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TALMUD is your best custom manufacturer of gold and silver fine jewelry in China.

Cloisonne Jewelry Brooch manufacturer and supplier in China

Cloisonne Jewelry Brooch

As a newly born brand in the field of jewelry customization in China, TALMUD continues to integrate industry resources through its efforts, improve competitiveness, and create the best service for customers.

We are a newly established company in the jewelry industry. The founder has a master of law and an MBA education background. The MBA is studying in Paris, majoring in global luxury brand management. The school has a Cartier Group background.

Enamel Rings manufacturer and supplier in China

Enamel Rings

After sufficient market research and professional industrial chain resource integration, TALMUD continues to explore craftsmanship with Chinese characteristics and creatively apply it to the field of jewelry customization, giving products the connotation and positioning of luxury and fashion.

Enamel Dangle Earring manufacturer and supplier in China

Enamel Dangle Earring

First, Combine Traditional Chinese Enamel & Cloisonne Craftsmanship With TALMUD Luxury Jewelry Customization To Create High-end Personalized Jewelry

Enamel and cloisonne craftsmanship has a long history in China, with a complete heritage of craftsmanship. TALMUD seeks the cooperation of famous artisans in the industry and recommends their exquisite craftsmanship and service to the world.

Enamel Drop Earrings manufacturer and supplier in China

Enamel Drop Earrings

Second, Dig Deep Into The Traditional Chinese Filigree Jewelry Craftsmanship

In China’s 5,000-year history, there have been many types of crafts that are exclusively reserved for the court, and filigree jewelry is one of them. The TALMUD team combines this Chinese-style jewelry craftsmanship with the popular colored gemstone jewelry in the West to create fashionable jewelry pieces with both classical style and popular elements of modern jewelry.

custom Filigree Jewelry wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Filigree Jewelry

Third, Study The Western Art Style And Apply It To The Creation Of luxury jewelry

Based on the original art souvenirs, the TALMUD design team continues to develop the niche market of more potential art jewelry, and gradually builds its brand and influence.

One of our main client groups is some famous artists and designers. TALMUD integrates Chinese jewelry production resources and supply chain management transforms the creative talents of these customers into jewelry works and completes a qualitative leap.

custom Van Gogh Art Bracelet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Van Gogh Art Bracelet

Fourth, Establish A High-end Jewelry Souvenir System To Provide Services For Famous Brands Of Customized Gifts

Gold and silver are precious metals that can be circulated. TALMUD uses its manufacturing advantages to open up the high-end jewelry souvenir market and meet the customized needs of some customers.

Such as gold commemorative coins, silver commemorative coins, gold keychains, silver keychains, etc. With the addition of certain enamel and cloisonne craftsmanship, these products have both high value and certain artistic appreciation.

custom Gold & Silver Coins Mass Production in China

Gold & Silver Coins Mass Production

Fifth, Integrate High-end Jewelry And Jingdezhen Ceramic Art And Constantly Develop The Attributes Of Art, Craftsmanship, Luxury, Innovation, And So On

China has a broad and profound ceramic culture and profound historical origins. Jingdezhen’s ceramics are the luxury items of the royal family in the past dynasties, and it is known as the “Porcelain Capital of the World”.

The TALMUD entrepreneurial team cooperates with some well-known ceramic artists in Jingdezhen to jointly explore the luxury properties of ceramics and combine it with luxury jewelry to meet customers’ customized needs, such as enamel ceramic craftsmanship.

custom Porcelain Jewelry wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Porcelain Jewelry

After years of continuous exploration and development, TALMUD has formed an efficient jewelry supply chain platform, gradually increased product series with its brand positioning, and formed and continuously consolidated its niche market.

One of our hot sales products is gold & silver coin.

custom Silver Coins Supplier wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Silver Coins Supplier

As we all know, in addition to the properties of precious metals, gold and silver are also scarce and are widely used in the jewelry industry. Especially in Asia, many people have the consumption habit of buying gold jewelry.

Gold And Silver Material

Gold And Silver Material

TALMUD’s craftsmen are good at making exquisite gold and silver jewelry. Through innovation and ingenuity, we customize gold and silver commemorative coins for some well-known brands, customized gold and silver commemorative coins for some banks, etc.

Gold Bank Custom Coin wholesale manufacturer in China

Gold Bank Custom Coin

The jewelry industry is a special industry that serves high net worth clientele, especially luxury jewelry. Based on the trust in the craftsmanship of the TALMUD brand, more and more customers are entrusting our team to make customized jewelry for major anniversaries.

