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TALMUD: Your Professional Apron Manufacturer & Supplier In China

TALMUD is your professional wholesale apron manufacturer and supplier in China. Cooperate with us, you will have a benefit from a 15+ years apron manufacturing factory’s support.

During TALMUD’s 15+ years of custom apron manufacturing experience, we have built up a mature apron supply chain in China. You can customize your apron with different shapes and designs with a 1 pc MOQ supporting policy.

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Apron manufacturer and Supplier in China

TALMUD is your professional aprons manufacturer and supplier in China.

Apron Dress manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is a custom cotton apron dress manufacturing factory in China.

Art Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your best custom art aprons manufacturer in China.

Chef Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is a wholesale chef aprons manufacturer in China since 2005.

Cooking Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your expert cooking aprons custom manufacturer and supplier in China.

Kitchen Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your custom kitchen aprons manufacturing factory in China.

Cotton Apron

TALMUD is an experienced cotton aprons manufacturer and supplier in China.

Fabric Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is a custom fabric aprons manufacturer in China since 2005.

Home Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your wholesale home aprons manufacturing supplier in China.

Non-woven Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your professional Non-woven aprons manufacturer in China with 15 years of history.

Sleeveless Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is a wholesale sleeveless aprons manufacturer and supplier in China.

Waterproof Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your best waterproof aprons manufacturer & wholesale supplier in China.

Bib Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your expertise bib aprons manufacturing factory in China.

Cobbler Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your cobbler aprons manufacturer and supplier in China.

Pinafore manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your best pinafore aprons manufacturing factory in China.

Man's Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your first choice for man’s aprons manufacturer and supplier in China.

Woman's Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your #1 woman’s aprons wholesale factory in China.

Souvenir Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your custom souvenir aprons manufacturing supplier in China.

Painting Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your professional painting aprons wholesale supplier in China.

Waist Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your best waist aprons manufacturer factory in China since 2005.

Tabard manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your wholesale tabard aprons manufacturer in China.

15+ Years Aprons Manufacturing Factory-TALMUD

After 15+ years of aprons manufacturing experience, TALMUD has built a complete aprons supply chain for your projects.

To support your aprons wholesale & retail business, we provide a small MOQ service for your trial aprons orders. 100% good quality insurance is no problem.

Send us your aprons inquiry now, you will get a positive quotation within 12 hours.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

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100% Quality Guarantee By TALMUD

Whether your quantity is 1 million pcs or 1 pc, TALMUD guarantees 100% good quality for you.

Whether you are a gift wholesaler or a retailer, TALMUD guarantees you 100% good quality service.

Whether the gifts are manufactured or purchased by TALMUD, we guarantee 100% good quality for your activities application.

TALMUD‘s Customers

Global gifts trading company, regional gift wholesaler, online wholesalers.

Brand companies, event organizers, design companies, universities, public institutions.

Internet celebrities, influencers, social media, family, and other personalized gift customized retailers.

TALMUD: Your expertise in wholesale apron manufacturing factory in China

TALMUD is your best expertise custom apron manufacturer and supplier in China. We have five aprons manufacturing lines for your apron projects. Contact us now, you will deal with an apron manufacturer directly in China.

TALMUD has superiority with effective apron supply chain management in China, because of 15+ years of custom aprons wholesale manufacturing factory experience. You can purchase all kinds of aprons at cheap prices from TALMUD.

TALMUD is your expert partner on custom apron supply in China. With the original wholesale apron supplier, you can get a quick leading time on your apron projects, both promotional aprons, and souvenir aprons. After initial cooperation, you can also ask for a personalized aprons strategy support plan to help you explore more market shares in your local place. TALMUD can provide you more than others.

Just send us your aprons inquiry, you will get an amazing quotation soon.


TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates



1 - Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Apron

You wear an apron to protect your clothing from spills. Made of cloth, leather, or plastic, wear this in front and tied at the waist.

Aprons are now used in kitchens, by the catering industry, as promotional fabrics, and are worn by people who want to protect personal clothing in front of their cooking counters.

What Is The Difference Between An Apron And Pinny?

The apron protects the front part of the torso and legs, while a pinny is a sleeveless dress worn over other clothes.

How Do You Choose The Right Apron?

2 - Types Of Aprons manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Types Of Aprons

Make your choice of aprons considering the following factors:

Material Choice

Your choice of apron material depends on the application.

For example, a catering assistant will have a full apron as additional clothing over personal clothing to protect from spills while working in a busy kitchen.

On the other hand, a glamorous model wears a fancy apron while presenting a promotional item placed on a countertop.

Apron Style

The basic cost of an apron remains almost similar, but you can create unique designs over these aprons and vary them in length.

Different materials provide different fittings. The seamless or split-leg design is used for full-length aprons with or without storage pockets.

Neck styles are created by making subtle changes in the way the apron is worn. Introduce specific promotional designs and use color combinations that fit into definite advertising themes.


If the same-sized apron is used by several people, maneuverability becomes an important issue.

Can you squat on the kitchen floor with the apron?

The full-length apron is designed in a way that does not restrict your movements and allows you to squat without cramping you up.

