Your Best Partner In China
Founded In 2005, We Are The Leader In Souvenir Industry In China, Our Efficient Souvenir Supply Chain Can Profit Your Wholesale And Retails Business In Your Market.
Your Best Partner In China
Founded In 2005, We Are The Leader In Souvenir Industry In China, We Can Help You Develop Niche Market In Souvenir Industry With Global Vision.
Your Best Partner In China
Founded In 2005, We Are The Leader In Souvenir Industry In China, Our Main Products Are National Souvenirs, Fashion, Collection, Homewares, IP Licensing, etc.
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Personalized Souvenir Gift Wholesale Manufacturer

Global Souvenir & Gift Expert

Founded in 2005, TALMUD has been a leading wholesale manufacturer and trader of souvenirs & gifts in China. Choose us to deal directly with the best factories, and we can support you every step of the way. TALMUD entrepreneurial team consists of MBA and Law Master leading an international team of industry and procurement professionals. We are your best choice in souvenir business.
  • Global Souvenir Industry Leader
  • Global Luxury Brand Management MBA Team
  • Over 20 Years of Gifts Manufacturer History
  • All Souvenirs Catalogue Wholesale Supplier
  • Global Licensing Souvenir Gift Partner
  • Global Souvenir Niche Markets Developer

Main Merchandises

Souvenirs, Art Gifts, Collections, Fashion, Homewares, Licensing Gifts, Niche Markets, TALMUD can serve you more!

The Reasons You Should Be One of TALMUD 200+ Clients

20+ Years History In Souvenir Industry
20+ Years Souvenir Manufacturing History
As a leading souvenir wholesale manufacturer, we obtain efficient supply chain in China. We can supply all types of souvenirs for your projects. OEM & ODM services are available at your request.
Souvenir Industry Niche Market Developer
Souvenir Industry Niche Market Developer
As part of our global vision and sustainable business model, TALMUD develops more high-end customized souvenir niche markets and blue ocean markets in collaboration with our strategic partners.
Premium Fashion Merchandise Manufacturer
Premium Fashion Merchandise Manufacturer
TALMUD offer a high-end personalized service in fashion, jewelry, and collections. Our customers include world famous brands, designers, artists, museums, influencers, IP licensing, sports stars, etc.
Global Strategy VIP Customers Visitation Plan
Global Strategy VIP Customers Visitation Plan
TALMUD founders always go abroad to visit VIP customers to develop the cooperation, increase the friendship. We have great brain storms together to benefit all of our partners. We dedicate to the altruistic souvenir business model.
Advocate of the global souvenir ecosystem
Advocate Of The Global Souvenir Ecosystem
Besides stable prices, 100% good quality, excellent services, TALMUD also advocate the construction of a souvenir ecosystem to reduce vicious competition, jointly make market share bigger, and a sustainable development of the industry.
Luxury Brand Management Education Background
Luxury Brand Management Education Background
TALMUD is different from other souvenir factories in China, our founder has Global Luxury Brand Management MBA degree in Paris. We made deep study in fashion, luxury, art, as well as souvenir industry. You deserve to be partner with our expert service.
Global Souvenir Gift Wholesale Supplier

Global Souvenirs Wholesale Supplier

Based in China, TALMUD team provides high-quality products and services for the global souvenir market. We have many business labels, souvenir, gift, design, custom, fashion, art, jewelry, OEM, luxury, brand, wholesale, sports, altruism, strategic partners, key customer visits, exclusive cooperation, innovation, souvenir ecosystem, etc.

Global Souvenir Gift Supply Chain Management

TALMUD have established a full catalog of souvenirs, have a stable and efficient supply chain management, and can provide excellent supply chain support for your business plan with China’s developed manufacturing capabilities. Create profits for your souvenir wholesale and retail business with our super operational capabilities.

Global Souvenir Gift Supply Chain Management
Global Souvenir Niche Marketing

Global Souvenir Niche Marketing

TALMUD works with global strategic partners to develop niche markets, including creating new niche markets, operating existing niche markets, and re-marketing in over-competitive niche markets. Integrating the traditional souvenir market into modern business thinking is the foundation for us to maintain long-term cooperation with every customer.

Global Souvenir Business Consulting

Through rich operating experience, profound MBA education background, and international business thinking, TALMUD has been trying to help potential customers enter the exclusive souvenir market and establish a sustainable profit model, including artists, Internet celebrities, celebrities, famous brands, regional souvenirs online and offline sellers, etc.

Global Souvenir Business Consulting

Why Choose TALMUD?

Excellent Services

Full catalog souvenir gift, 3-5 years invariable prices, 100% good quality for sales, all designs and samples business secret protection, global VIP customers visitation.

The Leader in Souvenir Business

After 20+ years of development, TALMUD become a leader in souvenir industry. From design, production, trading, to consulting, we are your best business partner in China.


In order to better serve our customers, we have established an international team, which allows us to provide customized souvenir services to customers efficiently.

Altruism Business Logic

TALMUD adheres to the business philosophy of altruism, and creates value for customers, employees, suppliers, and partners through immersive development in the field of souvenirs.

Global Resources Sharing
Global Resources Sharing

TALMUD’s souvenir ecosystem is built on the basis of global information sharing. We provide strategic partners with the latest global industry information and share niche markets and blue ocean markets.


As a person with social attributes, TALMUD’s original intention of entrepreneurship is to create value for the society. We contribute to the sustainable development of the world by providing souvenirs and services.

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    • TALMUD is a reliable supplier, to be precise, it should be an expert partner in the souvenir industry. We started cooperation with coasters and placemats at the beginning, and now TALMUD has become our purchasing agent in China. All the products our company purchases from China are operated by their team. Their efficient supply chain management level has helped us save 20 -30% of the cost.

      Christopher, TALMUD souvenir customer in USA
      From USA
    • I first got in touch with TALMUD because we were struck by their grasp of European art, especially Impressionism. As an artist, I need professional souvenir suppliers who can understand my needs, help me develop art souvenirs and gifts, and establish my own niche market. TALMUD team always give me surprise of new souvenir recommendation.

      Hannah, TALMUD souvenir customer in Netherlands
      From Netherlands
    • Our company cooperated with TALMUD before Covid-19, and it was just some simple inquiries and quotations at the beginning. But their professional sales team not only provide us with great prices, but also more souvenir solutions and logistics solutions. This greatly saves our procurement costs and improves work efficiency. Who would reject such an excellent supplier?

      Sennan, TALMUD Souvenir customer in Latin America
      From Latin America
    • We work with TALMUD on a sports memorabilia development project. At the beginning, our company’s purchasing colleague was looking for a professional Chinese souvenir supplier on Google. Fortunately, he found TALMUD. After cooperating on several projects, we have established a stable cooperative relationship and will develop more products in the field of sports in the future.

      Alex, TALMUD souvenir customer in Croatia
      From Croatia
    • ASTM Certificate
    • BSCI Certificate
    • EN71 Certificate
    • FSC Certificate
    • ISO 9001 Certificate
    • SGS Certificate
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