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Your Specialized Custom Necklace Wholesale Manufacturer in China

Rich Epxerience In Cloisonne Craft

High-end Jewelry Customizer In China

Custom Jewelry Wholesale Manufacturer In China

TALMUD: Your Experienced Custom Necklace Manufacturing Factory in China

TALMUD is your professional personalized necklace wholesale manufacturer & supplier in China since 2005. You can customize all kinds of necklaces with high quality through us.

TALMUD has obtained an expert custom necklace manufacturing team, you can purchase pearl necklace, golden & silver necklace, diamond necklace, gemstone necklace, crystal necklace, etc.

Drop your necklace inquiry to TALMUD now.

Amazon Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your best personalized Amazon necklace wholesale manufacturing supplier in China.

Animal Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is a professional custom animal necklace wholesale manufacturer in China since 2005.

Antique Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your expertise in custom antique necklace wholesale manufacturing suppliers in China.

Artist Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is a wholesale personalized necklace manufacturer with artist designs in China since 2005.

Butterfly Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your experienced custom butterfly necklace wholesale factory in China since 2005.

Christmas Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your #1 custom necklace wholesale manufacturer for Christmas gifts in China.

Vincent van Gogh Art Jewelry

Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh is known around the world for his incredible talent and skill in the art world. His unique painting style brought new elements to world art, and by this, he became a great artist with a world-renowned reputation.

The TALMUD jewelry team constantly absorbs nutrients from the works of this well-known artist, stimulates our creative inspiration, and brings an artistic style to the necklace jewelry industry.

Custom Vincent van Gogh Art Jewelry wholesale manufacturer in China
TALMUD Jewelry Customer Images

TALMUD Jewelry Customer Image

TALMUD sincerely provides you with professional exquisite jewelry customization services based on more than 10 years of customization experience in the jewelry industry.

We have super supply chain management, a master craftsman team, branded business operation management, and business logic aiming at the interests of customers.

From the procurement of raw materials such as gemstones and precious metals to jewelry processing, global logistics, and transportation, accessories, packaging, etc. TALMUD provides you with excellent services.
Our guests include but are not limited to the following.

1. Luxury Brand Jewelry OEM Service Supplier
2. Designer & Artist Jewelry Customization Factory
3. Fashion Brand High-end Jewelry Gift Manufacturer
4. Brand Alliance, IP Authorization, Museum Jewelry Customization
5. Private Jewelry Personalization Expert
6. Accessories & Packaging Solution Providers In The Jewelry Industry

Your First Customized Necklace Manufacturing Supplier In China

Since its establishment in 2005, TALMUD has been committed to becoming your reliable Chinese personalized necklace wholesale factory by continuously integrating resources and improving its competitive advantage.

The founder of TALMUD has a French MBA education background in global luxury brand management. Through continuous optimization of the business model, we have precisely positioned the jewelry niche market and won the recognition of more than 30 customers around the world.

China has five thousand years of historical and cultural accumulation and rich experience in luxury jewelry production. Our jewelry team combines Chinese master technology with international luxury operation experience to present exquisite jewelry works to customers.

We provide services such as wholesale customization and private customization, OEM and ODM services, please feel free to contact us!

Custom Luxury Jewelry Master In China

Jewelry Design by TALMUD

Expert jewelry designer team

Professional international jewelry education background

10+ years of custom jewelry industrial experience in China

Jewellery Customization

Select trusted gem suppliers

Cultivate skilled jewelry craftsmen

Create the unique luxury jewelry brand

Luxury Jewelry Supplier

Luxury, Brand, Culture, jewelry, heritage

High-end jewelry supply chain management

Luxury brand management MBA education background

TALMUD, Custom Jewelry Master

From gem raw materials to jewelry processing

From jewelry design to supply chain management

TALMUD is your best custom jewelry master in China

TALMUD Your Luxury Jewelry Partner

Fine Jewelry Personal Customization

TALMUD is a luxury brand for your family heritage jewelry

Feel free to contact the TALMUD expert jewelry team HERE

TALMUD Fine Jewellery

  • Art Cloisonne Rings manufacturer and supplier in China

    Material: Platinum
    Design: Cloisonne
    Style: Cubic Art
    Tag: Custom, Wholesale, China

  • custom Claude Monet Enamel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Material: Zinc alloy
    Artist: Claude Monet
    Design: Famous painting
    Process: Hard Enamel

  • Enamel Charms manufacturer and supplier in China

    Material: 925 Silver
    Design: Flower
    Process: Soft enamel
    Hashtag: Art, Fashion, Collection

  • custom Gustav Klimt Earrings wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: Gold
    Design: Art painting
    Artist: Gustav Klimt
    Tag: Luxury, Fine Jewelry

  • custom Sunflower Pendants wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: Gold
    Size: Customization
    Design: Sunflower
    Artist: Vincent van Gogh