Split bottoms offer better maneuverability and leg movement. The apron remains in place without pushing outwards at the cut.

Comfort Levels

Regular users need comfortable aprons when they wear them for long periods of time.

These aprons have padded shoulder straps, breathable knitwear, and soft clothing that provide comfort fits over regular clothing.


Aprons used in busy cafeterias are laundered and stored in ways that it makes it easy to remove and wear them at short notice.

The aprons are designed for storage near kitchen sinks, cupboard shelves, and other storage locations specifically designed for these aprons

What Is An Apron Dress?

3 - Apron Dress manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3 – Apron Dress

An apron dress is designed to look like a normal dress but also acts as protective wear over regular clothing.

For example, a cotton linen bib apron looks like regular clothing. It is open at the back with shoulder straps holding it in place.

Similarly, vintage gardening aprons are designed as suites with cross-back straps for comfort and convenience.

Choose from different types of materials including blends of cotton and polyester.

A full-size apron extends to 82 cm with a dress length of 78 cm. This fits a person of average built.

TALMUD has the expertise to customize aprons and offers customers a one-piece MOQ support policy.

How Are Professional-Grade Art Aprons Delivered?

4 - Art Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – Art Aprons

These aprons are handcrafted using different kinds of materials. They are specially designed for artists to carry their paintbrushes, sculpturing tools, and other gear.

Large pockets provide easy access and are usually open pockets to protect brushes and other delicate equipment.

Choose between half and full-length aprons depending on the style and comfort level needed.

Painting aprons have slide adjusters at the neck to keep the apron in place.

The body strap around the waist does not come in the way of keeping and removing tools.

The art apron is used for all kinds of artistic work, whether you are outdoors in the garden or working indoors in your studio.

Choose different designs and colors for gift items during the holiday season.

Businesses use them as giveaways or accessories for florists, painters, gardeners, teachers, cooks, and other professionals.

Get the widest range of professional-grade aprons from this manufacturing unit in China.

Do You Get Durable Chef Aprons In Bulk?

5 - Chef Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – Chef Apron

Order handcrafted durable quality chef aprons made of 100% soft cotton fabric.

These are customized for regular use and for chefs wearing them for long hours.

Environmentally friendly, orderless, and durable, chef aprons come with customized hardware buckles and adjustable straps.

The cross back strap design offers a comfortable fit that does not cause neck pain.

Its adjustable front design provides space for multi-big pockets.

Notebooks, cell phones, thermometers, and other items in their pockets do not interfere with their work.

These are perfect for homes, busy kitchens, salons, coffee shops, restaurants, and other busy outlets. The manufacturer offers lucrative minimum order requirement benefits for wholesaler orders.

Are There Custom Kitchen Aprons For Commercial Use?

6 - Kitchen Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – Kitchen Apron

Yes, you can get different kinds of kitchen aprons customized for specific uses.

For example, a central pocket design allows you to keep and use items while working in busy outlets like kitchens, restaurants, barbeque shops, and supermarkets.

Pockets are designed to cover the entire front portion of the apron and are especially useful for messy kind of work.

Materials used to protect inner clothing from food stains, kitchen grease, and spills.

You can get custom kitchen aprons with adjustable neck pockets and long ties from this wholesaler in China.

The factory fulfills bulk orders with very short lead times.

Do You Get Cotton And Cotton-Blended Aprons In Bulk?

7 - Cotton Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Cotton Apron

Whether you’re looking for a BBQ bin apron made of 100% pure cotton or a functional apron made of polyester and cotton mix to protect your clothing, you can get the best offers from TALMUD.

The company has over 15 years of experience manufacturing souvenir and promotional aprons for the wholesale market.

Choose one or two pockets on the front portion of the apron to hold recipe cards, thermometers, grill slips, and other tools.

This is a machine washable large apron that covers the entire chest right up to the knee. It offers protection and coverage from spills, food stains, and kitchen grease.

These cotton aprons are stylish, lightweight, durable, and extremely soft to the touch.

What Kind Of Fabric Aprons Are Available?

8 - Fabric Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Fabric Apron

Ask for artist impressions of fabric aprons for any custom event or activity.

For instance, select aprons in specific colors for activities at your painting gallery.

Choose from an assortment of colors for children in classrooms.

Select a combination of colors that fit into a cultural program within your community.

Think of aprons for arts and craft projects and birthday parties.

Use them in school kitchens to prepare lunch meals and decorate food items.

Allow artists to paint using canvas-style aprons without worrying about their clothes getting dirty.

Durable fabric aprons are made of nonwoven fabric and extend to 48 cm in length with 35-cm long ties.

Get your own custom fabric apron design that meets your specific requirements at wholesale prices.

Contact the supplier in China for lucrative ODM and OEM facilities. The manufacturer has several lines dedicated to producing aprons.

Are There Adjustable Home Aprons For Girls And Women?

9 - Home Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Home Apron

Whether you spend time in the kitchen for a short period of time or four hours at a stretch, you need a great-fitting home apron that protects your clothing from spills and stains.

You’ll find an inviting range of affordable and structured aprons with ample coverage of both girls and women.

