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TALMUD: Your #1 Customized Malaysia Souvenirs Wholesaler

TALMUD is your most professional Chinese supplier in the Malaysian souvenir industry.

Since our establishment, we have been committed to creating a global souvenir ecosystem by providing customers with 100% high-quality souvenirs.

Welcome Malaysian souvenir wholesalers to contact us.

custom I Love Kuala Lumpur Keychain wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Metal, epoxy,
Size: 6×4.5 cm, or custom,
Logo: Epoxy printing,
Design: Malaysia iconic.

TALMUD is a reliable souvenir keychain wholesale factory with the “I Love Kuala Lumpur” text.

custom I Love Malaysia Bag wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Cotton,
Size: 29x 25 cm,
Usage: Malaysia souvenir gifts,
Hashtag: OEM, premium, TALMUD.

TALMUD is your specialized “I love Malaysia” personalized cotton bag wholesale manufacturing supplier with 15+ years of history.

custom I Love Malaysia Coaster wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Cork+MDF+paper,
Size: 10.5×10.5 cm, or custom,
Logo: UV printing,
Design: I Love Malaysia.

TALMUD is your professional custom Malaysia souvenir cork coaster wholesale manufacturer since 2005.

custom I Love Malaysia Mug wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Ceramic, porcelain,
Size: 12 oz, or custom,
Logo: Printing,
MOQ: 1 000 pcs/design.

TALMUD is a leading “I Love Malaysia” printed souvenir ceramic mug wholesale manufacturing factory in China since 2005.

custom Kuala Lumpur Bottle Opener wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Zinc alloy, magnet,
Size: Personalized,
Logo: Embossed,
Feature: Travel gifts for friends.

TALMUD is your #1 wholesale Kuala Lumpur bottle opener factory with 15+ years of history.

custom Kuala Lumpur Cotton Bag wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Cotton, canvas,
Size: 20×18 cm,
Logo: Printing and dyeing,
Design: Malaysia iconic.

TALMUD is your trustable Kuala Lumpur custom cotton bag wholesale manufacturer in China.

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TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

1, High-end Brand Annual Promotional Gift Service Provider

2, Manufacturers Of Daily Necessities In Multinational Supermarkets And Supermarket Chains

3, Customized Factory For Brand Event Marketing Gifts

4, Providers Of Gift Solutions For Sports Event Sponsors

5, Manufacturers Of Promotional Gifts For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

6, Cartoon, Film, And Television IP Licensing Souvenir Customization Factory

7, Designers, Artists, And Influencer Custom Gift Cooperation Providers

TALMUD Global Strategic Customer
TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images

TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

1. Tourist Country, Tourist City Souvenir Wholesaler

2. Online Wholesale & Retailer Of Souvenir Gifts

3. Museum, Church Customized Souvenir Retail Stores

4. Designer, Artist Souvenir Customization Service Provider

5. Personalized Souvenir Customizer For Social Media & Internet Celebrities

6. Movie, Animation, Cartoon IP Image Authorization Personalized Gifts & Souvenir Wholesale Factory

7. Personalized Gift Solutions For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

TALMUD: Your Preferred Wholesale Supplier Of Malaysia Custom Souvenir Gifts In China

The famous Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur are a symbol of the spirit of Malaysia. Almost everyone who travels to Malaysia will take a group photo in front of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Malaysia, one of the important countries in Southeast Asia, has integrated a variety of ethnic cultures and formed its own long-standing culture.

In addition to multiculturalism, Malaysia also has a wealth of natural beauty and food. Musang King Durian, the king of fruits, has made many inexplicable diners feast on it.

Of course, smart and hospitable Malaysians have also developed a series of durian products and sold them all over the world.

TALMUD cooperates with Malaysian souvenir wholesalers to help customers develop local tourist souvenirs and promote the development of the souvenir industry.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

TALMUD Souvenirs Ecosystem

Souvenirs customization consulting services, souvenirs development, manufacturing & purchasing services, souvenir supply chain management, and global strategic partnerships establishment.

Welcome to join the TALMUD souvenir ecosystem.

TALMUD‘s Customers

National & regional souvenir wholesalers, online souvenir wholesalers, or retailers.

Customized souvenir services for museums, universities, parks, and other institutions.

Customized souvenir services for artist studios, influencers, internet celebrities, and social media.

TALMUD's Advantage

15+ years of souvenir & gift industry experience, 100% quality guarantee.

Original Chinese gift factory, with efficient souvenir & gift supply chain management.

Strategic customers enjoy the exclusive promise of invariable prices for 3-5 years.

Strategy Partners Recruitment By TALMUD

In order to establish a global win-win souvenir ecosystem, TALMUD has established strategic partnerships with 1-3 souvenir wholesalers in every country/ region in the world.