  • custom Sapphire Studs wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: Platinum
    Gemstone: Sapphire
    Diamond: YES
    Degree: Luxury, Fine Jewelry

  • custom Piet Mondrian Souvenir Cufflinks wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Material: Zinc alloy
    Size: Custom
    Design: Mondrian’s painting
    Tag: Art, Luxury, Fashion

  • custom Da Vinci Earrings wholesale manfuacturer in China

    Material: Metal
    Size: Dia. 3 cm
    Design: Mona Lisa
    Artist: Da Vinci

  • custom Amethyst Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: 925 Silver
    Design: Butterfly
    Gemstone: Amethyst
    Hashtag: Fashion, Custom, Wholesale

TALMUD: Your Best Custom Necklace Wholesale Manufacturing Supplier In China

TALMUD is your trustable customized necklace wholesale manufacturer & supplier in China since 2005.

We serve necklace wholesale clients both online and offline. If you are an E-commerce company, such as eBay, or Amazon, TALMUD can be your #1 customized necklace wholesale manufacturer in China.

Established in 2005, TALMUD aims to be one of the leading necklace wholesale manufacturers in China. We use the best raw material to produce your necklaces, with experienced designers, and fast delivery time.

TALMUD is your expertise necklace wholesale supplier, based on our efficient necklace supply chain, you can customize necklaces with competitive prices, and global logistic support.

Do not hesitate to send your necklace inquiry to us and let us build long-term cooperation together!

Custom Necklace Jewelry wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD Premium Necklace


TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

Expert Cloisonne Process

TALMUD Logistics Service

TALMUD Logistics Services

Continental Rail Transport Solutions

Global Courier Transportation Solutions

Global Shipping And Air Transportation Logistics Service

TALMUD’s Standards: Efficiency, Economy, Safety, Sustainability

1,Why Is It Called A Necklace?

Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Necklace

Find beautiful necklaces for your retail and wholesale collection – from designer necklaces to fashion necklaces at the cheapest prices possible.

Jewelry designers and manufacturers can now recreate the world’s most iconic necklace designs and keep pace with the latest trends in the market.

Any piece of jewelry that you wear around your neck Is a necklace. For example, a pendant at the end of a chain worn around the neck is a necklace.

2,What Are The Different Types Of Necklaces?

Necklaces are designed in different sizes and shapes to fit every budget.

Charm Necklace

Charm Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Charm Necklace

Charms are personalized pieces of jewelry and prominent displays in long necklaces. Charms are usually attached to chains that are around 24 inches in length.

You can use any kind of charm including a unique creation of an oversized centerpiece to your charm necklace.

Chain Necklace

Chain Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3 – Chain Necklace

Women prefer this chain necklace for its minimalistic design. They can wear it to a casual or formal event and pair it with different types of accessories.

You get the chain necklace in different lengths and are made of different metals.

Pendant Necklace

Pendant Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – Pendant Necklace

Jewelry lovers usually have a pendant necklace in their jewelry boxes, simply because they can always replace an old pendant with a new trendy one using the same chain.

Designed in 18-carat gold and gold vermeil, the pendant necklace includes styles like Moon & Stars, with gemstones like the labradorite.

Princess Necklace

Princess Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – Princess Necklace

The princess necklace is meant for royalty, and the professional supplier offers exclusive designs in a variety of sizes and shapes.

You’ll find the best shimmering stones and intricate patterns forming a necklace that’s ideal for weddings, gala events, and important ceremonies.

Collar Necklace

Collar Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – Collar Necklace

Available in different wearing styles including turtleneck, off-shoulder, and boat neck, the collar necklace adds sophistication to formal wear.

These designer necklaces occupy the collar region and are the preferred choice for ladies who prefer elegant sophistication.

Opera Necklace

Opera Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Opera Necklace

Made of beads of pearls, the opera necklace cannot be ignored in any attire. Suitable for scoop necklines, turtle necks, and high necks, opera necklaces are looped or worn as is around the neck.

Opera necklaces are usually 30 to 36 inches in length and can be worn with different types of dresses and evening gowns.

Matinee Necklace

Matinee Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Matinee Necklace

The matinee necklace is made of gemstones and beads. This is a short necklace that ladies with plunging necklines like to wear informal dresses.

They are generally around 22 to 24 inches in length and come in different designs and shapes.

Lariat Necklace

Lariat Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Lariat Necklace

Appearing in a “Y” shape and without a clasp, the lariat necklace is a stylish piece of jewelry ideally suited to pair with a low-neckline dress.

Create your unique style by crossing over, knotting, or looping the ends of the necklace.

Locket Necklace

Locket Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Locket Necklace

Jewelry enthusiasts love to keep the memory of their loved ones close to them prefer the locket necklace. You’ll find a photo of your loved one in the locket.

