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TALMUD: Your #1 Personalized Enamel Lapel Pin Wholesale Factory in China

TALMUD is your professional custom enamel design lapel pin wholesale manufacturing factory in China since 2005.

TALMUD is your expert gifts wholesale supplier in China, we have a mature gifts supply chain for your projects, both for souvenirs and promotional & advertising gifts.

Drop your enamel lapel pin inquiry to us now, we will quote you a reasonable price within 12 hours.

custom Advertising Enamel Lapel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Zinc alloy,
Size: 1×3 cm,
Logo: Soft enamel,
Usage: Brand advertising gifts.

TALMUD is your professional advertising custom enamel lapel pin wholesale supplier in China since 2005.

custom Amazon Enamel Lapel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Metal,
Size: Personalized,
Design: Enamel, high-end,
MOQ: 1 000 pcs/ design.

TALMUD is your first custom enamel lapel pin wholesale manufacturer for Amazon FBA sellers in China.

custom Art Enamel Lapel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Zinc alloy,
Size: 2×2.5 cm,
Logo: Hard enamel,
Artist: Claude Monet.

TALMUD is your reliable wholesale enamel lapel pin manufacturer with Claude Monet art designs in China since 2005.

custom Artist Enamel Lapel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Metal,
Size: Dia. 3 cm,
Logo: Enamel,
Design: Starry Night by Van Gogh.

TALMUD is your best custom soft enamel lapel pin bulk manufacturer with famous artist painting designs.

custom Beverage Enamel Lapel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Metal,
Design: Milk brands,
Payment: T/T, Paypal, etc,
Usage: Brand promotional gifts.

TALMUD is a leading wholesale factory for beverage promotional gift soft enamel lapel pins.

custom Birthday Enamel Lapel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Iron,
Size: 3×3.5 cm,
Design: Happy Birthday,
Usage: Gifts for friends.

TALMUD is your custom metal soft enamel lapel pin wholesale factory in China for Birthday gifts since 2005.

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TALMUD Jewelry Customer Image

TALMUD sincerely provides you with professional exquisite jewelry customization services based on more than 10 years of customization experience in the jewelry industry.

We have super supply chain management, a master craftsman team, branded business operation management, and business logic aiming at the interests of customers.

From the procurement of raw materials such as gemstones and precious metals to jewelry processing, global logistics, transportation, accessories, packaging, etc. TALMUD provides you with excellent services.
Our guests include but are not limited to the following.

1. Luxury Brand Jewelry OEM Service Supplier
2. Designer & Artist Jewelry Customization Factory
3. Fashion Brand High-end Jewelry Gift Manufacturer
4. Brand Alliance, IP Authorization, Museum Jewelry Customization
5. Private Jewelry Personalization Expert
6. Accessories & Packaging Solution Providers In The Jewelry Industry

TALMUD Jewelry Customer Images
Gustav Klimt Custom Jewelry wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Gustav Klimt Art Jewelry

Gustav Klimt is a famous Austrian painter and artist. The TALMUD Souvenirs team has been working with Austrian clients for a long time to develop this artist’s souvenirs and jewelry.

We use traditional Chinese craftsmanship to create each jewelry piece. The products are positioned in fashion, niche, high-end, luxury, and other styles to provide quality assurance for customers to inherit from generation to generation.

TALMUD: Your Specialized Custom Enamel Lapel Pin Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China

TALMUD is your reliable custom lapel pin bulk manufacturing factory in China since 2005.

After 15+ years of experience, we have a complete production team for enamel technology, which includes soft enamel, hard enamel, enamel painting, and epoxy enamel.

To boom your wholesale & retail lapel pin gift business, TALMUD provides you valuable services, for example, 100% good quality, reasonable prices, fast delivery, and global logistic support, etc.

Contact TALMUD expert enamel lapel pin manufacturer team now to start a win-win business relationship together!

