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Customized charm dates back thousands of years ago, and most women consider it a virtue. Jewelry, in general, is a women’s most essential asset, and a woman’s outfit is incomplete without ornaments. It includes necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets, charms, etc.

For decades, wearing customized jewelry has always been a trend, and it now has a large following by millions of people globally. High-end and luxurious personalized jewelry pieces can upgrade your status and define your fashion sense in all possible ways, and it even magnifies your presence everywhere.

Customized Charms wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 1 – Customized Charm

Today, artisans’ customized jewelry is in demand, and increasing suppliers distribute in bulk. The traditional Chinese arts and modern touch intensify the art and beauty of customized jewelry. Several wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers engage their businesses in personalized jewelry designing and marketing in China regardless of any jewelry factory and manufacturer that make and sell jewels in size.

The latest trend in the market is attaching a customized charm to jewelry, usually a tiny ornament dangling from a bracelet, necklace, or chain. Personalized jewelry aims to remind users of who they are and what they’ve been through, be it a lucky four-leaf clover, a heart, a moon, or a birthstone. It is also an element of customization that people rave about and is often tied back to an emblem that feels special or particular to the individual.

Personalized Jewelry in Ancient History

The wearing of customized charms has begun as a talisman and amulet to ward off evil spirits or bad luck. These jewelry pieces consist of animal bones, shells, and clay during the prehistoric period. Eventually, artisans make customized charms from wood, rock, and gems.

custom Amber Amulet Charm wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 2 – Amber Amulet Charm

Around 75,000 years ago, there is evidence from Africa that handicraftsmen used shells for embellishment even without a manufacturing factory. In Germany, sophisticatedly carved monumental ivory charms and engravings are still standing from around 30,000 years ago.

On the other hand, charms were also used for identity and as symbols of good luck and strong faith in ancient Egypt. Persians, Assyrians, Hittites, and Babylonians were the first to use charm bracelets that began appearing in 600-400 BC.

custom Ancient Turquoise Goddess wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 3 – Ancient Turquoise Goddess

Queen Victoria loved to wear and give charm bracelets that started a fashion among the European noble classes in the UK. She even made mourning charms famous when her beloved Prince Albert died.

China is currently one of the leading markets for customized charms and jewelry in Asia. Nowadays, traditional Chinese crafts, enamel, and cloisonne composition in jewelry, and many high-end products are in demand worldwide. Some of these customized luxury charms and jewelry are even factory mass-producing in several regions in China.

TALMUD takes pride in manufacturing top-notch and premium quality personalized charms by top-level designers globally. As a result of the expansiveness and reliability of jewelry operations and the creation of the best custom jewelry designs, many top-rated manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers also partner with TALMUD.

Why Wear Customized Charm

Customized charms are still in demand as they were thousands of years ago. Top-notch brands are racing to launch beautiful charm bracelets and necklaces, which are as fashionable as one would desire. Here are a few reasons one likes to wear a customized charm.

custom Shiva Shell Stone wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 4 – Shiva Shell Stone

Brings Good Luck

Most people believe that wearing customized charms brings good luck and shields an individual from evil eyes and bad luck. Be it a pendant, a ring, or a bracelet, it brings creativity, positive energy, and fortune. Also, some people like to wear charms according to their date of birth, month, and zodiac sign.

Wards Off Evil Eyes

Buyers believe that personalized charms ward off evil eyes, often hindering one’s success and fortune. It creates a defensive aura, eliminates negative energy, and saves people from black magic.

custom Kyanite Wire Wrap Stone Charm wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 5 – Kyanite Wire Wrap Stone Charm

Brings Out Creativity

When one wears a personalized charm, he starts to believe in himself and the world more dedicatedly. It also serves as a shield from negativity and evilness, which brings out the best in an individual and puts more creativity into society.

Enhance the Beauty

Personalized charms brighten the physical appearance and enhance the beauty of women. Beautiful and unique ornaments, gemstones, and sparkling objects shine, and the presence makes one look outright stunning.

custom Stainless Charms wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 6 – Stainless Charms

In Budget

A budget helps you prepare yourself in advance for how much money you are willing to spend on creating your design and customized charm. It is also the topmost priority of a gemstone or charm lover. Personalized jewelry with a piece of ornament allows an individual to create the desired item that still fits into your budget.

Establishing an Attachment

A customized charm gives an emotional attachment that connects you with the person who gifted you the jewelry. It instantly reminds you of the giver whenever you look at the personalized item. Such customized charms are always more special than any other expensive gifts, and at the end of the day, you’ll have something to pass on to your generations.

custom Bracelet Charm wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 7 – Bracelet Charm

Triggers Innovation

A customized charm bracelet or necklace brightens your creativity in art and craft, polishes your design skill, and allows you to work more on your passion. It helps you with the dedication you need when creating something meaningful.

From shaping gemstones to positioning them and adding your favorite charm, a quality designer hidden inside you involves you from the beginning of the process until the end, which reflects the time, effort, and skill involved.

