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A personalized necklace is a great way to show someone you care. Therefore, a custom necklace is a cherished keepsake, whether it’s a souvenir for a festive occasion or simply a thoughtful way to show someone you appreciate them.

You can personalize them with names, initials, or particular messages, making them a truly unique and personal gift.

Luxury brands correlate to high quality and excellent craftsmanship. However, many luxury brands have begun to offer personalized and custom necklaces to their clients in recent years.

Fashion brand companies are now offering custom necklaces to meet the market’s demands. These personalized jewelry wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers in China, such as TALMUD, work with top-notch fashion designers and art collaborators globally to provide the best quality and professionally designed jewelry at a very competitive price.

custom Silver Colored Pendant with Green Gemstone wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 1 – Silver Colored Pendant with Green Gemstone

It may not be easy to choose the right personalized necklace, but there are a few things you to asses to help you make the best choice.

First off, think about the necklace style and what would look best with the person’s outfit.

Then, consider the size and length of the necklace to ensure its comfortability when wearing it.

Finally, think about the materials and choose something durable and long-lasting.

Brief History that Contributed to Personalized Necklaces

China has a rich and famous history in the arts and traditional crafts, and these are only two of the numerous jewels of China’s almost 5,000 years old culture.

custom Chinese Arts and Crafts jewelry wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 2 – Chinese Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are significant assets for China and manifest people’s yearning for aesthetic beauty for themselves and as souvenirs for others.

Many skilled artisans have passed down their abilities from generation to generation. The most well-known Chinese arts and crafts are mainly:

  • Embroidery
  • Bronze Vessels
  • Folk -Toys
  • Music
  • Calligraphy
  • Opera
  • Painting
  • Cloisonne
  • Jade
  • Kites
  • Lacquer
  • Ware
  • Paper-Cuttings
  • Porcelain
  • Pottery
  • Seals
  • Silk

They are not only a vivid expression of Chinese culture but also the embodiment of both the local people and the country as a whole.


Calligraphy in China

Many great calligraphers of countless dynasties produced a highly stylized type of writing. The ‘four treasures of study’ (writing brush, paper ink stick, Xuan, and ink slab) are essential writing equipment.

Chinese Cloisonne

Chinese cloisonne is an enamel work with blue as the predominant color. It is known for its high-quality materials, intricate manufacturing technique, and utilization of brilliant and vibrant colors.

Chines Jade

Chinese jade has a four-thousand-year history. Jade occupies a particular place in people’s minds as a symbol of achievement, grace, and respect. People wishing for a blessing wear it as jewelry and beautify their rooms.

custom Jade Stone Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 3 – Jade Stone Necklace

Chinese Embroidery

Su, Shu, Xiang, and Yue are the four primary traditional types of Chinese embroidery, dating back to the Shang Dynasty. Additionally, it is a technique that ethnic minorities have mastered as the Bai, Bouyei, and Miao.

Chinese Opera

Chinese opera is considered one of the three oldest dramatic art genres. It is a fusion of music, art, and literature distinguished by its distinctive face make-up, incredible acrobatics, and several regional variants.

Paper Cuttings

Some female artists in rural regions carve various motifs like monkeys, flowers, and figures brightly and precisely. They use paper cutouts to communicate their hopes and desires on their windows and other surfaces.

custom Beaded Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 4 – Beaded Necklace

Painting in China

Figures, landscapes, birds & flowers are the three genres of Chinese painting, each with its particular qualities. Additionally, painters must possess demanding talents.

China Seals

China’s artists seal metal, jade, animal teeth, or horns with characters. It is a blend of calligraphy and engraving that was treasured in the past and is still popular today.

custom China Seals wholesale factory

Figure 5 – China Seals

Why Wear a Personalized Necklace?

Why should you choose personalized necklaces over the conventional jewelry pieces available in the market?

It is the perfect gift.

It’s no secret that people adore receiving gifts, whether they’re for a birthday, an anniversary, or an unexpected occasion.

Moreover, you may customize it with their birthstone as a pendant, other charms that describe their personality, or even their name initials. You may not only offer this as a present to those dear to you, but you can also give it to yourself.

custom Ring Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 6 – Ring Necklace

Unique jewelry makes you stand out.

One of the fundamental reasons for designing and producing your personalized jewelry in your zone is that it helps you stand out from the crowd.

However, unlike all the ordinary jewelry pieces currently available on the market, it will make your item genuinely unique since it has special materials and profound meaning for you.

It narrates your story.