Custom Luxury Jewelry Master In China

Jewelry Design by TALMUD

Expert jewelry designer team

Professional international jewelry education background

10+ years of custom jewelry industrial experience in China

Jewellery Customization

Select trusted gem suppliers

Cultivate skilled jewelry craftsmen

Create the unique luxury jewelry brand

Luxury Jewelry Supplier

Luxury, Brand, Culture, jewelry, heritage

High-end jewelry supply chain management

Luxury brand management MBA education background

TALMUD, Custom Jewelry Master

From gem raw materials to jewelry processing

From jewelry design to supply chain management

TALMUD is your best custom jewelry master in China

TALMUD Your Luxury Jewelry Partner

Fine Jewelry Personal Customization

TALMUD is a luxury brand for your family heritage jewelry

Feel free to contact the TALMUD expert jewelry team HERE

TALMUD Fine Jewellery

  • custom Ruby Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material:925 Silver
    Gemstone: Ruby
    Size: Customized
    Tag: Wholesale, Luxury, Fashion

  • custom Sapphire Studs wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: Silver
    Gem: Sapphire
    Hashtag: Personalized, Fine Jewelry
    Design: Expert Master

  • custom Pearl Earrings wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Material: Gold
    Accessory: Pearl, Akoya
    Original: Japan
    Tag: Collection, Fashion, Wholesale

  • Enamel Rings manufacturer and supplier in China

    Material: Platinum
    Gem: Opal
    Customization: YES
    Tag: Luxury, Collection, Fashion

  • custom Almond Blossom Bracelet Wholesale Supplier in China

    Material: Gold
    Design: Almond Blossoms
    Size: Custom
    Artist: Vincent van Gogh

  • custom Johannes Vermeer Charms wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Material: Zinc alloy
    Design: Girl with Pearl Earring
    Artist: Johannes Vermeer
    Tag: Art, Luxury, Fashion

  • Kingfisher Enamel Brooch manufacturer and supplier in China

    Material: Silver
    Process: Hard Enamel
    Design: Kingfisher
    Tag: Fine Jewelry, Custom

  • custom Art Earrings wholesale master in China

    Material: Platinum
    Design: Famous painting
    Process: Hard Enamel
    Payment: T/T, Paypal

  • custom Sunflower Pendants wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: Gold
    Design: Sunflower
    Artist: Van Gogh
    Tag: Fashion, Luxury, Art

TALMUD: Your Professional Customized Enamel Lapel Pins Wholesale Manufacturer in China

TALMUD is your first custom enamel metal pin wholesale supplier in China. Cooperate with us, you can get professional service from our enamel pin manufacturing team.

TALMUD knows you better than other gifts suppliers in China. Our products are related to foreign cultures, fashion, human history, and art. TALMUD has an international management team, with an abroad MBA education background, your enamel lapel pin projects will be manufactured professionally.

From the beginning of our business, TALMUD focused on gifts supply chain management, as well as effectiveness. We can meet your all requirement about the enamel technology, including the cheap promotional enamel pins, to the luxury enamel merchandise. TALMUD is your No. One personalized enamel pin wholesale factory in China.

OEM and ODM services are welcome. Your business secret will be protected carefully by us, your designs and lapel pin samples will not be exposed online or in any other exhibitions. So no one will know your supply chain at all.

Send your enamel lapel pin inquiry to us now, free existing samples are welcome.

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Soft Enamel Process in Lapel Pin Production By TALMUD LIMITED

Established in 2005, TALMUD is a professional wholesale manufacturer for personalized lapel pins in China. Most of our pins are used for promotional gifts, souvenirs, etc.

We have 3 soft enamel machines, with 7×24 hours working capability. Depending on these advanced machines, we can set each color, each point, and each color volume through computer programming. It is more accurate, faster, and has less loss than manual staff.

Our soft enamel machine is also customized by us in their factory, because of our more than 15 years of experience. It can complete more color designs than other machines. Our 3 enamel machines can complete 30,000 pcs soft enamel lapel pins each day.

With these efficient machines, we can complete more orders for more complex designs in a short period, and our costs are significantly lower than those of our competitors. For more information, please feel free to email or WhatsApp at +86 15858871001.

Enamel & Cloisonne Process

Vincent van Gogh Art Jewelry

Gustav Klimt Art Jewelry

Leonardo Da Vinci Art Jewelry

Piet Mondrian Art Jewelry

TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

TALMUD Logistics Service

TALMUD Logistics Services

Continental Rail Transport Solutions

Global Courier Transportation Solutions

Global Shipping And Air Transportation Logistics Service

TALMUD’s Standards: Efficiency, Economy, Safety, Sustainability

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