Replace the locket with a pocket watch or an amulet that you prefer. You can use a pocket necklace with different designs.

Torque Necklace

Torque Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11 – Torque Necklace

Made of a solid metallic ring, the torque necklace has an open front with an elegant design.

Women prefer the necklace with the V-neck or plunging neckline style, as this does not have a clasp to lock it into place.

Choker Necklace

Choker Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12 – Choker

Made of metal, leather, ribbon, or velvet, the choker is a snug clasp that is best suited for off-shoulder and U necklines.

Necklace wholesalers offer unique and trendy designs for the choker necklace.

Lavaliere Necklace

Lavaliere Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13 – Lavaliere Necklace

Around 14 to 19 inches in length, the lavaliere necklace sits below the collar line and is the preferred choice for women wearing dresses with low necklines.

Different kinds of pendants and buttons are highlighted at different positions of the lavaliere necklace.

Negligee Necklace

Negligee Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 14 – Negligee Necklace

This is a long necklace with asymmetrically placed tassels or drops. It’s an elegant necklace worn on shimmery dresses.

Women with sweetheart and off-shoulder necklines prefer the negligee necklace, as it adds a bit of glamour to their dressing style.

Festoon Necklace

Festoon Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 15 – Festoon Necklace

It looks like a garland with a combination of ornaments, chains, and gemstones. The festoon necklace is a typical vintage-style piece of jewelry that is ideal for off-shoulder dresses.

Riviere Necklace

Riviere Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 16 – Riviere Necklace

Around 14 to 16 inches in length, the Riviere necklace is a collection of precious or semiprecious stones sewn together to form a loop.

Women prefer to wear the necklace to cocktail parties. These are especially suitable for strapless or V-neck dresses.

Bib Necklace

Bib Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 17 – Bib Necklace

The bib necklace is wide at the bottom and gets narrower as it reaches the top. The wider portion normally rests below the collar line while the narrower portion wraps around the neck.

The bib necklace can be made of beads, gemstones, pearls, and other large pieces of jewelry.

Twisted Necklace

Twisted Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 18 – Twisted Necklace

As the name suggests, the twisted necklace is made of fabric, beads, and wire twisted together into an elegant design.

These are sturdy necklaces that can be worn to casual and fun events like picnics.

Plastron Necklace

Plastron Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 19 – Plastron Necklace

These are large necklaces that cover a wide area around the bust line. They have elaborate designs and come in solid colors that look great on plain outfits.

Sautoir Necklace

Sautoir Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 20 – Sautoir Necklace

This is a long chain necklace at the end of which is attached an ornamental pendant. It can also have a tassel at the end of a 30 – 36 inch long chain.

Wear this Sautoir necklace with off-shoulder, V-neck, and scoop-neck styles.

3,Do You Get Top-Rated Amazon Necklace Collections In Bulk?

Amazon Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 21 – Amazon Necklace

You can get the most popular necklaces listed on Amazon at highly subsidized factory prices.

Whether it’s a personalized name necklace or a personalized bar necklace, TALMUD will create your brand in popular designs.

The company offers best-selling layering initial necklaces for women at subsidized prices. These are 14-carat gold-plated necklaces made of high-quality brass material.

Choose from different styles including the choker necklace, which is the perfect gift jewelry for teenagers and women.

4,What Kind Of Custom Animal Necklaces Are Available On Wholesale?

Animal Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 22 – Animal Necklace

Check out this Chinese wholesaler’s animal necklace selection that is custom-made and unique.

You can create your line of breathtaking wildlife necklace collections Including nature-themed and animal necklaces. The wholesaler has hundreds of distinctive designs to offer.

Some of the most popular necklaces on e-commerce stores include the hippo necklace with the personalized nameplate and a wolf necklace with a Viking wolf head pendant on a faux leather cord.

Create your line of personalized pet gifts including dog and cat animal necklaces.

5,Who Makes Antique Necklaces That Have Sentimental And Monetary Value?

Antique Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 23 – Antique Necklace

Browse through vintage and antique necklace collections offered by TALMUD for the wholesale market.

The professional necklace manufacturer curates antique necklaces inspired by Art Deco, Victorian, and other era styles.

Expert craftsmen create quality antique jewelry that resembles handmade antique jewelry that has existed for hundreds of years.

This company can help you create your line of antique necklace collections for your local market and to sell them across e-commerce stores.

6,How Is The Artist Necklace Customized?

Artist Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 24 – Artist Necklace

The most common element, the artist’s paint palette, is often designed as a pendant for the artist’s necklace.

This necklace is personalized as art lover jewelry and is the perfect gift item for an artist.

Made of eco-friendly enamel and zinc alloy, you can include custom messages with different paint palette designs to offer as graduation and appreciation gifts to art students and art teachers.

Different designs and patterns of art necklace pendants are available from the Chinese supplier.

