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Customized Austria Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturer in China-TALMUD

TALMUD: Your Customized Austria Souvenirs Bulk Supplier

TALMUD has been engaged in the production and wholesale of tourist souvenirs for more than 15 years in China.

When talking about Austrian souvenirs, people usually learn about Mozart, Beethoven, Klimt’s famous paintings, Princess Sissi, and the beauty and architecture of Austria.

Austrian souvenir wholesalers are welcome to contact us.

custom Austria Acrylic Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Acrylic+magnet,
Size: 5×7 cm, or custom,
Logo: Printing,
Process: Acrylic injection.

TALMUD is your first custom Austria acrylic souvenir magnet wholesale supplier in China.

custom Austria Artist Souvenir Coaster wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Metal: Cork+MDF+art paper,
Size: Dia. 10 cm,
Artist: Gustav Klimt,
Degree: Collectible quality.

TALMUD is your expert Austria artist custom souvenir coaster wholesale factory in China since 2005.

custom Austria Ceramic Souvenir Mug wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Ceramic, porcelain,
Size: 12 oz,
Usage: Souvenir gifts in Vienna,
Hashtag: Wholesale, Austrian, etc.

TALMUD is your experienced souvenir mug wholesale manufacturer for the Austrian market.

custom Austria Embroidery Souvenir Keychain wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Fabric,
Size: 10×2 cm, or custom,
Design: Austria flag,
Logo: Embroidery.

TALMUD is your specialized Austria custom souvenir embroidery keychain wholesale factory in China.

custom Austria Enamel Souvenir Keychain wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Metal: Zinc Alloy,
Size: 6×4 cm, or custom,
Logo: Soft enamel,
Payment: T/T, Paypal, etc.

TALMUD is your best custom Austria souvenir enamel keychain wholesale manufacturer in China.

custom Austria Enamel Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Metal,
Size: 10×6 cm, or custom,
Logo: Enamel, embossed,
Usage: Vienna souvenir gifts.

TALMUD is a leading wholesale souvenir enamel magnet supplier with Austria custom designs in China.

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TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

1, High-end Brand Annual Promotional Gift Service Provider

2, Manufacturers Of Daily Necessities In Multinational Supermarkets And Supermarket Chains

3, Customized Factory For Brand Event Marketing Gifts

4, Providers Of Gift Solutions For Sports Event Sponsors

5, Manufacturers Of Promotional Gifts For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

6, Cartoon, Film, And Television IP Licensing Souvenir Customization Factory

7, Designers, Artists, And Influencer Custom Gift Cooperation Providers

TALMUD Global Strategic Customer
TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images

TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

1. Tourist Country, Tourist City Souvenir Wholesaler

2. Online Wholesale & Retailer Of Souvenir Gifts

3. Museum, Church Customized Souvenir Retail Stores

4. Designer, Artist Souvenir Customization Service Provider

5. Personalized Souvenir Customizer For Social Media & Internet Celebrities

6. Movie, Animation, Cartoon IP Image Authorization Personalized Gifts & Souvenir Wholesale Factory

7. Personalized Gift Solutions For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

TALMUD: Your Professional Personalized Austria Souvenirs
Wholesale Manufacturer In China

Relying on more than 15 years of souvenir manufacturing experience, TALMUD is committed to building a well-known souvenir Chinese brand and providing high-quality souvenirs & services to our customers.

From the beginning of its establishment, TALMUD has insisted on winning the trust of customers with considerable service and establishing long-term cooperative relations.

Unlike other Chinese suppliers, TALMUD has continuously improved its competitiveness by establishing and improving the supply chain management of souvenirs.

In terms of company team building, we insist on cultivating our own production and sales teams, help employees grow through serving well to customers, in the feedback, TALMUD receives more loyalty from our employees and customers.

TALMUD adheres to the business philosophy of the souvenir ecosystem, and through the establishment of strategic partnerships with customers, it selects 1-3 customers in each country with consistent values and helps customers grow rapidly.

Customer satisfaction is the driving force for long-term cooperation. We have established and continuously improved communication channels with customers, promised 100% quality assurance, and resolved difficulties and problems for customers in a timely manner.

Austria is adjacent to Hungary and Germany. It has rich tourism resources and potential. It is a major souvenir distribution center in Europe. You are welcome to contact us at, WhatsApp + 86 15858871001.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

TALMUD Souvenirs Ecosystem

Souvenirs customization consulting services, souvenirs development, manufacturing & purchasing services, souvenir supply chain management, and global strategic partnerships establishment.

Welcome to join the TALMUD souvenir ecosystem.

TALMUD‘s Customers

National & regional souvenir wholesalers, online souvenir wholesalers, or retailers.

Customized souvenir services for museums, universities, parks, and other institutions.