Selecting a personalized necklace is a great way to communicate and share your story with everyone you meet along the way and transform it into a lasting reminder of an occasion or event.

Aside from being sentimental jewelry for you, you may also pass it on to your children and grandchildren, ensuring that its memories last forever.

custom Silver Pocket Watch Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 7 – Silver Pocket Watch Necklace

It’s incredibly pleasurable.

Personalized necklaces may also be fun, from the design to the materials and trinkets used. You have complete control over how your customized necklace will appear.

Wearing a customized necklace is another way of expressing yourself to others. Hence, if you’re having problems finding suitable clothing and shoes to express yourself, consider investing in high-end customized jewelry instead.

It’s long-lasting and durable.

Even if you spend substantial money on a high-quality customized necklace, you will have acquired a wonderful present that you and your generations can treasure for a lifetime.

You may now retain your memories for a little longer by integrating double thickness components, expressing that the gift was not an afterthought.

custom Gold Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 8 – Gold Necklace

What are the Types of Necklaces

The wholesale and manufacture of personalized necklaces for luxury and fashion brands is the best way to be aware of the latest trends and get the best quality products.


Pendant necklaces are focal pieces that dangle from any length of chain. Initial pendants are popular as souvenirs.

If you are looking for something straightforward, consider a solitaire diamond or a birthstone pendant that won’t overshadow your clothing.


A locket is a pendant with a tiny chamber that may retain a small photograph or remembrance. These pendants are nostalgic and personal; that is why during the Victorian period, artists frequently inscribed and filled the lockets with a loved one’s hair.

custom Gold Locket Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 9 – Gold Locket Necklace


The negligee necklace was famous during the Edwardian era in the early nineteenth century.

The necklace’s main feature is two uneven, asymmetrical droplets attached to the center pendant, and the length is usually longer.


A single enclosure joins several strands in multi-strand necklaces. Pearl necklaces and other beaded strands are popular in this design.

custom Multi Strand Necklaces wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 10 – Multi-Strand Necklaces


Twisted necklaces use bead materials, and unlike many other bead necklaces, a braided chain consists of several strands twisted around to create a unique design.

It comes in multiple lengths and with or without a front-hanging pendant.


A lavaliere necklace is a delicate pendant necklace with a more prominent focal piece connected by a petite chain. More miniature decorations dangle from the central pendant as well.

This necklace was famous during the Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and Art Deco Jewelry eras. Light, feminine, and even boho outfits look best with these tiny pendants.

custom Lavaliere Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 11 – Lavaliere Necklace


Beaded necklaces with graded bead sizes are known as graduated necklaces. The bigger beads are usually in the middle. As you approach closer to the bail, each bead grows smaller.

Pearl necklaces are frequently graduated, and their design often incorporates coral, ivory, Bakelite, and turquoise.


Collar or princess-length bib necklaces are typical, and they have a large front section that falls just below the neckline.

Bibs are frequently embroidered or adorned with pearls, beads, or gemstones to create imaginative designs around the circular or triangular frame.

custom Gold and Silver Bib Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 12 – Gold and Silver Bib Necklace



The draping components and classic antique designs of festoon necklaces characterize them. Pearls, gemstones, and precious metals highlight the delicate necklaces.

The main chain should be choker-length and lay on the collarbone for the necklace to sit fittingly. Off-the-shoulder formal attire works well with this design, while other higher necklines may cause the drops to twist and distort.


Chokers were popular during the Victorian era and had various materials, like velvet, gold, and ribbon. You can wear it low on the collarbone or high on the neck.

custom Golden Choker Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 13 – Golden Choker Necklace


Because they are longer than princess length but shorter than opera length, matinee necklaces are ideal for layering. These necklaces will hang between the collarbone and the middle of the bust.

It typically comes in a 22-inch average length, and you can use it to stack with other jewelry so that the center of your bust isn’t the primary focal point.

They focus the eye immediately on the bust area; hence, matinee necklaces look best with a high neckline or turtleneck.


A lariat necklace is also known as a rope or Y-necklace, and it is longer than an opera-length necklace. They can be tied off at any length, allowing you to use them with any neckline.

There is no clasp- on a lariat necklace, and the chain or beads are knotted or dragged through a circular finding to make a long rope, leading to its versatility.

custom Lariat Gold Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 14 – Lariat Gold Necklace


Princess necklaces are longer than a choker but not as long as a matinee necklace. The most general and flattering length is 18 inches.