7,Do You Get Stylish Butterfly Necklaces In Bulk?

Butterfly Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 25 – Butterfly Necklace

Yes, the butterfly necklace design does not just give you a stylish look but is also a daily wear charm made of high-quality copper and other metals that are safe to wear around the neck.

Choose different stones like the amethyst gemstone to create your birthstone gift line for the retail market.

The 18-carat gold-plated necklace looks good in daylight and nighttime.

With its mix of simplicity and elegance, the butterfly necklace is a fancied piece of jewelry.

8,Are There Christmas Necklace Selections Available At Guaranteed Low Prices?

Christmas Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 26 – Christmas Necklace

Bring in the holiday spirit with your collection of Christmas and holiday necklaces. This Chinese factory produces a wide variety of Christmas necklaces at wholesale prices.

You can get custom, gift-wrapped necklace sets based on the Christmas theme. Green and red beads and gift bow pendant necklaces are fitted with custom accessories.

These are ideal gifts for the wife, girlfriend, fiancé, mother, and daughter. Recipients can wear these festive and cute Christmas necklaces to family gatherings and holiday parties.

9,What Type Of Personalized Collectable Necklaces Do You Get?

Collectible Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 27 – Collectible Necklace

The Maori Toki pendant Is a collectible item offered as a personalized gift to fans of the Aquaman DC Multiverse.

Similar themes are customized to design collector necklaces suitable for your local market.

This Chinese factory can create exact replicas of your collectible jewelry design and offers special packaging in branded boxes that add more value to the necklace.

You can also use medallions made of oxidized stainless steel and other materials at the end of custom chains that match your style.

10,Do You Get Healing Crystal Necklaces?

Crystal Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 28 – Crystal Necklace

Healing crystals are popular with people who like to wear necklaces dedicated to meditation, positive energy, motivational power, strength, and spiritual peace.

The healing crystal necklace often serves as an immunity booster and facilitates positivity.

These are the ideal styling accessories and spiritual gifts for men and women and come with adjustable cords.

You can always choose the stone of your liking from amethyst, citrine, turquoise, and other stones.

11,Are There Genuine Diamond Necklaces Available At Factory Prices?

Diamond Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 29 – Diamond Necklace

You can customize your diamond necklaces with diamonds checked for quality, shape, and unique traits by the world’s leading diamond experts.

Get laser-inscribed diamond pendants at wholesale prices that cost 30% to 50% less than your local market.

This Chinese factory uses 100% conflict-free and certified round-cut diamonds to create your luxury collection of diamond necklaces.

Choose from different designs like a diamond and heart pendant on a sterling silver chain or a diamond accent knot pendant with a sterling silver chain.

12,Do You Get Events Necklaces Customized For Specific Events?

Events Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 30 – Events Necklace

Yes, you can get event necklaces based on specific themes. For example, the rose box set with a necklace is assembled as a gift item for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day or anniversary.

The set includes a necklace with a custom inscription and design, a red gift box, a rose-shaped ring box, and a resin base.

Nickel-free material is used to ensure the necklace is safe to wear around the neck.

Designs can vary from the nouveau to the traditional style and from a modern trend that uplifts the spirit to one that evokes beauty.

TALMUD offers several designs that make unforgettable gift items for every occasion.

13,Are There Specific Men Necklace Designs In The Wholesale Market?

Men Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 31 – Men’s Necklace

From silver chains to chunky rope chains, you can get a wide variety of men’s necklaces that are extremely popular today.

Some like to wear just the neck chain, while others add custom pendants to their chains. The length of the men’s chain can vary from 50 cm to 60 cm.

The Chinese supplier has a catalog of the most popular chain necklaces trending in the international markets.

Some popular designs include multi-strand chains with rhinestones and other gems, and the multi-color beaded costume necklace.

14,Who Makes Natural Pink Pearl Necklaces In Bulk?

Pink Pearl Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 32 – Pink Pearl Necklace

Naturally occurring freshwater pink pearls are popular pendants for women who believe in good fortune, fame, romance, and success.

This Chinese wholesale offers necklaces with pearls that are romantic and soft in color. These make ideal graduation gifts and can vary in color and size based on the pink overtone shade you prefer.

Handpicked designer pendants are used to produce chains that users can wear for any occasion.

15,Do You Get Custom Gift Women Necklaces At Affordable Prices?

Women Necklace manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 33 – Women’s Necklace

From the popular Forever Love Heart to the Lucky Mother-Of-Pearl tassel necklace, you can get trendy and multilayered women’s necklaces in different lengths and styles.

Modern and classic styles are available including charm necklaces, diamond drop necklaces, and heart pendants in gold and silver chains.

TALMUD has thousands of necklace styles popular with women who like to wear jewelry every day and also for those who like to wear luxurious and fancy necklaces for special occasions.

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