Customized souvenir services for artist studios, influencers, internet celebrities, and social media.

TALMUD's Advantage

15+ years of souvenir & gift industry experience, 100% quality guarantee.

Original Chinese gift factory, with efficient souvenir & gift supply chain management.

Strategic customers enjoy the exclusive promise of invariable prices for 3-5 years.

Strategy Partners Recruitment By TALMUD

In order to establish a global win-win souvenir ecosystem, TALMUD has established strategic partnerships with 1-3 souvenir wholesalers in every country/ region in the world.

We are committed to long-term exclusive strategic cooperations. Feel free to contact us HERE.

Personalized Austria Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturer in China-TALMUD

The Austrian souvenir market has a unique style, with many characteristics such as music, art, and humanities. TALMUD specializes in the design and manufacturing of various Austrian souvenirs, including placemats, fridge magnets, photo frames, bottle openers, etc.
TALMUD seeks cooperation with professional Austrian souvenir wholesalers to jointly develop the Austrian souvenir market. Feel free to contact us HERE.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • custom Hawaii Wooden Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    The Hawaiian Islands are composed of 137 volcanic islands with a coastline of approximately 750 miles. The eight main islands are Nihow, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and Hawaii.

    Hawaii is rich in marine tourism resources, and tens of millions of tourists from all over the world come to Hawaii for vacations every year.

    TALMUD is a leading wholesale manufacturer of Hawaii souvenirs in China. Feel existing samples are welcome,, WhatsApp + 86 158 58871001.

  • custom Canada Souvenir Keychain wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    TALMUD is a wholesale manufacturer of customized souvenir keychains in China. We supply souvenir keychains for many cities.

    This keychain is specially manufactured for the Canadian market. Zinc alloy material, soft enamel designs, specifications can be customized according to your requirements, MOQ is 500 pieces of each design, nickel-free plating.

    Welcome Canadian souvenir wholesalers to contact us for a long-term cooperative relationship. We can promise you 3-5 years of invariable price guarantee.

  • custom Bali Islands Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    This wooden epoxy refrigerator magnet is specially customized for the Bali souvenir market, Indonesia.

    The design is CMYK printing with epoxy, there are two layers of MDF in the middle of the magnet, and a layer of soft magnet on the back. You can customize the 3D effect with laser machines.

    TALMUD is your best wholesale factory of souvenir fridge magnets in China. We have 5 laser cutting machines, 3 epoxy lines, and can produce 10,000 pcs qualified refrigerator magnets per day.

  • custom Artist Photo Frame wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    TALMUD is your reliable wholesale factory for customized souvenir photo frames in China. You can use photo frames for gifts, souvenirs, and promotional items.

    We have cooperated with some artist studios to produce various photo frames for them, such as metal photo frames, acrylic photo frames, wooden photo frames, etc.

    TALMUD promises you 100% good quality for retails. For more information, please contact us,, WhatsApp at +86 158 58871001.

  • custom Museum Souvenir Placemat wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Many tourists travel to European & American countries because there are many museums and art galleries in these countries. Tourists are immersed in this kind of edutainment travel.

    This placemat is designed by famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. It is made of eco-friendly PP material, UV printed, and customized to be 40x30cm. TALMUD is your best wholesale souvenir placemat manufacturing factory in China.

    If you are an online retailer of souvenirs, you can customize a small MOQ placemat with plenty of designs. OEM and ODM services are welcome.

  • custom Paris Souvenir Tray wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    TALMUD specializes in producing souvenir trays for more than 15 years. From raw material to printing and packaging, we control the entire tray production line! Ensure good quality and fast delivery time.

    This souvenir tray is specially customized for the Paris market. There are a total of 12 different designs, including the famous landscape of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Sacred Heart Church, the Louvre, etc.

    The normal size is 24x16cm, and the surface of the tray is printed with CMYK and coated with oil to increase the printing effect of the tray. Welcome French souvenir wholesalers to contact us.

  • custom Souvenir Cosmetic Bag wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Since 2005, TALMUD is your best wholesale supplier of polyester customized souvenir cosmetic bags in China. We have 3 cosmetic bag production lines for your souvenir projects.

    This souvenir cosmetic bag is manufactured for the American market, using high-quality polyester materials, CMYK printing technology, and a professional production team to ensure 100% good quality for your souvenir shop retails.

    TALMUD is your trustable bulk supplier of personalized souvenir cosmetic bags in China.

  • custom Switzerland Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Switzerland is a world-famous ski resort, and every year many tourists travel for skiing in the Alps. TALMUD is your personalized Swiss souvenir wholesale manufacturer in China.

    In addition to skiing, Switzerland also has very beautiful natural landscapes, professional mechanical watches, delicious red wine, and so on. Swiss souvenirs tend to be closer to nature. Some retro wooden souvenirs are very popular. Swiss people also like to buy some wooden souvenir refrigerator magnets as decorations.