What are the Common Types of Personalized Charms?

It is always challenging and confusing when picking out a charm for yourself or a loved one, and it needs a lot of research and scrolling to find a suitable ornament. Customizing jewelry provides an exceptional opportunity to showcase your personality.

Each charm tells a unique and different story and signifies an additional value, memory, hobby, or person in your life. Hence, personalizing your charms makes your jewelry even more memorable and unique.

custom Different Types of Charms wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 8 – Different Types of Charms

Whether you wear your charm jewel as a memento, fashion statement, or a good luck charm, there are many options and types to consider.


A beautiful and tiny charm butterfly indicates a message from the spirit of loved ones, and it also illustrates one’s transformation in life.


Angel is one of the most common charms that signify protection from God. It gives the sense of satisfaction that someone is there to protect us and shield us from disturbing events.


One of the oldest forms of charm is the clover. Each cloverleaf represents health, fortune, wealth, and love and respect.


Daisy is one of the most beautiful and fragile flowers and signifies a beautiful period of a woman’s life, motherhood that further indicates love and freshness.

custom Flora Charms wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 9 – Flora Charms


Dolphin charms hanging from bracelets or necklaces give a sense of protection. Also, it signifies harmony in one’s personality.


The crown is a powerful charm that signifies glory and power in one’s personality; it also gives a sense of triumph, and one who wears it intends to be an influential leader or winner.


Dragonfly brings out an inner light from a dead soul. It is considered a new beginning in one’s life. One who wears a dragonfly charm believes to be more hopeful about life and have more opportunities for them.


Fairy charms signify women’s empowerment and femininity. It is a feminine charm that women use to believe in themselves and are brave enough to accept their beauty and flaws.


This charm associates its beauty with pleasant memories, personal development, and growth.

custom Flower Charms wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 10 – Flower Charms


Every one of us undeniably needs this charm in our lives. Hope gives you the strength to look forward to leaving behind all the bitterness of life.


Infinity charm links love and friendship. Friends and couples often gift each other pendants of infinity to remind them that they will always be together.


As to how the mass population views it, the rose symbolizes general love; it also signifies love and faith between lovers.


This charm generally links courage and the purity of spirit. Frequently, people who dream of reaching for their aspirations carry or use a star charm.


A swan charm denotes peace and purity, and it usually connects dreams, union, love, and partnership.


Making a wish is an integral part of our life. A wish charm indicates desire and hope, and one who wears a1 wish charm is always hopeful about their life.

Classification of Personalized Charm

You can always make a personalized ornament with your favorite materials and gemstones; it may incorporate plastics, metals, wax, and many other materials. Below are some popular classifications of customized charms.

Personalized Charms wholesale supplier in China

Figure 11 – Personalized Charms

Super Link

Super link charms are thin enamel chips with a slightly golden tone trim.


Ceramic particles are crushed and baked at a specific temperature before pouring into a designed chip to give a natural reflective illusion at the base. The process creates high-end and stunning, eye-catching charms.


Enamel charms can be brass or bronze, which use thick or thin chips to design your logo or marks. On the other hand, the Italian charm link, for instance, is either bonded using a jewelry glue or soldered with the chip.

custom Enamel Charm wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 12 – Enamel Charms


Creating dangle charms is quite similar to enamel charms; the only difference is the addition of a dangling attachment to the link with the base or with the front of the chain. Adding rhinestones or clear enamel coating with a golden glitter background is a must in the process.

Photo Charms

Images and designs are printed on high-quality photo paper and then soldered or glued onto a blank photo charm dish link. Then, a clear enamel resin is applied over the top of the image or photo to protect the print. It takes 5 to 6 days for the clear enamel resin to dry.

Puffy Links

Puffy links and charms have had their design engraved or printed into the link from the inside out to provide a raised inflated feel and look. It also consists of gold-tone enamel charms before sealing with a clear lacquer. You can also expand the life of your puffy ornament by coating a layer of clear enamel resin from time to time.


Contrary to puffy charms, the design of embossed ornaments is impressed or stamped into the link from the outside inwards to give an indented inscribed feel and look. Enamel is poured and sealed with a clear lacquer resin.

custom Embossed Charms wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 13 – Embossed Charms

Manufacturing Process of Customized Charms

The first step in creating your personalized charm is to make a scheme. Choose an ornament you want according to your zodiac sign, style, and preference. Choose the color scheme, what type of jewel you want to attach your charm with, and the material of the jewelry.

For centuries, artisans continuously used the following two techniques to manufacture personalized charms.

custom Custom Jewelry Making wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 14 – Custom Jewelry Making

Lost Wax Technique

The lost wax casting technique is an old process that dates back for centuries in making metal jewelry, charms, and other items. It is an effective way of preparing metallic luxuries and ornaments, which still exist today.

The process starts with the creation of a jewelry outline by the designers. Artisans then choose material from the customer’s preference or his specific recommendations.