We are committed to long-term exclusive strategic cooperations. Feel free to contact us HERE.

Personalized Malaysia Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturer And Supplier In China

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and is a fascinating country. It consists of two geographical areas separated by the South China Sea. Peninsular Malaysia (or West Malaysia) and Malaysian Borneo (or East Malaysia) are located in the northern part of Borneo Island.

Malaysia is an excellent choice when you travel in the South East of Asia. Here you can experience the cuisine, scenery, and beautiful mood brought by the perfect fusion of multiple cultures.

TALMUD has supplied many Malaysia souvenirs since 2005, welcome Malaysia souvenir wholesalers to contact us HERE.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • custom Finland Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Since its establishment in 2005, TALMUD has been providing customized tourist souvenirs for the European market, especially in Finland.

    In addition to reasonable prices and high quality, we also provide industry consulting services for some customers, helping customers to have more local competitive advantages through our international management philosophy.

  • custom Spain Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    In addition to Spain’s world-famous tourist cities or regions (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Canary, etc.), it is also the hometown of Pablo Picasso.

    Although the artist was famous in France, he is still the pride of the Spaniards. On the basis of an in-depth study of Picasso’s paintings, the TALMUD souvenir development team has developed a series of artistic custom souvenirs to help local wholesalers win more market shares.

  • custom German Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    TALMUD is your expertise German customized souvenir wholesale factory in China. We rely on China’s advanced production capacity to provide premium quality tourist souvenirs for Germany.

    Whether in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, or Stuttgart, you can find our products in souvenir shops or hypermarkets. We hope to reflect the German people’s love for life through these gifts.

  • custom Greek Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Greece is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. Many artists, poets, and thinkers have been born. The capital, Athens, has many historical buildings. TALMUD is your No. 1 personalized Greece souvenir wholesale supplier in China.

    In addition, Greece has rich natural landscapes and numerous islands, making it one of the must-see destinations for tourists who love sandy beaches.

  • personalized Norway Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Compared with the traditional European tourism countries, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland in northern Europe are relatively sophisticated tourist destinations, but they have their own characteristics.

    TALMUD has a ceramic factory in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China, which designs, produces, and sells various ceramic products, such as mugs, plates, ornaments, etc.

  • customized Asian Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Asia is the largest continent in the world, where dozens of countries and regions are distributed, with a long history and culture, rich natural resources, and landmarks.

    TALMUD is self-sufficient in China, provides high-quality tourist souvenirs for Asian countries, and develops local souvenir markets with strategic partners. It is your trustworthy souvenir wholesale factory.

  • custom Italy Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    The Apennine Peninsula in Italy has always been one of the destinations that the world’s travel enthusiasts yearn for. There are fashion capitals of Milan and Rome, Venice’s water city, Naples, and Florence’s football culture.

    The TALMUD souvenir development team also delved into the famous artists of the Italian Renaissance and developed a series of customized souvenirs of Da Vinci art to help Italian wholesalers succeed in the souvenir industry.

  • custom Portugal Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    As far as the famous tourist countries in Europe and the United States are, Portugal is a small tourist destination, but trust me, it is definitely worth your visit.

    In addition to Lisbon’s historic buildings, you can also enjoy delicious Portuguese seafood, unique beach views, and the famous Portuguese football culture. TALMUD specializes in Portuguese custom souvenirs for almost 20 years.

  • personalized Ireland Soucenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    It is often thought that Ireland might be overshadowed by Britain, but it is still a country with a unique history and culture. TALMUD is your first partner for Ireland souvenir wholesale factory in China.

    The pride of Dublin is whisky and beer, the world-class brand GUINNESS, and the world’s second-largest Disneyland.

TALMUD: Your Reliable Wholesale Factory For Malaysia Custom Souvenirs In China

Custom Malaysia Souvenir Wholesale Factory In China

TALMUD Malaysia Souvenir Gifts

TALMUD has been specialized in producing customized souvenirs from Malaysia for 15 years and is your best partner.

We have a complete souvenir catalog and continue to cooperate with customers to develop more hot-selling souvenirs based on local historical and cultural characteristics.

We have long-term partners in Kuala Lumpur, and our sales scope includes Malaysia and Singapore. TALMUD’s high-quality products and considerate service, boom our customer’s souvenir business in the local place.

Based on the advantages of China’s advanced manufacturing industry, TALMUD focuses on the development of high-end tourist souvenirs, business gifts, customized gifts, gifts for artists and designers, etc., which are well received by tourists and enthusiasts.

With the rapid development of online sales platforms such as e-commerce, we have focused on strengthening cooperation with online sellers in recent years. Whether you are doing Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or Lazada, we can provide you with a small MOQ, and a 100% good quality guarantee in souvenir production.