    TALMUD pays more attention to the quality of your souvenirs than other Chinese factories. Contact us now for more information.

  • ceramic souvenir mug

    TALMUD is a professional ceramic souvenir mug manufacturer in China. Our ceramic mug painting masters have more than 10 years of experience, make sure your souvenir mugs with high quality and fast delivery time.

    If you are a souvenir seller on Amazon, TALMUD can supply ceramic mugs for your online retails. You can customize ceramic mugs with low MOQ in TALMUD.

    7×24 online service is available for you.

TALMUD: Your Expert Custom Austria Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturing Factory In China

In Austria, tens of millions of tourists from all over the world come here every year. You can find many iconic elements in culture, art, architecture, and natural scenery.

Vienna, World Music Capital, Mozart, Beethoven. Klimt’s famous painting series created a new genre. Princess Sissi is a beautiful legend. There are also famous Austrian churches, beautiful scenery, and skiing in the Alps.

TALMUD provides high-quality souvenirs for the Austrian market for a long time. Through efficient supply chain operations, it establishes a complete souvenir catalog and competitive prices to help customers gain a certain market share.

We have established a strategic partnership with Austrian souvenir wholesalers, jointly developed the Austrian souvenir market, committed to the construction of the TALMUD souvenir ecosystem, and created a win-win cooperation model.

TALMUD establishes an efficient customer communication mechanism and strengthens communication with customers through online video conferences, major customer visits, exhibition meetings, etc., so that customer problems can be resolved the first time.

To meet the purchasing needs of online souvenir sellers, the management of TALMUD integrates resources, reduces the minimum order quantity, and provides international logistics express services to help online sellers reduce inventory, increase profits, and reduce industry risks.

Austrian souvenir wholesalers are welcome to contact us. TALMUD is your professional Austrian custom souvenir wholesale factory in China,, WhatsApp +86 158 58871001.

TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates

Video Area

Austria Souvenirs By TALMUD LIMITED


Take these delightful Austrian memories home and share this wonderful experience with your friends and family. How could it be possible to miss the Austrian souvenirs customized by TALMUD?

Mozart Balls

Figure 1- Mozart Balls

1, What kind of souvenirs will you recommend I buy in Austria?

When traveling in Austria, whether it is to take home as a gift to share with friends, or to keep for yourself, the Mozart Ball is your preferred souvenir.

Mozart balls are an Austrian sweet made from pistachio marzipan and nougat, wrapped in dark chocolate. They have been handmade by the Fürst family since 1890. Today, many other chocolate manufacturers produce Mozart balls all over Austria.

Although TALMUD can not produce Mozart balls, we can customize promotional gifts for chocolate brands all over the world. If you have some chocolate shops in Vienna, TALMUD can also help you customize some decorations with Austrian artist paintings, it is a wonderful thing for visitors who enter the store and eventually increase sales.

custom Vienna Artist Souvenir Placemat wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 -Vienna Artist Souvenir Placemat

2, Can I buy high-quality souvenir placemats from Austria souvenir shops?

Definitely yes. For example, the Austrian symbolist painter represented Gustav Klimt (July 14, 1862-February 6, 1918), and you will be shocked by his great works. His famous paintings are The Kiss, Adele Bloch-Bauer, Farm Garden with Sunflowers, Lady with fan, etc. TALMUD has specialized in producing Klimt souvenirs for more than ten years. We even bought high-quality art paintings for printing reference.

To ensure the quality of placemats, we usually use two kinds of material. One is cork + MDF material, the design drawing is printed directly on paper, and the other is PP plastic material.

This figure is a PP placemat, it has the advantages of being lightweight, can be rolled up, can be scrubbed, and the unit price is low. Very popular in the European souvenir market.

custom Vienna Sissi Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3- Vienna Sissi Souvenir Magnet

3,  What kind of souvenirs can I buy related to the Sissi princess?

Also associated with Austria is Princess Sissi, whose official name is Elizabeth (the Duchess of Elizabeth of Bavaria), the Queen of Austria and Queen of Hungary, married to Emperor Franz Joseph I. Princess Sissi is her nickname, she was born in the Wittelsbach family of the Bavarian royal family.

There are souvenirs of Princess Sissi’s head in many souvenir shops in Vienna, refrigerator magnets, keychains, coasters, statues, etc. This figure design is a Sissi photo with famous churches in Vienna, with a process of laser cutting 3D effect.

custom Austria Souvenir Metal Keyring wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4- Austria Souvenir Metal Keyring

4, What kind of souvenir keyrings I can buy for my girlfriend?

Vienna, the music capital of the world, is a place that many girls yearn for. Every year, many people come to Vienna to study dream music.

