Your Best Souvenir Manufacturer & Supplier
in China
Your Best Souvenir Manufacturer & Supplier
in China
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  • TALMUD Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts Manufacturer and Supplier Certificates
  • Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts Manufacturer and Supplier in China
  • Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Your Professional Souvenir Manufacturer & Supplier in China

  • Over 15 Years of Souvenir Manufacturer Experience
  • All Souvenir Catalogue Manufacturering Capability
  • 100% Good Quality Souvenir For Sale Guarantee
  • Souvenir Manufacturer’s Small Sellers Support Strategy
  • All Staff Be Responsible For Quality Control Policy

All Types of Souvenirs MachinesProfessional Souvenir Manufacturer

TALMUD work hard to be your first choice of souvenir manufacturer and souvenir supplier in China, our souvenirs include souvenir magnets, souvenir coasters, souvenir placemats, souvenir mugs, souvenir keychains, and so on.

You can get reasonable prices for any quantity of souvenir orders from TALMUD, as a professional souvenir manufacturer, TALMUD builds up a complete souvenir strategy partner policy to support your souvenir business.

100% good quality for your souvenir retails, 3-5 years prices invariable promise can help you build a long term business relationship with your customers in your local souvenir market. Talmud is your original souvenir manufacturer in China.

All Types of Souvenir Manufacturer
to Boom Your Souvenir Business

Wholesale Souvenir Magnet Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Your best choice for souvenir manufacturer on magnets, 50000 pcs souvenir fridge magnets daily production capability, makes your souvenir business booming.

Your 100% good quality insurance souvenir manufacturer, TALMUD is your reliable souvenir manufacturer in China. You can get NO MOQ service with your souvenir supplier.

Souvenirs Coaster Wholesale Manufacturer Supplier

TALMUD is your best souvenir manufacturer & supplier on coasters for more than 15 years, all of your souvenir coasters are made of eco-friendly material.

TALMUD’s founder has an abroad education background with an international vision to be your expert souvenir manufacturer and supplier in China.

Souvenir Licence Plate Manufacturer and Supplier in China

The new souvenir license plate from souvenir manufacturer TALMUD, you can customize any specification with embossed LOGOs, OEM or ODM service with excellent service.

If you want new items from souvenir supplier, the souvenir licence plate is a good choice for you, especially with a professional souvenir manufacturer like TALMUD.

Personalized Wholesale Souvenir Placemats Manufacturer Supplier

Your best hot sale placemats souvenir manufacturer or souvenir supplier in China, TALMUD can manufacture all kinds of souvenir placemats for you with quick lead time.

If you want to get a more souvenir market share, TALMUD recommends you choose souvenir placemats to help you boom your souvenir business with 100% good quality.

Souvenir Non-woven Bags Manufacturer Supplier in China

If you need some traditional souvenir products, the souvenir bag is your first choice. TALMUD is a souvenir manufacturer with plenty of souvenir bags for you.

With excellent quality and good prices, TALMUD can help you with 15 years of souvenir manufacturer experience in China, you can customize your souvenir bags for wholesale.

Custom Wholesale Souvenir Ceramic Mug Supplier Manufacturer Factory in China

Customize your own designs for souvenir ceramic mugs, especially with famous paintings,  TALMUD is your best choice for souvenir manufacturer.

You will have a souvenir manufacturer and souvenir supplier with your own ceramic factory in China, 10000 pcs souvenir mugs daily production capability help you more.

Souvenir Manufacturer to Boom Your Business

Whether you are a souvenirs business wholesaler in your country, or you are a small souvenirs business beginner in your local town, or you are a small seller on an E-commerce plate such as AMAZON, TALMUD is your professional souvenir manufacturer to support your souvenirs business.

TALMUD insists on “creating value to the clients, provide income to the employee”, serving more than 200 souvenir clients all over the world.

The Reasons You Should Be
One of TALMUD 200 Clients

Over 15 Years Souvenir Manufacturer Experience

TALMUD has more than 15 years of experience in souvenir manufacturer, we can produce all kinds of souvenirs for your souvenir projects.

Small Clients Support Strategy

TALMUD is a real souvenir manufacturer in China, you can have a successful small souvenirs sellers support policy to help you exploring more souvenirs market share in your country.

NO MOQ Support Strategy

TALMUD has our own souvenir manufacturer, we provide 1 pc production policy to support your souvenir business, make your souvenir business more flexible in your country.

VIP Souvenirs Clients Invariable Prices Strategy

To be TALMUD’s Souvenir VIP Client, you can get a premium right of invariable prices strategy, you can build a 3-5 years long term souvenirs business development plan from your souvenir manufacturer.

100% Good Quality for Sale Guarantee

TALMUD know your souvenir business better, we provide 100% good quality for souvenirs retailers guarantee, help you save every cent of your money, make your souvenir business more profitable.

Master Degree Founders Education Background

TALMUD is different from other souvenir manufacturers in China, we have two co-founders with MBA, Law Master degree, you deserve to be our professional service in your souvenir projects.

Who Cooperate with TALMUD
on Souvenir Projects

Souvenir Business Wholesalers

Most of the souvenir markets wholesalers cooperate with TALMUD, your best souvenir manufacturer in China. We have many successful cooperation cases for your reference.

E-commerce Plates Sellers

If you are a small seller on E-commerce plates, pls do not hesitate to contact TALMUD, we can support your souvenir business stronger steadily, you deserve an expert souvenir manufacturer.

Global Souvenir Gifts Company

TALMUD have great reputation on quality control, more and more souvenir gifts companies choose us, you can have a sweet dream to cooperate with us on your souvenirs business.

More TALMUD Hot Sale Souvenir Products

Souvenir Bag, Souvenir Tray, Souvenir Coaster & Table Mat Set
Souvenir Table Mat, Souvenir Mugs, Souvenir Coaster
Souvenirs Manufacturer and Supplier in China
Souvenir Coasters, Souvenir Place Mat, Souvenir Tray

Contact us


    Why you choose TALMUDCN as your company domain?

    TALMUD is a book about the philosophy of the jews, CN on behalf of the China, we want to apply the world’s wisdom to business, to create value for the world.

    What is your company’s MOQ for souvenir products?

    To support your souvenir business, our MOQ is 1 pc.

    What are your main products?

    TALMUD’s main products are souvenirs, promotional gifts, cheering products, stationery, and so on.

    Can I visit your souvenir manufacturing factory in China?

    Welcome to visit our souvenir manufacturer in Wenzhou. You can fly to Wenzhou Yongqiang air port and we will pick you up.

    Can you send us your souvenir samples?

    Yes, our company can provide our stock souvenir samples as your request.

    What is your company payment methods?

    Our company accepts T/T 30% deposit, and 70% before shipment. If you need other payment methods, such as Paypal, Moneygram, we would like to cooperate with you.

    How can I know my souvenir projects’ status in production?

    You will get souvenir manufacturer reports with images or video by emails during your souvenir project manufacturing and packaging.

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