Free existing samples are welcome at your request, feel free to contact us at or WhatsApp us at +86 15858871001.

TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates

Video Area

If there is only one answer, it must be the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. This 88-story building is the icon of Malaysia in the 21st century. Of course, Malaysians never agree with the only answer, because Malaysia has a long history and culture.

Mosques. In Malaysia, these famous landmarks for Muslim places of worship include the Masjid Jamek Mosque and Malaysia National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, the Iron Mosque in Putrajaya, and the pink Putrajaya Mosque. There are also many temples in Malaysia, including Malaysia’s Biggest Hindu Temple-Batu Caves.

Cameron Highlands in Pahang is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Malaysia. The Langkawi Islands, the pearl of Kedah, is a popular tourist destination.
In addition, Taman Negara is a national park in Peninsular Malaysia and one of the oldest deciduous forests in the world, estimated to be more than 130 million years old. Dahan Mountain (2,187 m above sea level) is located in the National Forest Park and is the highest point in Peninsular Malaysia. Tourists who like wild adventure should not miss it.

Mount Kinabalu in Borneo is the highest mountain in Malaysia. The country’s wildlife is famous for big cats such as tigers and leopards, Malayan tapirs, and the endangered Bornean pygmy elephant and Bornean orangutan.

Malaysian dishes are also very famous, such as the omelet sandwich Roti john, Sumatra’s Rendang, spicy laksa soup, meat sticks called satay, etc.

Let’s follow TALMUD’s video to find more interesting things in Malaysia now!

Video – Malaysia Landmarks

The most famous landmark in Malaysia is the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur. In souvenir shops in Malaysia, you will easily find a variety of souvenirs inspired by the twin towers, such as souvenir coasters, souvenir keychains, etc.

Malaysia is also a Buddhist country, and various souvenirs based on Buddhism have also attracted many devout tourists. Malaysians are very professional in doing souvenir business by faith.

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia, and the natural landscape is also beautiful, including seaside beaches, idyllic scenery, and so on. It is also a wonderful pleasure to visit the beautiful scenery of Malaysia while picking a few favorite souvenirs, such as keychains, placemats, etc.

TALMUD is a leading Malaysia customized souvenir gifts wholesale manufacturing supplier in China, we have our factory in China, located in Zhejiang province, which is good at printing in China.

We have built up our own souvenirs catalog since 2005, cooperated with us, your souvenir business can be boomed through our premium commodities and considerable service. Your designs and souvenir samples will be protected as secrets by us.

TALMUD is your reliable souvenir Chinese wholesaler.

Video – Malaysia Souvenirs


Malaysia National Flag

Malaysia National Flag

1, Where is Malaysia located?

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a fascinating country consisting of two geographical areas separated by the South China Sea. With a unique geographical location, Malaysia is a major country in Southeast Asia.

Peninsular Malaysia (or West Malaysia) on the Malay Peninsula borders Thailand to the north and Singapore to the south.

Malaysian Borneo (or East Malaysia) is located in the northern part of Borneo Island. It is a huge and rugged island in the Malay Archipelago (Greater Sunda Islands) and the third largest island in the world. East Malaysia borders Indonesia and surrounds the Sultanate of Brunei.

custom Malaysia Souvenir License Plate wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Malaysia Souvenir License Plate

2, What is Malaysia famous for?

This is a “divided” country. Malaysia consists of two islands, West Malaysia and East Malaysia.
West Malaysia is located in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula, bordering the Strait of Malacca to the west and the South China Sea to the east. The Strait of Johor separates it from Singapore.
East Malaysia (or Malaysian Borneo) is located in the northern part of the island of Borneo. It shares the island with the Indonesian part of Borneo, Kalimantan. Malaysian Borneo has coastlines of the South China Sea, the Sulu Sea, and the Celebes Sea.
This is a multi-ethnic country. The population of Malaysia is a mixture of three main ethnic groups, each of which has its heritage, culture, and traditions.
This is a country where durian is fragrant. The Musang King Durian in Malaysia is well-known throughout the world and is a paradise for durian lovers.

3, What kind of traditional souvenir does Malaysia have for tourists take back to home?



Fabrics are very popular in Malaysia and Songket is one of them. Songket is a traditional textile in Malaysia, which originated in Kelantan.

In the 12th century and beyond, the trade between Malaysia and China, and India led to the birth of Songket. It is a kind of brocade, which is woven into the luxurious patterned fabric with gold and silver threads of various colors.

Songket has evolved over the centuries, making it both an exquisite appearance and practical. This fabric can be used for many purposes, from handkerchiefs to wall hangings, and can be used as hanging objects on the walls of living rooms or dining rooms.