Subsequently, the wax is melted and poured into a mold. When the wax cools down, it uses vents (wax pipes) to soften and remove the wax from the mold. The charm mold is now ready to use.

custom Colorful Goodluck Charm wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 15 – Colorful Goodluck Charm

Afterward, artists create a rough model of the charm to check out how it looks after the process is complete. When the appearance of the mold satisfies the manufacturer, he then starts working on the original material.

Finally, the material is melted at a high temperature in special conditions and poured into a mold. It is then allowed to cool down. Once it is cooled down, artisans remove the outer shell of the mold by breaking it, causing the metal piece of charm to materialize. The ornament is then polished.

Die Casting

Another popular method of charm manufacturing is die casting. We all have played with clay dough and cut out shapes from it in our childhood, and this method is somewhat similar.

First, a mold, known as a die, is created. This mold or die survives the complex and repeated experiments as its outer shell is tough and can withstand lots of pressure and go through high temperatures.

Then using a machine, the designers put two pieces of mold or die together and pour liquid metal inside the piece using an injection. Artisans eventually dunk the mold in water, so it cools down and allows it to rest there for the time being.

custom Gold Charms wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 16 – Gold Charms

The pressure is released once the liquid solidifies, separating the two dices. The customized charm is then polished, along with the addition of details or other ornaments to complete it.

Luxury and high-end charms use gold-silver or gold-gemstone materials to make them unique and precious.

Tips for Maintaining a Customized Charm

Owning a personalized charm is a pride for everyone. Wearing it in get-togethers and daily business gives you several benefits but maintaining your customized charm is also a responsibility.

Charms can be your collectibles, which you can pass on to your next generations as heirlooms. Investing in customized charms can be memorable and beneficial, especially on gold, silver, and gemstone charms, so keeping them safe is essential.

custom Wrist Eye Charm wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 17 – Wrist Eye Charm

Here are some tips on maintaining and prolonging the life of your customized charms.


One of the essential tips on keeping your customized charm safe and secure is to decide when and where you would wear them. Personalized ornaments are pretty expensive, and daily wearing them can cause damage. Make sure you wear them on special occasions to maintain their shine and are pristine.

Box It

Buying a customized charm is quite expensive. While most suppliers provide you with a jewelry box, you can buy a special box or holder to house it instead of keeping it with other ornaments in a jewelry box to ensure that it remains new. In this way, your charms can live for years.

custom Golden Owl Charm wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 18 – Golden Owl Charm

Connect with Other Ornaments

Ensure your customized charms are soldered with your jewelry securely, especially dangling charms. If you want to wear your ornaments daily, you can solder them with your ring instead of a bracelet or necklace; thus, you can wear them safely every day.

Clean with Soap and Water

Over time, charms will start to become dull and rusty. It is crucial to keep it clean regularly. A simple way to conserve your customized ornaments is to use soft detergent water and a toothbrush to clean every nook and cranny, keeping your charms shiny and new.

Why Trust TALMUD in Choosing Your Customized Charm

For years, TALMUD has been a reputable and one of China’s most trusted customized charm manufacturing companies and suppliers. Its factory provides luxury and high-end ornaments that are good for gifting, as souvenirs, and as a token of love.

TALMUD offers you varieties of charms in several materials, and they can create your personalized ornaments as per your requirement. Our artisans provide the utmost services on almost every continent.

custom Stainless Steel Gold Charms wholesale manufacturer in China

Figure 19 – Stainless Steel Gold Charms

Furthermore, TALMUD is also one of the manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers of fine and quality unique charm jewelry, integrating the works of renowned artists like Rembrandt van Rijn, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Alphonse Mucha, Johannes Vermeer, and  Paul Cezanne.

Recently, TALMUD has started to collaborate with various young and emerging artists in the United States and Europe regions and aims to create the masterpiece of artists worldwide into fine, high-end jewelry.

At TALMUD, our professional artists have unique skills to create and deal personally with clients to produce an intensive piece of customized artistic charms that suits your character and personality.

Choosing the Right Wholesaler of Customized Charm in China

Choosing the absolute wholesaler, manufacturer, and supplier can be daunting and challenging. Hence, TALMUD targets to provide you with premium quality, high-end luxurious customized charms based on your personality and preferences.

TALMUD’s customized charms and jewelry have been selling high globally. Its factory specializes in manufacturing various 925 sterling silver, European beads, Pandora style charms, acrylic, metallic, and enamel customized charms and jewelry.

The company offers experienced artists to help you develop and create your desired customized charms. Our artisans guide you towards the best service on your personalized jewelry.

TALMUD Luxury Jewelry Manufacturing Process

TALMUD sincerely provides you with professional exquisite jewelry customization services based on more than 10 years of customization experience in the jewelry industry.

We have super supply chain management, a master craftsman team, branded business operation management, and business logic aiming at the interests of customers.

From the procurement of raw materials such as gemstones and precious metals to jewelry processing, global logistics, transportation, accessories, packaging, etc. TALMUD provides you with excellent services.
Our guests include but are not limited to the following.

1. Luxury Brand Jewelry OEM Service Supplier

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