Chinese Traditional Filigree Inlaid Jewelry Craftsmanship

Filigree inlay, abbreviated as flower inlay, also known as fine gold craftsmanship, is a long-standing traditional Chinese handicraft technique, mainly used for the production of royal ornaments. It is a combination of two production techniques of “filigree” and “inlay”.

The filigree is made of gold, silver, and copper as raw materials, and adopts traditional techniques such as pinching, filling, accumulating, welding, weaving, and stacking. The inlay is made of the techniques of setback, slamming, hammering, boring, beating, collapsing, squeezing, and inlaying.

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Filigree Earrings

As China’s top luxury goods, the production method of filigree inlaid artwork can be summarized as “piling, laying, weaving, weaving, pinching, filling, saving and welding”, among which pinching, saving, and welding are the basic techniques.

The filigree inlay technique originated from the gold and silver inlaid craftsmanship in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It reached a superb artistic level in the middle and late Ming Dynasty. It is especially good at weaving and stacking techniques, and emerald-dotted craftsmanship is often used to achieve brilliant effects.

The extensive use of gemstones and the improvement of gemstone inlay technology is the most important contribution of filigree inlaid jewelry in the Ming Dynasty to traditional Chinese jewelry.

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Filigree Rings

In the Qing Dynasty, the resources of gemstones were gradually exhausted, and the position of gemstones was replaced by emerald and burnt blue. Today, the filigree inlay technology is only preserved in Beijing and Chengdu, and Beijing has the most complete filigree inlay technology. Beijing filigree inlays collectively represent the characteristics of Chinese court filigree inlays.

Every exquisite work is a work of art, with thousands of years of craftsmanship behind it. From melting silver to wire drawing, it will experience thousands of times of beating, annealing, and pulling into a thread thinner than a hair. Then hand-rolling, this is only the first step.

According to the need to make tires for modeling, and then use various process methods to shape the filigree and fill it and weld it. If it is a little sapphire inlaid with gemstones, it is even more complicated.

At critical moments, craftsmen are often holding their breaths to complete each process, completely immersed in a state of ecstasy before they can produce a top-level artwork.

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Enamel Jewellery

TALMUD adheres to the traditional Chinese craftsmanship spirit, integrates souvenirs, arts, handicrafts, and jewelry, and undertakes the private customization business of various designers and jewelers.

Relying on the ancient Chinese craftsmanship spirit, we integrate and continuously optimize the supply chain of the jewelry industry, combine the enamel craftsmanship from Europe with the traditional Chinese cloisonne craftsmanship, and creatively apply it to private jewelry haute couture, customizing luxury jewellery for high-end customer groups.

Chinese Traditional Filigree Craft Process Introduction

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TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

TALMUD sincerely provides you with professional exquisite jewelry customization services based on more than 10 years of customization experience in the jewelry industry.

We have super supply chain management, a master craftsman team, branded business operation management, and business logic aiming at the interests of customers.

From the procurement of raw materials such as gemstones and precious metals to jewelry processing, global logistics, and transportation, accessories, packaging, etc. TALMUD provides you with excellent services.
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