Durian Chocolate

Durian Chocolate

Malaysia is the hometown of many durians, and the most famous one is the Musang King durian.

This prickly tropical fruit is called the king of fruits. Although its taste is not acceptable to everyone, there are still many people who are crazy about it.

Malaysia’s unique geographical location allows this country to be rich in durians. Throughout history, the smart Mala attracts people to invent countless ways to enjoy durians. From bite to brew, you can find many durian-flavored snacks or drinks in Malaysia.

Durian chocolate and candies are the most popular among many durian ways, especially among girls. You can find these products in supermarkets or local stores in Malaysia.

If you don’t eat durian, the king of fruits in Malaysia, you won’t be on a complete trip to Malaysia. Remember to buy some delicious durian sweets to take home at Pak Lang Dodol, the central market in Malaysia.

Sabah Pearls

Sabah Pearls

If you like jewelry and pearls, buying Sabah pearls from Malaysia is a must. They do come in several shades of pink, white, beige, and even blue-gray, which is why they are so different.

Sabah is located in the east of Malaysia and is famous for its clear waters and marine life. Here you can buy high-quality Sabah pearls at a favorable price.

Most of Malaysia’s famous pearls are produced on the coast of Sabah. These pearls are used to make a variety of jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. They can be beautiful souvenirs for your trip to Malaysia.



Kerongsang is a traditional version of brooches, originally made of metals such as gold and silver, and later started to use plastic, glass, or crystal to make Kerongsang. It is a traditional accessory of Malaysian clothing.

This is a brooch, mainly worn with Baju Kebaya during parties. It consists of three parts-headscarf and two sets respectively. For those who like colored gems, this is the perfect souvenir from Malaysia.

Malay women usually wear a set of Kerongsang, which includes three separate pieces of accessories of different sizes. The largest piece is usually used as a brooch, a small Kerongsang is used to hold the tudung firmly together, and another larger size Kerongsang can be used to hold the top of the Malay Baju Kebaya or other traditional Malay clothing.

4, What kind of souvenirs did TALMUD supply to the Malaysian market?

custom Malaysia Souvenir Lapel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Malaysia Souvenir Lapel Pin

Malaysia Lapel Pin.

The souvenir market in Malaysia is generally based in Malaysia and oriented towards the entire ASEAN, especially gift souvenirs, such as event souvenirs.

Some international conferences, and regional conferences, whether for political parties, politics, or sports events, will have a certain amount of souvenirs to be customized. Just like the Malaysian badge above. Using metal material, high-grade electroplating, and polishing, the logo is made of epoxy printing.

The unit price is cheap, suitable for mass customized production, and the delivery time is relatively short. It belongs to the purpose of distributive gift promotion and souvenir promotion.

custom Malaysia Souvenir Placemat wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Malaysia Souvenir Placemat

Malaysia Souvenir Placemat.

Peacocks are a very popular animal in Malaysia, and you can see them in the safari park.

This Malaysian souvenir placemat customized by TALMUD adopts the style of a peacock when it spreads its feathers.

We have a variety of specifications and shapes for your choice of placemats, you can also customize your favorite specifications.

There are about two kinds of materials, one is PP plastic, which is hard in texture, can be rolled up, can be washed, and is relatively light in weight. The other is MDF and cork. This material is environmentally friendly and belongs to high-end customized souvenirs, usually packaged and sold together with coasters.

custom Malaysia Souvenir Serving Tray wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Malaysia Souvenir Serving Tray

Malaysia Souvenir Tray.

Although this type of tinplate tray is very common in Europe and the United States, it is indeed relatively rare in Malaysia.

TALMUD has a complete supply chain of metal service trays. We produce hundreds of thousands of metal trays for the souvenir market every year.

The conventional specification is 25x16cm, and the thickness is 0.35mm tinplate material, after high-quality electroplating treatment.

The printing process is UV printing, which can print designs in various colors. The surface is oiled to make your customized tray more beautiful.

This Malaysia souvenir serving tray is a high-end, premium quality, with a metallic texture, quite suitable for your fashion souvenir shop retails.

custom Kuala Lumpur Wooden Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Kuala Lumpur Wooden Magnet

Kuala Lumpur Wooden Magnet.

Wooden MDF refrigerator magnets are very popular not only in Malaysia but also in Europe and America.

This souvenir refrigerator sticker is made of MDF and soft magnetic materials, which are laser-engraved and made into a 3D effect according to the outline of the design drawing.

Some high-end souvenir retail stores and fashion brand promotional gifts will also choose such refrigerator magnets. The surface is treated with epoxy to make the printing effect more beautiful and crystal clear.

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

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