Leather Notebook

Unique and crafted to blend with your promotional campaigns, custom leather notebooks are manufactured in beautiful leather patterns.

Get your notebook covers embossed with your company logo and decorate them with patterns that create a handcrafted look.

Order 100-page or 200-page blank of white plain papers for your notebooks or go in for 125-gsm paper made of natural fiber.

Design your leather notebooks as travel gifts for your clients or think of designs for occasions like Graduation Day, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and wedding anniversaries.

This wholesaler in China has a friendly customer service team that can help you get maximum benefits from their advanced stationery supply chain.

Can You Get Memo Notepads In Different Colors?

17 - Memo Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 17 – Memo Notepad

Yes, you can get wire-bound memo notepads in colors of your choice.

For example, choose different color notepads for the different departments in your office.

These memo notepads come in different sizes. Choose the top spiral-bound design to help access the inner sheets with ease.

Ask for magnet memo notepads to stick at different locations at your workplace.

You get these durable spiral-bound notepads in cute designs that also serve as an excellent family, school, and office gifts.

What Type Of Notebook Planners Are Available?

18 - Notebook Planner manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 18 – Notebook Planner

From classic journals to weekly appointment planners, you can get a whole range of small and large notebook planners specifically designed for custom use.

Choose from 12.7 X 21 cm customized journals designed for office desks or go in for large planners that cover important deadlines and event details the whole year-round.

Ink-bleed-resistant paper is used to keep your text and image legible and neat.

Tap into the extensive library offered by TALMUD To come up with a professional design for your notebook planner.

Think of a genuine Italian leather cover with twin-wire binding or a premium-quality design based on your favorite city.

The manufacturer can convert all your bright ideas into custom-sized notebooks or notebook planners with intricate designs on the inner pages and cover.

Do You Get Open Flat Notebooks With Minimalistic Designs?

19 - Open Flat Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 19 – Open Flat Notebook

Yes, classic writing notebooks come with minimalistic designs, with or without lines.

Use these notebooks to take down notes, journal, and complete to-do lists.

Available in the standard 90-gsm paper, you can choose recycled paper or high-quality paper in your custom design book.

Add bleeding, weathering, and ghosting-resistant features.

Get lines printed in your favorite color. Choose a color that does not cause distractions.

Open flat notebooks are bound with a customs number of pages.

The factory uses sustainable and eco-friendly resources of paper. It’s procured in sufficient quantities to complete large bulk orders.

Who Makes Promotional Memo Books With Custom Designs?

20 - Promotional Memo Book manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 20 – Promotional Memo Book

The factory has the latest machinery to manufacture custom promotional memo books in bulk.

Think of a unique design, and the company will convert your ideas into practical memo book designs that you can use to promote your products and services.

Practical ideas include business letter templates that help customers who are constantly on the move to draft their letters.

Come up with a niche-based motivational text to inspire your clients.

Use media content including your business logo to create branding effects.

Create unique printing content and pass it on to the manufacturer’s design team.

Get samples before you finalize your bulk orders.

Use humor and copywriting techniques to create a unique promotional memo book that professionals in different fields will appreciate.

Do You Get Attractive Custom-Made Souvenir Notebooks?

21 -Souvenir Notebook manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 21 – Souvenir Notebook

Send your collection of old notebooks with your favorite designs to the manufacturer in China. The company then produces the exact replicas made in bulk.

Innovative techniques generate high-definition prints from creative artwork. You get bright-colored covers with your embedded business logo on these souvenir notebooks.

They are attractive business gifts that you can offer at your corporate or promotional events.

Pocket-friendly and scribble-friendly, these notebooks remain in focus all the time while your customers enjoy working in large workspaces provided inside these souvenir gifts.

Who Makes Left-Handed Spiral Notepads?

22 -Spiral Notepad manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 22 – Spiral Notepad

TALMUD makes all kinds of spiral notebooks including left-handed notepads.

These left-handed notepads are custom designed to open from left to right. You can also choose notepads that open from right to left.

Choose A5, A4, or B4 sizes for your spiral notepads with a customs number of pages.

Perforated pages can be easily torn without affecting the straight edges.

Rotate the notepad 360 degrees without damaging the spiral binding.

The twin loop wire binding allows you to keep the book completely flat.

This company offers fast turnaround times, free designs and online design proofs, budget-friendly prices, and timely deliveries of spiral notepads.

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