This also encourages us to be more determined to move forward in the direction of luxury jewelry private customization services. Such as engagement anniversary commemorative coins, etc.

custom Engagement Gold & Silver Coins wholesale manufacturer in China

Engagement Gold & Silver Coins

In the past nearly 20 years of souvenir business experience, we have found that some countries or regions are very fond of souvenirs and gifts represented by gold and silver, such as Germany, Switzerland, and Dubai.

TALMUD has successively customized high-end gold and silver gifts for a large number of German customers, such as commemorative coins customized by the German Munich Football Club.

custom FC Bayern Munchen Silver Coin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

FC Bayern Munchen Silver Coin

There are also some financial organizations such as banks, in their annual meetings or anniversaries, which conduct marketing for high-net-worth customers, they customize some pure gold or pure silver commemorative coin gifts and give them to customers.

custom Gold Bank Custom Coin wholesale manufacturer in China

Gold Bank Custom Coin

Souvenir coins custom-made with design drawings of heads of state and well-known figures of some countries are specially issued to celebrate some major events. This is also a major source of orders for TALMUD.

custom Silver Souvenir Coin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Silver Souvenir Coin

Organizations such as churches are also one of the customer groups of gold and silver commemorative coins. It is only fitting that people gather in one organization for their faith and that precious metals such as gold and silver are used to demonstrate their devotion and love to the church.

custom Silver Loyal Coin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Silver Loyal Coin

Because of this niche market, TALMUD has won many orders from European church organizations. We are loyal to our customers, and complete the entrustment of our customers with perfect craftsmanship and skills, with authentic materials, professional technology, and excellent service.

custom Gold Anniversary Coin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Gold Anniversary Coin

Aiming to become a professional manufacturer of luxury jewelry in China, TALMUD’s artisans ensure the perfection of each jewelry piece. First of all, it is reflected in the material selection of the product. Sincere to every customer, sincere to every order.

We work with the best jewelry artisans in China, and we are dedicated to every step of the customization process, taking care of every detail and striving to achieve the final beautiful jewelry piece. This is one of the main reasons why we have earned the trust of our customers.

Personalized Gold Coins wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Personalized Gold Coins

To better meet the customization needs of customers, the TALMUD team also customizes gold and silver keychains, cufflinks, and other gifts and jewelry. There are sterling silver keychain gifts, sterling silver cufflinks, custom-made cufflinks for Christmas, etc.

custom Silver Keychain wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Silver Keychain

Cufflinks are a class of high-end accessories derived from fashion brand customization, most of which provide customized services for high-end fashion. The TALMUD design team cooperates with some fashion designers and brand companies to help them develop exquisite accessory cufflinks.

custom Silver Cufflinks wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Silver Cufflinks

The management of some brand companies precisely seized this business opportunity, providing customized cufflinks gifts for the company’s high-end customers, maintaining customer relationships during traditional festivals, and achieving unexpected results.

custom Christmas Silver Cufflinks wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Christmas Silver Cufflinks

A recent silver commemorative coin display. This is a commemorative coin customized for a Swiss customer, with a size of 4cm in diameter and 3mm in thickness, with a double-sided engraving of building Logos. It is a specially tailored gift for an event marketing campaign.

custom Switzerland Silver Coin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Switzerland Silver Coin

TALMUD is a leading custom jewelry wholesale supplier in China, we promise an excellent and considerable service for your projects. For more information, feel free to visit our website,, email us at, or WhatsApp us at +86 15858871001.

TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

TALMUD sincerely provides you with professional exquisite jewelry customization services based on more than 10 years of customization experience in the jewelry industry.

We have super supply chain management, a master craftsman team, branded business operation management, and business logic aiming at the interests of customers.

From the procurement of raw materials such as gemstones and precious metals to jewelry processing, global logistics, transportation, accessories, packaging, etc. TALMUD provides you with excellent services.
Our guests include but are not limited to the following.

1. Luxury Brand Jewelry OEM Service Supplier

2. Designer & Artist Jewelry Customization Factory

3. Fashion Brand High-end Jewelry Gift Manufacturer

4. Brand Alliance, IP Authorization, Museum Jewelry Customization

5. Private Jewelry Personalization Expert

6. Accessories & Packaging Solution Providers In The Jewelry Industry

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