Choose from loose half and full-coverage aprons with fog linens or inexpensive crossed pack denim aprons.

Cross back aprons are ideal home aprons that come in extra small to extra large sizes with long straps that double around the waist.

Get them in 12 to 24 waist sizes. Women can easily knot them behind their backs.

Use these home aprons for BBQ, cooking, and other kitchen chores. Choose from a range of machine-washable household fashion aprons that people love to gift to their loved ones.

Do You Get Non-woven Aprons In Different Colors?

10 - Non-woven Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Non-woven Apron

Choose a custom package with 15 or more different colors for your non-woven aprons. These are reusable aprons made of high-quality non-woven fabric that is waterproof and stain-proof.

Get them in comfortable 33 x 48 cm suits that fit three-year-olds or choose a full-length suit for adults to use at community events.

These non-woven aprons have varied applications – from crafts projects and birthday parties for children to painting activities and community events.

Tie lengths are customized for specific promotions or activities.

Ask for a personalized apron strategy support plan from TALMUD. This company offers expert partner options as an original wholesale apron supplier.

What Kind Of Sleeveless Aprons Are Popular?

11 - Sleeveless Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11- Sleeveless Apron

Sleeveless aprons are used by a host of professionals in the hospitality business.

You can get unisex two-pocket bistro aprons, bib aprons, three-pocket aprons, waist aprons, butcher aprons, and a host of unisex, one size fits all kind of aprons that are extremely popular with working professionals.

These can be easily worn and kept in place using long ties.

They are designed for multipurpose use as working aprons for bartenders, gardeners, painters, bakers, and bartenders.

Highly durable and easy to clean, the sleeveless apron comes in different colors and fabrics that allow you to use them as hand towels to dry your hands.

These aprons are dustproof, oil proof, and do not fade.

The wholesaler in China offers some of the cheapest prices for sleeveless aprons in the wholesale market.

Where Are Waterproof Aprons Used?

12 - Waterproof Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12 – Waterproof Apron

The waterproof apron is extensively used in applications where users are confronted with wet surfaces, utensils, and humidity that tend to dirty their clothes and leave behind stains.

Remove tough and dried stains from these waterproof aprons and reuse them.

These working aprons stay dry when you perform dishwashing chores.

Lab workers prefer waterproof rubber vinyl aprons when they deal with chemicals.

Fish cleaners, butchers, and dog groomers love the flexibility, comfort, and protection offered by these waterproof aprons.

Where Are Bib Aprons Used?

13 - Bib Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13 – Bib Apron

Bib aprons are used in applications where your garments get filthy or to forestall oil spot spills.

This durable piece of work clothing is professionally designed for extended durability.

It protects both the waist and chest portion and is made of 100% polyester material that makes it ideal for use in business areas, mechanical workshops, and homes.

Professionals like barbeque workers, cooks, and painters keep their garments under the apron clean and free of stains.

Why Do Cobbler Aprons Have Deep Pockets?

14 - Cobbler Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 14 – Cobbler Apron

They are designed with deep pockets to protect your uniform from sharp instruments like scissors and other elements commonly used in the stitching or cobbler trade.

Choose from fancy-looking cobbler aprons to make a statement or practical aprons with slim trim along edges, deep front pockets, and side ties.

These are usually made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

Upload your custom design to this Chinese factory.

Their design team will work with you to create perfectly fitting white or colored cobbler aprons with two or more deep front pockets and variable tIe lengths.

Do You Get Pinafore Aprons With Customised Designs?

15 - Pinafore Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 15 – Pinafore Apron

Pinafore aprons are customized in many ways.

Choose from cross-back straps, will-not-follow designs, no-tie designs, and sew-up thread designs that are comfortable to wear and convenient to put on and take off.

Large pockets on either side allow you to temporarily store required items and also to recover them easily.

These sleeveless aprons cover the front chest portion right up to the knee.

Protect your clothes from kitchen grease, food stains, and spills.

Wear it directly over your head like a T-shirt.

This does away with the tedious waist-wrapping method.

It’s practical enough to use for kitchen chores, gardening, painting, and even as a casual outfit.

You have color-fast apron options. These aprons come in a minimum of eight different sizes and six different colors. Choose a custom color to match your promotional activity.

Made of 70% cotton and 30% linen-blended fabric, these aprons are durable and lightweight.

Choose the right proportion of cotton and polyester material to create stylish and comfortable aprons for promotion and as souvenirs.

Where Are Tabard Aprons Used?

16 - Tabard Apron manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 16 – Tabard Apron

Tabard aprons are used by professionals like cobblers, waiters, and cooks.

They turn into adjustable clothing that meets recent shopping trends.

For example, you can get a top apron with stud-fastened adjustable side tab closures.

Style them with crease-resistant finishes and colored bias trim edges.

TALMUD has a complete aprons supply chain for wholesale projects with very small MOQ service requirements.

The company offers 100% good-quality insurance for aprons with OEM and ODM facilities.

It has five apron manufacturing lines dedicated to apron projects.

Contact this company for all your bulk promotional and functional apron requirements.

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