In addition to chocolate delicacies, a beautiful metal keychain is sure to make girls crazy. With lovely girl design drawings, high-end painting techniques, exquisite polishing techniques, and reasonable prices. This souvenir keychain produced by TALMUD is worthy of your collection.

You can also customize a printed gift box for souvenirs, it is a value-added service special for you.

custom Austria Resin Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5- Austria Resin Souvenir Magnet

5, Is the resin fridge magnet easy to fade?

TALMUD uses hand-painted methods to color the resin refrigerator magnet. As you can see from the picture, this resin refrigerator magnet is full and clear in color. It will not lose color when displayed under the sun.

We have perfect supply chain management to ensure the quality of souvenirs. What is more, we are responsible for your retails in the shop. Whether you are our regular customer, or at the first time, we guarantee you 100% good quality.

This Mozart design magnet is popular in the market, many music fans love to buy 2-3 pcs at a time, for personal collections, or as gifts ts for friends.

custom Vienna Souvenir Bottle Opener wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6-Vienna Souvenir Bottle Opener

6, Can you recommend some Austrian traditional souvenir bottle openers to me?

For the souvenir bottle opener, we will recommend you a zinc alloy material, the logo is the process of soft enamel. Such souvenirs are very popular in European and American countries.

The design is exquisite and unique, with the Austrian traditional style, and the high-end enamel process perfectly reproduces the design drawings. Plus a keyring accessory, keychain, and bottle opener dual purpose. Or, add a hard magnet on the back to use both refrigerator magnets and bottle openers. You can usually put the bottle opener on the refrigerator and take it out to drink beer whenever you need it.

TALMUD is a leading customized souvenir wholesale factory in China. Our metal products are professionally operated in every step of die-casting, polishing, and electroplating to ensure that the quality meets environmental protection requirements so that there is no risk in retail.

custom Austria Souvenir Lapel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7-Austria Souvenir Lapel Pin

7, Is your Austria souvenir lapel pin collectible?

The high-end lapel pin produced by TALMUD can reach the level of collection. MOQ can be only 1 pc.

To meet the needs of high-level customers and improve competitiveness, we understand that it will be more and more difficult to rely solely on price competition. Around 2015, we proposed the concept of the souvenir ecosystem. We hope that we will create the TALMUD brand and make us the preferred partner of high-quality customers by the product quality and service upgrades.

This lapel pin can also be worn as a brooch. Retro silver material, Austrian traditional clothing design, beautiful flowers, exquisite enamel craftsmanship, a jewelry souvenir brooch specially used for collection.

custom Austria Souvenir Cotton Bag wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8- Austria Souvenir Cotton Bag

8, Can I have a sample of your Austria souvenir bags?

The main market for souvenir cotton bags is in Europe. Because the EU has imposed a plastic limit policy. The cotton bag can be used repeatedly without polluting the environment. Printing beautiful European designs to make cotton bags more popular for tourists.

In addition to some tourists buying cotton bags as souvenirs, people in EU countries also buy some cotton bags they prefer for daily use, such as storing things, supermarket shopping bags, daily commuting bags, etc.

TALMUD has a complete production line of souvenir bags, which can manufacture cotton bags, non-woven bags, nylon bags, polyester bags, etc. This figure was printed with the famous painting “The Kiss”, size is about 30×20 cm, with high-quality cotton material of 12 oz. We can provide some existing samples for your quality checking freely.

custom Austria Wooden Souvenir Coaster wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9-Austria Wooden Souvenir Coaster

9, How many pieces does your souvenir coaster set have?

The souvenir coasters manufactured by TALMUD usually come in a set of 4 pcs or 6 pcs. The box is made of PP material, which is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. Or with a paper box printed with customized designs.

Austria has many beautiful natural landscapes. The souvenir wholesalers in Vienna have developed many types of coasters with the theme of the Alps. They are made of cork+MDF and UV printing process. The size is 10.5×10.5cm, which is slightly larger than normal souvenir coasters.

When TALMUD was funded in 2005, the cork coaster was one of its main products, which can be used for advertising gifts, supermarket chain retail products, and souvenirs. Cork coasters can also be combined and packaged with placemats for supermarket retail.

custom Vienna Souvenir Wooden Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10-Vienna Souvenir Wooden Magnet

10, What kind of Austria souvenir is suitable for a beach fan?

Although there is no coastline around Austria, it still cannot stop the yearning for the sea.

On the beach in summer, or under the sun in winter, wearing a pair of sunglasses, basking in the sun warmly. Such a good memory, turned into a wooden refrigerator magnet for the design of sunglasses, as a gift for myself, thank you for your hard work.

High-quality MDF material, attached with soft magnetic, laser machine cutting it into 3D effect, specifications can be customized, and the position of each lens can be printed with a separate Austrian landscape.

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

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