It uses gleaming rhinestones and comes in various forms, with one center drop being the most common. It is best to wear a princess necklace with a V-neck and a jacket for work.


Long and adaptable, opera-length necklaces are a great choice. The necklace should drop below the bust line when worn as a single strand, and some longer opera-length necklaces may reach the belly button.

custom Beaded Opera Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 15 – Beaded Opera Necklace


Statement necklaces are large, opulent pieces with pendants and ornate ornamentation. They are not as subtle, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of elegance.

Solid silver, jewels, diamonds, sapphires, metal, gemstone, pendants, pearls, and coral branches are available as statement necklaces.


Thread necklaces or string necklaces are typically suitable for a shirt or a casual dress. To achieve a specific look, you may attach various things to the thread, such as silver pendants, large beads, and metal or wood things.

Thread necklaces are available in various lengths, ranging from 14 to 20 inches; hence, they are flexible with almost every outfit.

custom Pearl Pendant Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 16 – Pearl Pendant Necklace


Torque necklaces are one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. It has a wide-open back and narrows in the front to a point. It’s a large necklace usually made of metal and worn close to the skin.

Process of Producing a Personalized Necklace

Each piece of jewelry begins with an idea. Many things might inspire a jewelry designer from your story.

Process of Personalized Necklace Making

Figure 17 – Process of Personalized Necklace Making

Picking a Design

Focusing on the intended user’s preferences and demands is a primary motivation for jewelry design; other options include embellishing current popular subjects.

When picking a design, it would help to consider the following factors: your perspective, jewelry manufacturing boundaries, design elements, gemstone characteristics, jewelry style, and material costs.

At the TALMUD factory, our designers provide a detailed color painting or a basic sketch as a reference so that you can see the jewelry output from every perspective. The CAD designer will then develop a full computer rendering using CAD jewelry design software.

custom Stone Pendant Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 18 – Stone Pendant Necklace

Carving with Wax

A computer-aided wax-making machine creates a wax model with tiny features.

To create a wax model, a 3D printer or a milling machine uses the computer file of the 3D model. Then, the artisans will use ancient techniques to manually carve all dimensions and delicate features into the rough wax mold.

Rubber Mold

The silver master model is then put into a thick unique mold rubber, heated, and pressed until it solidifies.

The rubber creates a flawless three-dimensional imprint of the item of jewelry. The artisans will then reassemble the rubber to form a mold that can correctly reproduce thousands of wax duplicates for mass manufacturing.

custom Precious Stone and Diamond Pendant wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 19 – Precious Stone and Diamond Pendant


The artisans will then clean the rubber mold cavities with an air gun or soft bristles. The wax injector must use talcum powder or other mold release solution for an air gap to keep the rubber mold pieces apart, allowing all air to escape and the injected wax to fill all crevices of the rubber mold.

Hot wax is now pumped through a hole in the rubber, making a wax replica of the master model. The wax solidifies, revealing any faults in the rubber mold before attaching to a miniature wax tree.

Wax Casting

After the wax tree is in the flask, a liquid plaster called investment is made and poured over to enclose the application. Before hardening, the artisans vacuum the mold to eliminate any air bubbles that might create issues later.

The models are then sliced from the sprue and sent to jewelers for polishing, fabrication, and stone setting.

custom Crystal Pendant wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 20 – Crystal Pendant


After casting and pre-manufacturing, the jewelry is ready for assembly. Soldering or welding these silver bits, called findings, requires a unique silver alloy that melts slightly lower than the cast jewelry pieces.


Pre-polishing includes buffing, an abrasive technique that removes the surface material. The designers polish the metal with soft rotary tools composed of bristles, felt, or muslin to give the component an ultimate high sheen and employ rouge or other abrasives.

Different polishing chemicals are applied in stages from coarse to fine to obtain the required sheen. Our polishing department hand-polished polished jewelry by skilled artisans at the TALMUD factory.

custom Diamond Cut Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 21 – Diamond Cut Necklace

Base Stone

A vivid gemstone jewelry assortment may bring unique form and color to your attire. TALMUD has a showroom full of gemstone designs, no matter what hue you want.

The brilliant artisans provide an outstanding selection of stylish colorful stone jewelry, where they set pendants in metal castings to securely retain a gemstone, showcasing its cut, clarity, and color.


Many of TALMUD’s unique creations call for hand-cut gemstones inlay shapes. It involves grinding down some of the world’s most rigid materials into mathematically accurate form, faceting, or other complicated patterns.

The designers precisely cut and polish each raw stone to match the setting, using a diamond saw, into workable size and form or remove broken or inclusion pats.


The necklace is now ready and only requires a gentle polish to bring out the silver’s brightness. By manually polishing silver metal jewelry, the intricacies and accents shine.

custom Post Polishing Customized Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 22 – Post Polishing Customized Necklace

Tips for Daily Maintenance of Personalized Necklace

Artisans recommend the following tips to extend the life of your personalized necklace.

Keep in a Dry and Clean Place

Keep your personalized necklace organized with a fabric-lined container with compartments and dividers.

If you don’t have a jewelry box, wrap each piece in soft tissue or paper and store it in a drawer to avoid scratching or tangling.

Invest in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth to preserve sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing.

custom Glorious Black and Gold Pendant wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 23 – Glorious Black and Gold Pendant

Remove your Personalized Necklace while Completing Tasks

Ensure to remove your customized necklace if you’re doing anything that might expose the jewelry to scratches, chemicals, or cleaning solutions. Also, take off your jewelry before applying scents.

Do Not Wear your Personalized Necklace in the Bathroom

Pools contain chlorinated water, which reacts with the substance and causes a color change. Water and soap can have a similar impact when you regularly expose your jewelry under these circumstances.

Simple Customized Letter Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 24 – Simple Customized Letter Necklace

Sports and jewelry do not go Together

If you or your opponent hit your jewelry directly in a sports activity, it might damage the chain’s clasp. Most essential, jewelry might injure other players; thus, take off your jewelry before playing.

Inspect and Wipe your Personalized Necklace as Needed

When evidence of dirt/fingerprints appears on your personalized necklace, we recommend inspecting and wiping it with a clean microfiber towel to keep your jewelry clean, gleams, and looks fantastic for a more extended period.

custom Classic Silver and Stone Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 25 – Classic Silver and Stone Necklace

Why Trust TALMUD in Choosing Your Personalized Necklace

As one of China’s top manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers, the TALMUD factory provides a one-stop service in innovative design manufacturing (ODM) and original equipment manufacturing (OEM).

For personalized necklaces, everyone has different unique concerns. TALMUD meets the product needs of each customer to the greatest extent so that you can receive high-end quality personalized necklaces.

custom Golden Necklace with Round Pendant wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 26 – Golden Necklace with Round Pendant

TALMUD also supports new material procurement, product design, and production to meet the different needs of our diverse customers.

Subtle crafting details are provided, with significant attention paid to each piece to ensure its most delicate crafting details. At the same time, the TALMUD factory never compromises valued clients’ quality standards and the company’s reputation.

TALMUD’s personalized necklaces have unique designs, functional properties, and competitive prices that make us stand out from other manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers; our primary concern is to ensure that our customers get the best to their satisfaction.

custom Mother of Pearl Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 27 – Mother of Pearl Necklace

Choosing the Right Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Supplier of Personalized Necklace

When choosing the best manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, or factory for your personalized necklace business, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

First, you’ll want to find a reputable company or factory with experience in the industry and a good track record.

Then, you’ll want to ensure that the factory can provide you with high-quality products at a competitive price.

Finally, you’ll want to find a factory willing to work with you to create a custom design that meets your specific needs.

custom Silver and Brown Round Pendant Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 28 – Silver and Brown Round Pendant Necklace

Therefore, worry no more; TALMUD can assist you in creating your personalized necklace, giving numerous styles, designs, patterns, and forms of your choice with high-quality materials that will make you stand out from the crowd.

As a jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier since 2005, TALMUD’s goal is to personalize your necklace designs using current techniques and your customized layout designs as a high-end jewelry brand.

TALMUD’s jewelry artisans have designed unique necklaces for over 16 years. Hence, our designers are more than capable of supplying you with superior service, integrating and expressing your fashion, style, and personality.

custom Red Gemstone Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 29 – Red Gemstone Necklace

TALMUD works hard to provide you with a wide selection of personalized necklaces at wholesale prices globally to meet your specific needs.

With its long tradition in the high-end jewelry manufacturing business, the firm could produce high-end personalized jewelry for celebrities, influencers, and artists.

Enamel Silver Pendants Wholesale Manufacturing Process

TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

Our guests include but are not limited to the following.

1. Luxury Brand Jewelry OEM Service Supplier

2. Designer & Artist Jewelry Customization Factory

3. Fashion Brand High-end Jewelry Gift Manufacturer

4. Brand Alliance, IP Authorization, Museum Jewelry Customization

5. Private Jewelry Personalization Expert

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